How to book Covid-19 safe Taxi from Heathrow to Shawfield Head HG31

  1. You can book taxi from Heathrow to Shawfield Head HG31 for £227 with confifidently with us
  2. We can Guarantee that all our cabs have been cleaned and sterilised after each and every journey
  3. We are Specialised in Heathrow airport transfer so all our drivers will have maximum of 2-3 journies each day which is minimise catching infection unlike other cabs providers
  4. All our drivers regularly checked and monitored for any symptoms and maintain social distancing with every passengers

Shawfield Head HG31 Taxis Quote Service : Compare - Book & Get Instant Cabs ***No Hidden Charges***

Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Taxi Fare Guide

Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow airport taxi fare guideSaloonMPV69 Seater
Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 taxi £227££
Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 taxi£227££
Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 taxi£227££
Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 taxi£227££
Shawfield Head HG31 to Heathrow Airport Terminal5 taxi£227££

Our fares for the taxi transfer to and from Shawfield Head HG31 to and from heathrow airport terminal 1,terminal 2,terminal 3,terminal 4,terminal 5 are fixed and you can book it without any worries as we don't have any hidden charges. Shawfield Head HG31 Airport Taxi Service

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Shawfield Head HG31 to -from Heathrow Airport Transfer Service

Shawfield Head HG31 taxi service from Shawfield Head HG31 to major airports in u.k couldn't be easier to book through heathrow taxi booking,Shawfield Head HG31 is 10 above distance from heathrow airport,when you go for holiday trips or business tripsor what ever the reason we will provide the hazzle free door to door transfer to and from the airport safely. we are one of the most prefered reliable airport transfer company in U.K and our main moto is customer safety and comfort. our fares are very compettive and much cheaper option than other transport. We provide 30 minutes FREE waiting after landing (parking charges apply),We have been in this industry for more than 10 years with most our customers are repeated customers,Our offer is very competitive and comes with money back without compromising the quality of service

Getting Around Shawfield Head HG31 Affordable Mini Cabs, fixed price. Very comfy

  • Price match guarantee
  • Meet and Greet service
  • Pride in giving the best price
  • Compare 100 above cabs Prices With Heathrow Taxi Booking
  • Professional & reliable company
  • Cash back on return booking
  • Free incoming flights monitor for delays
  • Free taxi transfers competition to win holiday Prizes

Shawfield Head HG31 Taxi Service From and To Heathrow Airport

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Glasgow,G72 Taxis Glasgow,G73 Taxis Glasgow,G74 Taxis Glasgow,G76 Taxis
Glasgow,G77 Taxis Glasgow,G78 Taxis Clydebank,G81 Taxis Dumbarton,G82 Taxis
Arrochar,G83 Taxis Helensburgh,G84 Taxis Gloucester,GL1 Taxis Stonehouse,GL10 Taxis
Dursley,GL11 Taxis Wotton-under-Edge,GL12 Taxis Berkeley,GL13 Taxis Cinderford,GL14 Taxis
Lydney,GL15 Taxis Coleford,GL16 Taxis Drybrook,GL17 Taxis Newent,GL18 Taxis
Gloucester,GL19 Taxis Gloucester,GL2 Taxis Tewkesbury,GL20 Taxis Gloucester,GL3 Taxis
Gloucester,GL4 Taxis Stroud,GL5 Taxis Cheltenham,GL50 Taxis Cheltenham,GL51 Taxis
Cheltenham,GL52 Taxis Cheltenham,GL53 Taxis Cheltenham,GL54 Taxis Chipping Campden,GL55 Taxis
Moreton-in-Marsh,GL56 Taxis Stroud,GL6 Taxis Cirencester,GL7 Taxis Tetbury,GL8 Taxis
Badminton,GL9 Taxis Guildford,GU1 Taxis Farnham,GU10 Taxis Aldershot,GU11 Taxis
Aldershot,GU12 Taxis Fleet,GU13 Taxis Farnborough,GU14 Taxis Camberley,GU15 Taxis
Camberley,GU16 Taxis Camberley,GU17 Taxis Lightwater,GU18 Taxis Bagshot,GU19 Taxis
Guildford,GU2 Taxis Windlesham,GU20 Taxis Woking,GU21 Taxis Woking,GU22 Taxis
Woking,GU23 Taxis Woking,GU24 Taxis Virginia Water,GU25 Taxis Hindhead,GU26 Taxis
Haslemere,GU27 Taxis Petworth,GU28 Taxis Midhurst,GU29 Taxis Guildford,GU3 Taxis
Liphook,GU30 Taxis Petersfield,GU31 Taxis Petersfield,GU32 Taxis Liss,GU33 Taxis
Alton,GU34 Taxis Bordon,GU35 Taxis Guildford,GU4 Taxis Yateley,GU46 Taxis
Sandhurst,GU47 Taxis Guildford,GU5 Taxis Fleet,GU51 Taxis Fleet,GU52 Taxis
Cranleigh,GU6 Taxis Godalming,GU7 Taxis Godalming,GU8 Taxis Farnham,GU9 Taxis
Wembley,HA0 Taxis Harrow,HA1 Taxis Harrow,HA2 Taxis Harrow,HA3 Taxis
Ruislip,HA4 Taxis Pinner,HA5 Taxis Northwood,HA6 Taxis Stanmore,HA7 Taxis
Edgware,HA8 Taxis Wembley,HA9 Taxis Huddersfield,HD1 Taxis Huddersfield,HD2 Taxis
Huddersfield,HD3 Taxis Huddersfield,HD4 Taxis Huddersfield,HD5 Taxis Brighouse,HD6 Taxis
Huddersfield,HD7 Taxis Huddersfield,HD8 Taxis Holmfirth,HD9 Taxis Harrogate,HG1 Taxis
Harrogate,HG2 Taxis Harrogate,HG3 Taxis Ripon,HG4 Taxis Knaresborough,HG5 Taxis
Hemel Hempstead,HP1 Taxis High Wycombe,HP10 Taxis High Wycombe,HP11 Taxis High Wycombe,HP12 Taxis
High Wycombe,HP13 Taxis High Wycombe,HP14 Taxis High Wycombe,HP15 Taxis Great Missenden,HP16 Taxis
Aylesbury,HP17 Taxis Aylesbury,HP18 Taxis Aylesbury,HP19 Taxis Hemel Hempstead,HP2 Taxis
Aylesbury,HP20 Taxis Aylesbury,HP21 Taxis Aylesbury,HP22 Taxis Tring,HP23 Taxis
Princes Risborough,HP27 Taxis Hemel Hempstead,HP3 Taxis Berkhamsted,HP4 Taxis Chesham,HP5 Taxis
Amersham,HP6 Taxis Amersham,HP7 Taxis Chalfont Saint Giles,HP8 Taxis Beaconsfield,HP9 Taxis
Hereford,HR1 Taxis Hereford,HR2 Taxis Hereford,HR3 Taxis Hereford,HR4 Taxis
Kington,HR5 Taxis Leominster,HR6 Taxis Bromyard,HR7 Taxis Ledbury,HR8 Taxis
Ross-on-Wye,HR9 Taxis Stornoway,HS1 Taxis Isle Of Lewis,HS2 Taxis Isle Of Harris,HS3 Taxis
Isle Of Scalpay,HS4 Taxis Isle Of Harris,HS5 Taxis Isle Of North Uist,HS6 Taxis Isle Of Benbecula,HS7 Taxis
Isle Of South Uist,HS8 Taxis Isle Of Barra,HS9 Taxis Hull,HU1 Taxis Hull,HU10 Taxis
Hull,HU11 Taxis Hull,HU12 Taxis Hessle,HU13 Taxis North Ferriby,HU14 Taxis
Brough,HU15 Taxis Cottingham,HU16 Taxis Beverley,HU17 Taxis Hornsea,HU18 Taxis
Withernsea,HU19 Taxis Hull,HU2 Taxis Cottingham,HU20 Taxis Hull,HU3 Taxis
Hull,HU4 Taxis Hull,HU5 Taxis Hull,HU6 Taxis Hull,HU7 Taxis
Hull,HU8 Taxis Hull,HU9 Taxis Halifax,HX1 Taxis Halifax,HX2 Taxis
Halifax,HX3 Taxis Halifax,HX4 Taxis Elland,HX5 Taxis Sowerby Bridge,HX6 Taxis
Hebden Bridge,HX7 Taxis Ilford,IG1 Taxis Loughton,IG10 Taxis Barking,IG11 Taxis
Ilford,IG2 Taxis Ilford,IG3 Taxis Ilford,IG4 Taxis Ilford,IG5 Taxis
Ilford,IG6 Taxis Chigwell,IG7 Taxis Woodford Green,IG8 Taxis Buckhurst Hill,IG9 Taxis
Ipswich,IP1 Taxis Ipswich,IP10 Taxis Felixstowe,IP11 Taxis Woodbridge,IP12 Taxis
Woodbridge,IP13 Taxis Stowmarket,IP14 Taxis Aldeburgh,IP15 Taxis Leiston,IP16 Taxis
Saxmundham,IP17 Taxis Southwold,IP18 Taxis Halesworth,IP19 Taxis Ipswich,IP2 Taxis
Harleston,IP20 Taxis Eye,IP21 Taxis Diss,IP22 Taxis Eye,IP23 Taxis
Thetford,IP24 Taxis Thetford,IP25 Taxis Thetford,IP26 Taxis Brandon,IP27 Taxis
Bury Saint Edmunds,IP28 Taxis Bury Saint Edmunds,IP29 Taxis Ipswich,IP3 Taxis Bury Saint Edmunds,IP30 Taxis
Bury Saint Edmunds,IP31 Taxis Bury Saint Edmunds,IP32 Taxis Bury Saint Edmunds,IP33 Taxis Ipswich,IP4 Taxis
Ipswich,IP5 Taxis Ipswich,IP6 Taxis Ipswich,IP7 Taxis Ipswich,IP8 Taxis
Ipswich,IP9 Taxis Inverness,IV1 Taxis Fortrose,IV10 Taxis Cromarty,IV11 Taxis
Nairn,IV12 Taxis Inverness,IV13 Taxis Strathpeffer,IV14 Taxis Dingwall,IV15 Taxis
Dingwall,IV16 Taxis Alness,IV17 Taxis Invergordon,IV18 Taxis Tain,IV19 Taxis
Inverness,IV2 Taxis Tain,IV20 Taxis Gairloch,IV21 Taxis Achnasheen,IV22 Taxis
Garve,IV23 Taxis Ardgay,IV24 Taxis Dornoch,IV25 Taxis Ullapool,IV26 Taxis
Lairg,IV27 Taxis Rogart,IV28 Taxis Inverness,IV3 Taxis Elgin,IV30 Taxis
Lossiemouth,IV31 Taxis Fochabers,IV32 Taxis Forres,IV36 Taxis Beauly,IV4 Taxis
Kyle,IV40 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV41 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV42 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV43 Taxis
Isle Of Skye,IV44 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV45 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV46 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV47 Taxis
Isle Of Skye,IV48 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV49 Taxis Inverness,IV5 Taxis Portree,IV51 Taxis
Plockton,IV52 Taxis Strome Ferry,IV53 Taxis Strathcarron,IV54 Taxis Isle Of Skye,IV55 Taxis
Isle Of Skye,IV56 Taxis Muir Of Ord,IV6 Taxis Inverness,IV63 Taxis Dingwall,IV7 Taxis
Munlochy,IV8 Taxis Avoch,IV9 Taxis Kilmarnock,KA1 Taxis Troon,KA10 Taxis
Irvine,KA11 Taxis Irvine,KA12 Taxis Kilwinning,KA13 Taxis Beith,KA14 Taxis
Beith,KA15 Taxis Newmilns,KA16 Taxis Darvel,KA17 Taxis Cumnock,KA18 Taxis
Maybole,KA19 Taxis Kilmarnock,KA2 Taxis Stevenston,KA20 Taxis Saltcoats,KA21 Taxis
Ardrossan,KA22 Taxis West Kilbride,KA23 Taxis Dalry,KA24 Taxis Kilbirnie,KA25 Taxis
Girvan,KA26 Taxis Isle Of Arran,KA27 Taxis Isle Of Cumbrae,KA28 Taxis Largs,KA29 Taxis
Kilmarnock,KA3 Taxis Largs,KA30 Taxis Galston,KA4 Taxis Mauchline,KA5 Taxis
Ayr,KA6 Taxis Ayr,KA7 Taxis Ayr,KA8 Taxis Prestwick,KA9 Taxis
Kingston Upon Thames,KT1 Taxis Esher,KT10 Taxis Cobham,KT11 Taxis Walton-on-Thames,KT12 Taxis
Weybridge,KT13 Taxis West Byfleet,KT14 Taxis Addlestone,KT15 Taxis Chertsey,KT16 Taxis
Epsom,KT17 Taxis Epsom,KT18 Taxis Epsom,KT19 Taxis Kingston Upon Thames,KT2 Taxis
Tadworth,KT20 Taxis Ashtead,KT21 Taxis Leatherhead,KT22 Taxis Leatherhead,KT23 Taxis
Leatherhead,KT24 Taxis New Malden,KT3 Taxis Worcester Park,KT4 Taxis Surbiton,KT5 Taxis
Surbiton,KT6 Taxis Thames Ditton,KT7 Taxis West Molesey,KT8 Taxis Chessington,KT9 Taxis
Wick,KW1 Taxis Golspie,KW10 Taxis Kinbrace,KW11 Taxis Halkirk,KW12 Taxis
Forsinard,KW13 Taxis Thurso,KW14 Taxis Kirkwall,KW15 Taxis Stromness,KW16 Taxis
Orkney,KW17 Taxis Lybster,KW2 Taxis Lybster,KW3 Taxis Latheron,KW5 Taxis
Dunbeath,KW6 Taxis Berriedale,KW7 Taxis Helmsdale,KW8 Taxis Brora,KW9 Taxis
Kirkcaldy,KY1 Taxis Anstruther,KY10 Taxis Dunfermline,KY11 Taxis Dunfermline,KY12 Taxis
Kinross,KY13 Taxis Cupar,KY14 Taxis Cupar,KY15 Taxis Saint Andrews,KY16 Taxis
Kirkcaldy,KY2 Taxis Burntisland,KY3 Taxis Cowdenbeath,KY4 Taxis Lochgelly,KY5 Taxis
Glenrothes,KY6 Taxis Glenrothes,KY7 Taxis Leven,KY8 Taxis Leven,KY9 Taxis
Liverpool,L1 Taxis Liverpool,L10 Taxis Liverpool,L11 Taxis Liverpool,L12 Taxis
Liverpool,L13 Taxis Liverpool,L14 Taxis Liverpool,L15 Taxis Liverpool,L16 Taxis
Liverpool,L17 Taxis Liverpool,L18 Taxis Liverpool,L19 Taxis Liverpool,L2 Taxis
Liverpool,L20 Taxis Liverpool,L21 Taxis Liverpool,L22 Taxis Liverpool,L23 Taxis
Liverpool,L24 Taxis Liverpool,L25 Taxis Liverpool,L26 Taxis Liverpool,L27 Taxis
Liverpool,L28 Taxis Liverpool,L29 Taxis Liverpool,L3 Taxis Bootle,L30 Taxis
Liverpool,L31 Taxis Liverpool,L32 Taxis Liverpool,L33 Taxis Prescot,L34 Taxis
Prescot,L35 Taxis Liverpool,L36 Taxis Liverpool,L37 Taxis Liverpool,L38 Taxis
Ormskirk,L39 Taxis Liverpool,L4 Taxis Ormskirk,L40 Taxis Liverpool,L5 Taxis
Liverpool,L6 Taxis Liverpool,L69 Taxis Liverpool,L7 Taxis Liverpool,L70 Taxis
Liverpool,L8 Taxis Liverpool,L9 Taxis Lancaster,LA1 Taxis Sedbergh,LA10 Taxis
Grange-over-Sands,LA11 Taxis Ulverston,LA12 Taxis Barrow-in-Furness,LA13 Taxis Barrow-in-Furness,LA14 Taxis
Dalton-in-Furness,LA15 Taxis Askam-in-furness,LA16 Taxis Kirkby-in-Furness,LA17 Taxis Millom,LA18 Taxis
Millom,LA19 Taxis Lancaster,LA2 Taxis Broughton-in-furness,LA20 Taxis Coniston,LA21 Taxis
Ambleside,LA22 Taxis Windermere,LA23 Taxis Morecambe,LA3 Taxis Morecambe,LA4 Taxis
Carnforth,LA5 Taxis Carnforth,LA6 Taxis Milnthorpe,LA7 Taxis Kendal,LA8 Taxis
Kendal,LA9 Taxis Llandrindod Wells,LD1 Taxis Builth Wells,LD2 Taxis Brecon,LD3 Taxis
Llangammarch Wells,LD4 Taxis Llanwrtyd Wells,LD5 Taxis Rhayader,LD6 Taxis Knighton,LD7 Taxis
Presteigne,LD8 Taxis Leicester,LE1 Taxis Hinckley,LE10 Taxis Loughborough,LE11 Taxis
Loughborough,LE12 Taxis Melton Mowbray,LE13 Taxis Melton Mowbray,LE14 Taxis Oakham,LE15 Taxis
Market Harborough,LE16 Taxis Lutterworth,LE17 Taxis Wigston,LE18 Taxis Leicester,LE2 Taxis
Leicester,LE3 Taxis Leicester,LE4 Taxis Leicester,LE5 Taxis Leicester,LE6 Taxis
Ashby-de-la-Zouch,LE65 Taxis Coalville,LE67 Taxis Leicester,LE7 Taxis Leicester,LE8 Taxis
Leicester,LE9 Taxis Wrexham,LL11 Taxis Wrexham,LL12 Taxis Wrexham,LL13 Taxis
Wrexham,LL14 Taxis Ruthin,LL15 Taxis Denbigh,LL16 Taxis Saint Asaph,LL17 Taxis
Rhyl,LL18 Taxis Prestatyn,LL19 Taxis Llangollen,LL20 Taxis Corwen,LL21 Taxis
Abergele,LL22 Taxis Bala,LL23 Taxis Betws-y-Coed,LL24 Taxis Dolwyddelan,LL25 Taxis
Llanrwst,LL26 Taxis Trefriw,LL27 Taxis Colwyn Bay,LL28 Taxis Colwyn Bay,LL29 Taxis
Llandudno,LL30 Taxis Conwy,LL31 Taxis Conwy,LL32 Taxis Llanfairfechan,LL33 Taxis
Penmaenmawr,LL34 Taxis Aberdyfi,LL35 Taxis Tywyn,LL36 Taxis Llwyngwril,LL37 Taxis
Fairbourne,LL38 Taxis Arthog,LL39 Taxis Dolgellau,LL40 Taxis Blaenau Ffestiniog,LL41 Taxis
Barmouth,LL42 Taxis Talybont,LL43 Taxis Dyffryn Ardudwy,LL44 Taxis Llanbedr,LL45 Taxis
Harlech,LL46 Taxis Talsarnau,LL47 Taxis Penrhyndeudraeth,LL48 Taxis Porthmadog,LL49 Taxis
Garndolbenmaen,LL51 Taxis Criccieth,LL52 Taxis Pwllheli,LL53 Taxis Caernarfon,LL54 Taxis
Caernarfon,LL55 Taxis Y Felinheli,LL56 Taxis Bangor,LL57 Taxis Beaumaris,LL58 Taxis
Menai Bridge,LL59 Taxis Gaerwen,LL60 Taxis Llanfairpwllgwyngyll,LL61 Taxis Bodorgan,LL62 Taxis
Ty Croes,LL63 Taxis Rhosneigr,LL64 Taxis Holyhead,LL65 Taxis Rhosgoch,LL66 Taxis
Cemaes Bay,LL67 Taxis Amlwch,LL68 Taxis Penysarn,LL69 Taxis Dulas,LL70 Taxis
Llanerchymedd,LL71 Taxis Moelfre,LL72 Taxis Marianglas,LL73 Taxis Tyn-Y-Gongl,LL74 Taxis
Pentraeth,LL75 Taxis Llanbedrgoch,LL76 Taxis Llangefni,LL77 Taxis Brynteg,LL78 Taxis
Lincoln,LN1 Taxis Woodhall Spa,LN10 Taxis Louth,LN11 Taxis Mablethorpe,LN12 Taxis
Alford,LN13 Taxis Lincoln,LN2 Taxis Lincoln,LN3 Taxis Lincoln,LN4 Taxis
Lincoln,LN5 Taxis Lincoln,LN6 Taxis Market Rasen,LN7 Taxis Market Rasen,LN8 Taxis
Horncastle,LN9 Taxis Leeds,LS1 Taxis Leeds,LS10 Taxis Leeds,LS11 Taxis
Leeds,LS12 Taxis Leeds,LS13 Taxis Leeds,LS14 Taxis Leeds,LS15 Taxis
Leeds,LS16 Taxis Leeds,LS17 Taxis Leeds,LS18 Taxis Leeds,LS19 Taxis
Leeds,LS2 Taxis Leeds,LS20 Taxis Otley,LS21 Taxis Wetherby,LS22 Taxis
Wetherby,LS23 Taxis Tadcaster,LS24 Taxis Leeds,LS25 Taxis Leeds,LS26 Taxis
Leeds,LS27 Taxis Pudsey,LS28 Taxis Ilkley,LS29 Taxis Leeds,LS3 Taxis
Leeds,LS4 Taxis Leeds,LS5 Taxis Leeds,LS6 Taxis Leeds,LS7 Taxis
Leeds,LS8 Taxis Leeds,LS9 Taxis Luton,LU1 Taxis Luton,LU2 Taxis
Luton,LU3 Taxis Luton,LU4 Taxis Dunstable,LU5 Taxis Dunstable,LU6 Taxis
Leighton Buzzard,LU7 Taxis Manchester,M1 Taxis Manchester,M11 Taxis Manchester,M12 Taxis
Manchester,M13 Taxis Manchester,M14 Taxis Manchester,M15 Taxis Manchester,M16 Taxis
Manchester,M17 Taxis Manchester,M18 Taxis Manchester,M19 Taxis Manchester,M2 Taxis
Manchester,M20 Taxis Manchester,M21 Taxis Manchester,M22 Taxis Manchester,M23 Taxis
Manchester,M24 Taxis Manchester,M25 Taxis Manchester,M26 Taxis Manchester,M27 Taxis
Manchester,M28 Taxis Manchester,M29 Taxis Salford,M3 Taxis Manchester,M30 Taxis
Manchester,M31 Taxis Manchester,M32 Taxis Sale,M33 Taxis Manchester,M34 Taxis
Manchester,M35 Taxis Manchester,M38 Taxis Manchester,M4 Taxis Manchester,M40 Taxis
Manchester,M41 Taxis Manchester,M43 Taxis Manchester,M44 Taxis Manchester,M45 Taxis
Manchester,M46 Taxis Salford,M5 Taxis Salford,M6 Taxis Manchester,M60 Taxis
Salford,M7 Taxis Manchester,M8 Taxis Manchester,M9 Taxis Manchester,M90 Taxis
Rochester,ME1 Taxis Sittingbourne,ME10 Taxis Queenborough,ME11 Taxis Sheerness,ME12 Taxis
Faversham,ME13 Taxis Maidstone,ME14 Taxis Maidstone,ME15 Taxis Maidstone,ME16 Taxis
Maidstone,ME17 Taxis Maidstone,ME18 Taxis West Malling,ME19 Taxis Rochester,ME2 Taxis
Aylesford,ME20 Taxis Rochester,ME3 Taxis Chatham,ME4 Taxis Chatham,ME5 Taxis
Snodland,ME6 Taxis Gillingham,ME7 Taxis Gillingham,ME8 Taxis Sittingbourne,ME9 Taxis
Milton Keynes,MK1 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK10 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK11 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK12 Taxis
Milton Keynes,MK13 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK14 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK15 Taxis Newport Pagnell,MK16 Taxis
Milton Keynes,MK17 Taxis Buckingham,MK18 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK19 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK2 Taxis
Milton Keynes,MK3 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK4 Taxis Bedford,MK40 Taxis Bedford,MK41 Taxis
Bedford,MK42 Taxis Bedford,MK43 Taxis Bedford,MK44 Taxis Bedford,MK45 Taxis
Olney,MK46 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK5 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK6 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK7 Taxis
Milton Keynes,MK8 Taxis Milton Keynes,MK9 Taxis Motherwell,ML1 Taxis Strathaven,ML10 Taxis
Lanark,ML11 Taxis Biggar,ML12 Taxis Wishaw,ML2 Taxis Hamilton,ML3 Taxis
Bellshill,ML4 Taxis Coatbridge,ML5 Taxis Airdrie,ML6 Taxis Shotts,ML7 Taxis
Carluke,ML8 Taxis Larkhall,ML9 Taxis London,N1 Taxis London,N10 Taxis
London,N11 Taxis London,N12 Taxis London,N13 Taxis London,N14 Taxis
London,N15 Taxis London,N16 Taxis London,N17 Taxis London,N18 Taxis
London,N19 Taxis London,N2 Taxis London,N20 Taxis London,N21 Taxis
London,N22 Taxis London,N3 Taxis London,N4 Taxis London,N5 Taxis
London,N6 Taxis London,N7 Taxis London,N8 Taxis London,N9 Taxis
Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE1 Taxis Gateshead,NE10 Taxis Gateshead,NE11 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE12 Taxis
Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE13 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE15 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE16 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE17 Taxis
Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE18 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE19 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE2 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE20 Taxis
Blaydon,NE21 Taxis Bedlington,NE22 Taxis Cramlington,NE23 Taxis Blyth,NE24 Taxis
Whitley Bay,NE25 Taxis Whitley Bay,NE26 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE27 Taxis Wallsend,NE28 Taxis
North Shields,NE29 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE3 Taxis North Shields,NE30 Taxis Hebburn,NE31 Taxis
Jarrow,NE32 Taxis South Shields,NE33 Taxis South Shields,NE34 Taxis Boldon Colliery,NE35 Taxis
East Boldon,NE36 Taxis Washington,NE37 Taxis Washington,NE38 Taxis Rowlands Gill,NE39 Taxis
Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE4 Taxis Ryton,NE40 Taxis Wylam,NE41 Taxis Prudhoe,NE42 Taxis
Stocksfield,NE43 Taxis Riding Mill,NE44 Taxis Corbridge,NE45 Taxis Hexham,NE46 Taxis
Hexham,NE47 Taxis Hexham,NE48 Taxis Haltwhistle,NE49 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE5 Taxis
Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE6 Taxis Morpeth,NE61 Taxis Choppington,NE62 Taxis Ashington,NE63 Taxis
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea,NE64 Taxis Morpeth,NE65 Taxis Alnwick,NE66 Taxis Chathill,NE67 Taxis
Seahouses,NE68 Taxis Bamburgh,NE69 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE7 Taxis Belford,NE70 Taxis
Wooler,NE71 Taxis Gateshead,NE8 Taxis Gateshead,NE9 Taxis Newcastle Upon Tyne,NE99 Taxis
Nottingham,NG1 Taxis Nottingham,NG10 Taxis Nottingham,NG11 Taxis Nottingham,NG12 Taxis
Nottingham,NG13 Taxis Nottingham,NG14 Taxis Nottingham,NG15 Taxis Nottingham,NG16 Taxis
Nottingham,NG17 Taxis Mansfield,NG18 Taxis Mansfield,NG19 Taxis Nottingham,NG2 Taxis
Mansfield,NG20 Taxis Mansfield,NG21 Taxis Newark,NG22 Taxis Newark,NG23 Taxis
Newark,NG24 Taxis Southwell,NG25 Taxis Nottingham,NG3 Taxis Grantham,NG31 Taxis
Grantham,NG32 Taxis Grantham,NG33 Taxis Sleaford,NG34 Taxis Nottingham,NG4 Taxis
Nottingham,NG5 Taxis Nottingham,NG6 Taxis Nottingham,NG7 Taxis Nottingham,NG8 Taxis
Nottingham,NG9 Taxis Northampton,NN1 Taxis Rushden,NN10 Taxis Daventry,NN11 Taxis
Towcester,NN12 Taxis Brackley,NN13 Taxis Kettering,NN14 Taxis Kettering,NN15 Taxis
Kettering,NN16 Taxis Corby,NN17 Taxis Corby,NN18 Taxis Northampton,NN2 Taxis
Wellingborough,NN29 Taxis Northampton,NN3 Taxis Northampton,NN4 Taxis Northampton,NN5 Taxis
Northampton,NN6 Taxis Northampton,NN7 Taxis Wellingborough,NN8 Taxis Wellingborough,NN9 Taxis
Newport,NP10 Taxis Newport,NP11 Taxis Blackwood,NP12 Taxis Abertillery,NP13 Taxis
Usk,NP15 Taxis Chepstow,NP16 Taxis Newport,NP18 Taxis Newport,NP19 Taxis
Newport,NP20 Taxis Tredegar,NP22 Taxis Ebbw Vale,NP23 Taxis New Tredegar,NP24 Taxis
Monmouth,NP25 Taxis Caldicot,NP26 Taxis Pontypool,NP4 Taxis Cwmbran,NP44 Taxis
Abergavenny,NP7 Taxis Crickhowell,NP8 Taxis Norwich,NR1 Taxis Norwich,NR10 Taxis
Norwich,NR11 Taxis Norwich,NR12 Taxis Norwich,NR13 Taxis Norwich,NR14 Taxis
Norwich,NR15 Taxis Norwich,NR16 Taxis Attleborough,NR17 Taxis Wymondham,NR18 Taxis
Dereham,NR19 Taxis Norwich,NR2 Taxis Dereham,NR20 Taxis Fakenham,NR21 Taxis
Little Walsingham,NR22 Taxis Wells-Next-the-Sea,NR23 Taxis Melton Constable,NR24 Taxis Holt,NR25 Taxis
Sheringham,NR26 Taxis Cromer,NR27 Taxis North Walsham,NR28 Taxis Great Yarmouth,NR29 Taxis
Norwich,NR3 Taxis Great Yarmouth,NR30 Taxis Great Yarmouth,NR31 Taxis Lowestoft,NR32 Taxis
Lowestoft,NR33 Taxis Beccles,NR34 Taxis Bungay,NR35 Taxis Norwich,NR4 Taxis
Norwich,NR5 Taxis Norwich,NR6 Taxis Norwich,NR8 Taxis Norwich,NR9 Taxis
London,NW1 Taxis London,NW10 Taxis London,NW11 Taxis London,NW2 Taxis
London,NW3 Taxis London,NW4 Taxis London,NW5 Taxis London,NW6 Taxis
London,NW7 Taxis London,NW8 Taxis London,NW9 Taxis Oldham,OL1 Taxis
Heywood,OL10 Taxis Rochdale,OL11 Taxis Rochdale,OL12 Taxis Bacup,OL13 Taxis
Todmorden,OL14 Taxis Littleborough,OL15 Taxis Rochdale,OL16 Taxis Oldham,OL2 Taxis
Oldham,OL3 Taxis Oldham,OL4 Taxis Ashton-under-Lyne,OL5 Taxis Ashton-under-Lyne,OL6 Taxis
Ashton-under-Lyne,OL7 Taxis Oldham,OL8 Taxis Oldham,OL9 Taxis Oxford,OX1 Taxis
Wallingford,OX10 Taxis Didcot,OX11 Taxis Wantage,OX12 Taxis Abingdon,OX13 Taxis
Abingdon,OX14 Taxis Banbury,OX15 Taxis Banbury,OX16 Taxis Banbury,OX17 Taxis
Carterton,OX18 Taxis Oxford,OX2 Taxis Woodstock,OX20 Taxis Bicester,OX25 Taxis
Bicester,OX26 Taxis Bicester,OX27 Taxis Witney,OX28 Taxis Witney,OX29 Taxis
Oxford,OX3 Taxis Oxford,OX33 Taxis Chinnor,OX39 Taxis Oxford,OX4 Taxis
Oxford,OX44 Taxis Watlington,OX49 Taxis Kidlington,OX5 Taxis Oxford,OX6 Taxis
Chipping Norton,OX7 Taxis Oxford,OX8 Taxis Thame,OX9 Taxis Paisley,PA1 Taxis
Johnstone,PA10 Taxis Bridge Of Weir,PA11 Taxis Lochwinnoch,PA12 Taxis Kilmacolm,PA13 Taxis
Port Glasgow,PA14 Taxis Greenock,PA15 Taxis Greenock,PA16 Taxis Skelmorlie,PA17 Taxis
Wemyss Bay,PA18 Taxis Gourock,PA19 Taxis Paisley,PA2 Taxis Isle Of Bute,PA20 Taxis
Tighnabruaich,PA21 Taxis Colintraive,PA22 Taxis Dunoon,PA23 Taxis Cairndow,PA24 Taxis
Cairndow,PA25 Taxis Cairndow,PA26 Taxis Cairndow,PA27 Taxis Campbeltown,PA28 Taxis
Tarbert,PA29 Taxis Paisley,PA3 Taxis Lochgilphead,PA30 Taxis Lochgilphead,PA31 Taxis
Inveraray,PA32 Taxis Dalmally,PA33 Taxis Oban,PA34 Taxis Taynuilt,PA35 Taxis
Bridge Of Orchy,PA36 Taxis Oban,PA37 Taxis Appin,PA38 Taxis Renfrew,PA4 Taxis
Isle Of Gigha,PA41 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA42 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA43 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA44 Taxis
Isle Of Islay,PA45 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA46 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA47 Taxis Isle Of Islay,PA48 Taxis
Isle Of Islay,PA49 Taxis Johnstone,PA5 Taxis Johnstone,PA6 Taxis Isle Of Jura,PA60 Taxis
Isle Of Colonsay,PA61 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA62 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA63 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA64 Taxis
Isle Of Mull,PA65 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA66 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA67 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA68 Taxis
Isle Of Mull,PA69 Taxis Bishopton,PA7 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA70 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA71 Taxis
Isle Of Mull,PA72 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA73 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA74 Taxis Isle Of Mull,PA75 Taxis
Isle Of Iona,PA76 Taxis Isle Of Tiree,PA77 Taxis Isle Of Coll,PA78 Taxis Erskine,PA8 Taxis
Johnstone,PA9 Taxis Peterborough,PE1 Taxis Bourne,PE10 Taxis Spalding,PE11 Taxis
Spalding,PE12 Taxis Wisbech,PE13 Taxis Wisbech,PE14 Taxis March,PE15 Taxis
Chatteris,PE16 Taxis Saint Neots,PE19 Taxis Peterborough,PE2 Taxis Boston,PE20 Taxis
Boston,PE21 Taxis Boston,PE22 Taxis Spilsby,PE23 Taxis Skegness,PE24 Taxis
Skegness,PE25 Taxis Huntingdon,PE26 Taxis Saint Ives,PE27 Taxis Huntingdon,PE28 Taxis
Huntingdon,PE29 Taxis Peterborough,PE3 Taxis Kings Lynn,PE30 Taxis Kings Lynn,PE31 Taxis
Kings Lynn,PE32 Taxis Kings Lynn,PE33 Taxis Kings Lynn,PE34 Taxis Sandringham,PE35 Taxis
Hunstanton,PE36 Taxis Swaffham,PE37 Taxis Downham Market,PE38 Taxis Peterborough,PE4 Taxis
Peterborough,PE5 Taxis Peterborough,PE6 Taxis Peterborough,PE7 Taxis Peterborough,PE8 Taxis
Stamford,PE9 Taxis Perth,PH1 Taxis Blairgowrie,PH10 Taxis Blairgowrie,PH11 Taxis
Blairgowrie,PH12 Taxis Blairgowrie,PH13 Taxis Perth,PH14 Taxis Aberfeldy,PH15 Taxis
Pitlochry,PH16 Taxis Pitlochry,PH17 Taxis Pitlochry,PH18 Taxis Dalwhinnie,PH19 Taxis
Perth,PH2 Taxis Newtonmore,PH20 Taxis Kingussie,PH21 Taxis Aviemore,PH22 Taxis
Carrbridge,PH23 Taxis Boat Of Garten,PH24 Taxis Nethy Bridge,PH25 Taxis Grantown-on-Spey,PH26 Taxis
Auchterarder,PH3 Taxis Corrour,PH30 Taxis Roy Bridge,PH31 Taxis Fort Augustus,PH32 Taxis
Fort William,PH33 Taxis Spean Bridge,PH34 Taxis Invergarry,PH35 Taxis Acharacle,PH36 Taxis
Lochailort,PH38 Taxis Arisaig,PH39 Taxis Auchterarder,PH4 Taxis Mallaig,PH40 Taxis
Mallaig,PH41 Taxis Isle Of Eigg,PH42 Taxis Isle Of Rum,PH43 Taxis Isle Of Canna,PH44 Taxis
Ballachulish,PH49 Taxis Crieff,PH5 Taxis Kinlochleven,PH50 Taxis Crieff,PH6 Taxis
Crieff,PH7 Taxis Dunkeld,PH8 Taxis Pitlochry,PH9 Taxis Plymouth,PL1 Taxis
Torpoint,PL10 Taxis Torpoint,PL11 Taxis Saltash,PL12 Taxis Looe,PL13 Taxis
Liskeard,PL14 Taxis Launceston,PL15 Taxis Lifton,PL16 Taxis Callington,PL17 Taxis
Gunnislake,PL18 Taxis Tavistock,PL19 Taxis Plymouth,PL2 Taxis Yelverton,PL20 Taxis
Ivybridge,PL21 Taxis Lostwithiel,PL22 Taxis Fowey,PL23 Taxis Par,PL24 Taxis
Saint Austell,PL25 Taxis Saint Austell,PL26 Taxis Wadebridge,PL27 Taxis Padstow,PL28 Taxis
Port Isaac,PL29 Taxis Plymouth,PL3 Taxis Bodmin,PL30 Taxis Bodmin,PL31 Taxis
Camelford,PL32 Taxis Delabole,PL33 Taxis Tintagel,PL34 Taxis Boscastle,PL35 Taxis
Plymouth,PL4 Taxis Plymouth,PL5 Taxis Plymouth,PL6 Taxis Plymouth,PL7 Taxis
Plymouth,PL8 Taxis Plymouth,PL9 Taxis Portsmouth,PO1 Taxis Emsworth,PO10 Taxis
Hayling Island,PO11 Taxis Gosport,PO12 Taxis Lee-on-the-solent,PO13 Taxis Fareham,PO14 Taxis
Fareham,PO15 Taxis Fareham,PO16 Taxis Fareham,PO17 Taxis Chichester,PO18 Taxis
Chichester,PO19 Taxis Portsmouth,PO2 Taxis Chichester,PO20 Taxis Bognor Regis,PO21 Taxis
Bognor Regis,PO22 Taxis Portsmouth,PO3 Taxis Newport,PO30 Taxis Cowes,PO31 Taxis
East Cowes,PO32 Taxis Ryde,PO33 Taxis Seaview,PO34 Taxis Bembridge,PO35 Taxis
Sandown,PO36 Taxis Shanklin,PO37 Taxis Ventnor,PO38 Taxis Totland Bay,PO39 Taxis
Southsea,PO4 Taxis Freshwater,PO40 Taxis Yarmouth,PO41 Taxis Southsea,PO5 Taxis
Portsmouth,PO6 Taxis Waterlooville,PO7 Taxis Waterlooville,PO8 Taxis Havant,PO9 Taxis
Preston,PR1 Taxis Preston,PR2 Taxis Leyland,PR25 Taxis Leyland,PR26 Taxis
Preston,PR3 Taxis Preston,PR4 Taxis Preston,PR5 Taxis Chorley,PR6 Taxis
Chorley,PR7 Taxis Southport,PR8 Taxis Southport,PR9 Taxis Reading,RG1 Taxis
Reading,RG10 Taxis Bracknell,RG12 Taxis Newbury,RG14 Taxis Hungerford,RG17 Taxis
Thatcham,RG18 Taxis Thatcham,RG19 Taxis Reading,RG2 Taxis Newbury,RG20 Taxis
Basingstoke,RG21 Taxis Basingstoke,RG22 Taxis Basingstoke,RG23 Taxis Basingstoke,RG24 Taxis
Basingstoke,RG25 Taxis Tadley,RG26 Taxis Hook,RG27 Taxis Whitchurch,RG28 Taxis
Hook,RG29 Taxis Reading,RG30 Taxis Reading,RG31 Taxis Reading,RG4 Taxis
Wokingham,RG40 Taxis Wokingham,RG41 Taxis Bracknell,RG42 Taxis Crowthorne,RG45 Taxis
Reading,RG5 Taxis Reading,RG6 Taxis Reading,RG7 Taxis Reading,RG8 Taxis
Henley-on-Thames,RG9 Taxis Redhill,RH1 Taxis Crawley,RH10 Taxis Crawley,RH11 Taxis
Horsham,RH12 Taxis Horsham,RH13 Taxis Billingshurst,RH14 Taxis Burgess Hill,RH15 Taxis
Haywards Heath,RH16 Taxis Haywards Heath,RH17 Taxis Forest Row,RH18 Taxis East Grinstead,RH19 Taxis
Reigate,RH2 Taxis Pulborough,RH20 Taxis Betchworth,RH3 Taxis Dorking,RH4 Taxis
Dorking,RH5 Taxis Horley,RH6 Taxis Lingfield,RH7 Taxis Oxted,RH8 Taxis
Godstone,RH9 Taxis Romford,RM1 Taxis Dagenham,RM10 Taxis Hornchurch,RM11 Taxis
Hornchurch,RM12 Taxis Rainham,RM13 Taxis Upminster,RM14 Taxis South Ockendon,RM15 Taxis
Grays,RM16 Taxis Grays,RM17 Taxis Tilbury,RM18 Taxis Purfleet,RM19 Taxis
Romford,RM2 Taxis Grays,RM20 Taxis Romford,RM3 Taxis Romford,RM4 Taxis
Romford,RM5 Taxis Romford,RM6 Taxis Romford,RM7 Taxis Dagenham,RM8 Taxis
Dagenham,RM9 Taxis Sheffield,S1 Taxis Sheffield,S10 Taxis Sheffield,S11 Taxis
Sheffield,S12 Taxis Sheffield,S13 Taxis Sheffield,S14 Taxis Sheffield,S17 Taxis
Dronfield,S18 Taxis Sheffield,S2 Taxis Sheffield,S20 Taxis Sheffield,S21 Taxis
Sheffield,S25 Taxis Sheffield,S26 Taxis Sheffield,S3 Taxis Hope Valley,S32 Taxis
Hope Valley,S33 Taxis Sheffield,S35 Taxis Sheffield,S36 Taxis Sheffield,S4 Taxis
Chesterfield,S40 Taxis Chesterfield,S41 Taxis Chesterfield,S42 Taxis Chesterfield,S43 Taxis
Chesterfield,S44 Taxis Chesterfield,S45 Taxis Sheffield,S5 Taxis Sheffield,S6 Taxis
Rotherham,S60 Taxis Rotherham,S61 Taxis Rotherham,S62 Taxis Rotherham,S63 Taxis
Mexborough,S64 Taxis Rotherham,S65 Taxis Rotherham,S66 Taxis Sheffield,S7 Taxis
Barnsley,S70 Taxis Barnsley,S71 Taxis Barnsley,S72 Taxis Barnsley,S73 Taxis
Barnsley,S74 Taxis Barnsley,S75 Taxis Sheffield,S8 Taxis Worksop,S80 Taxis
Worksop,S81 Taxis Sheffield,S9 Taxis Swansea,SA1 Taxis Neath,SA10 Taxis
Neath,SA11 Taxis Port Talbot,SA12 Taxis Port Talbot,SA13 Taxis Llanelli,SA14 Taxis
Llanelli,SA15 Taxis Burry Port,SA16 Taxis Ferryside,SA17 Taxis Ammanford,SA18 Taxis
Llandeilo,SA19 Taxis Swansea,SA2 Taxis Llandovery,SA20 Taxis Swansea,SA3 Taxis
Carmarthen,SA31 Taxis Carmarthen,SA32 Taxis Carmarthen,SA33 Taxis Whitland,SA34 Taxis
Llanfyrnach,SA35 Taxis Glogue,SA36 Taxis Boncath,SA37 Taxis Newcastle Emlyn,SA38 Taxis
Pencader,SA39 Taxis Swansea,SA4 Taxis Llanybydder,SA40 Taxis Crymych,SA41 Taxis
Newport,SA42 Taxis Cardigan,SA43 Taxis Llandysul,SA44 Taxis New Quay,SA45 Taxis
Aberaeron,SA46 Taxis Llanarth,SA47 Taxis Lampeter,SA48 Taxis Swansea,SA5 Taxis
Swansea,SA6 Taxis Haverfordwest,SA61 Taxis Haverfordwest,SA62 Taxis Clarbeston Road,SA63 Taxis
Goodwick,SA64 Taxis Fishguard,SA65 Taxis Clynderwen,SA66 Taxis Narberth,SA67 Taxis
Kilgetty,SA68 Taxis Saundersfoot,SA69 Taxis Swansea,SA7 Taxis Tenby,SA70 Taxis
Pembroke,SA71 Taxis Pembroke Dock,SA72 Taxis Milford Haven,SA73 Taxis Swansea,SA8 Taxis
Swansea,SA9 Taxis London,SE1 Taxis London,SE10 Taxis London,SE11 Taxis
London,SE12 Taxis London,SE13 Taxis London,SE14 Taxis London,SE15 Taxis
London,SE16 Taxis London,SE17 Taxis London,SE18 Taxis London,SE19 Taxis
London,SE2 Taxis London,SE20 Taxis London,SE21 Taxis London,SE22 Taxis
London,SE23 Taxis London,SE24 Taxis London,SE25 Taxis London,SE26 Taxis
London,SE27 Taxis London,SE28 Taxis London,SE3 Taxis London,SE4 Taxis
London,SE5 Taxis London,SE6 Taxis London,SE7 Taxis London,SE8 Taxis
London,SE9 Taxis Stevenage,SG1 Taxis Much Hadham,SG10 Taxis Ware,SG11 Taxis
Ware,SG12 Taxis Hertford,SG13 Taxis Hertford,SG14 Taxis Arlesey,SG15 Taxis
Henlow,SG16 Taxis Shefford,SG17 Taxis Biggleswade,SG18 Taxis Sandy,SG19 Taxis
Stevenage,SG2 Taxis Knebworth,SG3 Taxis Hitchin,SG4 Taxis Hitchin,SG5 Taxis
Letchworth,SG6 Taxis Baldock,SG7 Taxis Royston,SG8 Taxis Buntingford,SG9 Taxis
Stockport,SK1 Taxis Macclesfield,SK10 Taxis Macclesfield,SK11 Taxis Stockport,SK12 Taxis
Glossop,SK13 Taxis Hyde,SK14 Taxis Stalybridge,SK15 Taxis Dukinfield,SK16 Taxis
Buxton,SK17 Taxis Stockport,SK2 Taxis High Peak,SK22 Taxis High Peak,SK23 Taxis
Stockport,SK3 Taxis Stockport,SK4 Taxis Stockport,SK5 Taxis Stockport,SK6 Taxis
Stockport,SK7 Taxis Cheadle,SK8 Taxis Wilmslow,SK9 Taxis Iver,SL0 Taxis
Slough,SL1 Taxis Slough,SL2 Taxis Slough,SL3 Taxis Windsor,SL4 Taxis
Ascot,SL5 Taxis Maidenhead,SL6 Taxis Marlow,SL7 Taxis Bourne End,SL8 Taxis
Gerrards Cross,SL9 Taxis Sutton,SM1 Taxis Sutton,SM2 Taxis Sutton,SM3 Taxis
Morden,SM4 Taxis Carshalton,SM5 Taxis Wallington,SM6 Taxis Banstead,SM7 Taxis
Swindon,SN1 Taxis Devizes,SN10 Taxis Calne,SN11 Taxis Melksham,SN12 Taxis
Corsham,SN13 Taxis Chippenham,SN14 Taxis Chippenham,SN15 Taxis Malmesbury,SN16 Taxis
Swindon,SN2 Taxis Swindon,SN25 Taxis Swindon,SN26 Taxis Swindon,SN3 Taxis
Swindon,SN4 Taxis Swindon,SN5 Taxis Swindon,SN6 Taxis Faringdon,SN7 Taxis
Marlborough,SN8 Taxis Pewsey,SN9 Taxis Southampton,SO14 Taxis Southampton,SO15 Taxis
Southampton,SO16 Taxis Southampton,SO17 Taxis Southampton,SO18 Taxis Southampton,SO19 Taxis
Stockbridge,SO20 Taxis Winchester,SO21 Taxis Winchester,SO22 Taxis Winchester,SO23 Taxis
Alresford,SO24 Taxis Southampton,SO30 Taxis Southampton,SO31 Taxis Southampton,SO32 Taxis
Southampton,SO40 Taxis Lymington,SO41 Taxis Brockenhurst,SO42 Taxis Lyndhurst,SO43 Taxis
Southampton,SO45 Taxis Eastleigh,SO50 Taxis Romsey,SO51 Taxis Southampton,SO52 Taxis
Eastleigh,SO53 Taxis Salisbury,SP1 Taxis Andover,SP10 Taxis Andover,SP11 Taxis
Salisbury,SP2 Taxis Salisbury,SP3 Taxis Salisbury,SP4 Taxis Salisbury,SP5 Taxis
Fordingbridge,SP6 Taxis Shaftesbury,SP7 Taxis Gillingham,SP8 Taxis Tidworth,SP9 Taxis
Sunderland,SR1 Taxis Sunderland,SR2 Taxis Sunderland,SR3 Taxis Sunderland,SR4 Taxis
Sunderland,SR5 Taxis Sunderland,SR6 Taxis Seaham,SR7 Taxis Peterlee,SR8 Taxis
Sunderland,SR9 Taxis Westcliff-on-Sea,SS0 Taxis Southend-on-Sea,SS1 Taxis Wickford,SS11 Taxis
Wickford,SS12 Taxis Basildon,SS13 Taxis Basildon,SS14 Taxis Basildon,SS15 Taxis
Basildon,SS16 Taxis Stanford-le-Hope,SS17 Taxis Southend-on-Sea,SS2 Taxis Southend-on-Sea,SS3 Taxis
Rochford,SS4 Taxis Hockley,SS5 Taxis Rayleigh,SS6 Taxis Benfleet,SS7 Taxis
Canvey Island,SS8 Taxis Leigh-on-Sea,SS9 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST1 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST10 Taxis
Stoke-on-trent,ST11 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST12 Taxis Leek,ST13 Taxis Uttoxeter,ST14 Taxis
Stone,ST15 Taxis Stafford,ST16 Taxis Stafford,ST17 Taxis Stafford,ST18 Taxis
Stafford,ST19 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST2 Taxis Stafford,ST20 Taxis Stafford,ST21 Taxis
Stoke-on-trent,ST3 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST4 Taxis Newcastle-under-Lyme,ST5 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST6 Taxis
Stoke-on-trent,ST7 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST8 Taxis Stoke-on-trent,ST9 Taxis London,SW1 Taxis
London,SW10 Taxis London,SW11 Taxis London,SW12 Taxis London,SW13 Taxis
London,SW14 Taxis London,SW15 Taxis London,SW16 Taxis London,SW17 Taxis
London,SW18 Taxis London,SW19 Taxis London,SW1A Taxis London,SW1E Taxis
London,SW1H Taxis London,SW1P Taxis London,SW1V Taxis London,SW1W Taxis
London,SW1X Taxis London,SW1Y Taxis London,SW2 Taxis London,SW20 Taxis
London,SW3 Taxis London,SW4 Taxis London,SW5 Taxis London,SW6 Taxis
London,SW7 Taxis London,SW8 Taxis London,SW9 Taxis Shrewsbury,SY1 Taxis
Oswestry,SY10 Taxis Oswestry,SY11 Taxis Ellesmere,SY12 Taxis Whitchurch,SY13 Taxis
Malpas,SY14 Taxis Montgomery,SY15 Taxis Newtown,SY16 Taxis Caersws,SY17 Taxis
Llanidloes,SY18 Taxis Llanbrynmair,SY19 Taxis Shrewsbury,SY2 Taxis Machynlleth,SY20 Taxis
Welshpool,SY21 Taxis Meifod,SY22 Taxis Aberystwyth,SY23 Taxis Bow Street,SY24 Taxis
Ystrad Meurig,SY25 Taxis Shrewsbury,SY3 Taxis Shrewsbury,SY4 Taxis Shrewsbury,SY5 Taxis
Church Stretton,SY6 Taxis Craven Arms,SY7 Taxis Ludlow,SY8 Taxis Bishops Castle,SY9 Taxis
Taunton,TA1 Taxis Langport,TA10 Taxis Somerton,TA11 Taxis Martock,TA12 Taxis
South Petherton,TA13 Taxis Stoke-sub-hamdon,TA14 Taxis Montacute,TA15 Taxis Merriott,TA16 Taxis
Hinton Saint George,TA17 Taxis Crewkerne,TA18 Taxis Ilminster,TA19 Taxis Taunton,TA2 Taxis
Chard,TA20 Taxis Wellington,TA21 Taxis Dulverton,TA22 Taxis Watchet,TA23 Taxis
Minehead,TA24 Taxis Taunton,TA3 Taxis Taunton,TA4 Taxis Bridgwater,TA5 Taxis
Bridgwater,TA6 Taxis Bridgwater,TA7 Taxis Burnham-on-Sea,TA8 Taxis Highbridge,TA9 Taxis
Galashiels,TD1 Taxis Duns,TD10 Taxis Duns,TD11 Taxis Cornhill-on-Tweed,TD12 Taxis
Cockburnspath,TD13 Taxis Eyemouth,TD14 Taxis Berwick-upon-Tweed,TD15 Taxis Lauder,TD2 Taxis
Gordon,TD3 Taxis Earlston,TD4 Taxis Kelso,TD5 Taxis Melrose,TD6 Taxis
Selkirk,TD7 Taxis Jedburgh,TD8 Taxis Hawick,TD9 Taxis Telford,TF1 Taxis
Newport,TF10 Taxis Shifnal,TF11 Taxis Broseley,TF12 Taxis Much Wenlock,TF13 Taxis
Telford,TF2 Taxis Telford,TF3 Taxis Telford,TF4 Taxis Telford,TF5 Taxis
Telford,TF6 Taxis Telford,TF7 Taxis Telford,TF8 Taxis Market Drayton,TF9 Taxis
Royal Tunbridge Wells,TN1 Taxis Tonbridge,TN10 Taxis Tonbridge,TN11 Taxis Tonbridge,TN12 Taxis
Sevenoaks,TN13 Taxis Sevenoaks,TN14 Taxis Sevenoaks,TN15 Taxis Westerham,TN16 Taxis
Cranbrook,TN17 Taxis Cranbrook,TN18 Taxis Etchingham,TN19 Taxis Royal Tunbridge Wells,TN2 Taxis
Mayfield,TN20 Taxis Heathfield,TN21 Taxis Uckfield,TN22 Taxis Ashford,TN23 Taxis
Ashford,TN24 Taxis Ashford,TN25 Taxis Ashford,TN26 Taxis Ashford,TN27 Taxis
New Romney,TN28 Taxis Romney Marsh,TN29 Taxis Royal Tunbridge Wells,TN3 Taxis Tenterden,TN30 Taxis
Rye,TN31 Taxis Robertsbridge,TN32 Taxis Battle,TN33 Taxis Hastings,TN34 Taxis
Hastings,TN35 Taxis Winchelsea,TN36 Taxis Saint Leonards-on-sea,TN37 Taxis Saint Leonards-on-sea,TN38 Taxis
Bexhill,TN39 Taxis Royal Tunbridge Wells,TN4 Taxis Bexhill,TN40 Taxis Wadhurst,TN5 Taxis
Crowborough,TN6 Taxis Hartfield,TN7 Taxis Edenbridge,TN8 Taxis Tonbridge,TN9 Taxis
Torquay,TQ1 Taxis South Brent,TQ10 Taxis Buckfastleigh,TQ11 Taxis Newton Abbot,TQ12 Taxis
Newton Abbot,TQ13 Taxis Teignmouth,TQ14 Taxis Torquay,TQ2 Taxis Paignton,TQ3 Taxis
Paignton,TQ4 Taxis Brixham,TQ5 Taxis Dartmouth,TQ6 Taxis Kingsbridge,TQ7 Taxis
Salcombe,TQ8 Taxis Totnes,TQ9 Taxis Truro,TR1 Taxis Penryn,TR10 Taxis
Falmouth,TR11 Taxis Helston,TR12 Taxis Helston,TR13 Taxis Camborne,TR14 Taxis
Redruth,TR15 Taxis Redruth,TR16 Taxis Marazion,TR17 Taxis Penzance,TR18 Taxis
Penzance,TR19 Taxis Truro,TR2 Taxis Penzance,TR20 Taxis Isles Of Scilly,TR21 Taxis
Isles Of Scilly,TR22 Taxis Isles Of Scilly,TR23 Taxis Isles Of Scilly,TR24 Taxis Isles Of Scilly,TR25 Taxis
Saint Ives,TR26 Taxis Hayle,TR27 Taxis Truro,TR3 Taxis Truro,TR4 Taxis
Saint Agnes,TR5 Taxis Perranporth,TR6 Taxis Newquay,TR7 Taxis Newquay,TR8 Taxis
Saint Columb,TR9 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS1 Taxis Redcar,TS10 Taxis Redcar,TS11 Taxis
Saltburn-by-the-Sea,TS12 Taxis Saltburn-by-the-Sea,TS13 Taxis Guisborough,TS14 Taxis Yarm,TS15 Taxis
Stockton-on-Tees,TS16 Taxis Stockton-on-Tees,TS17 Taxis Stockton-on-Tees,TS18 Taxis Stockton-on-Tees,TS19 Taxis
Middlesbrough,TS2 Taxis Stockton-on-Tees,TS20 Taxis Stockton-on-Tees,TS21 Taxis Billingham,TS22 Taxis
Billingham,TS23 Taxis Hartlepool,TS24 Taxis Hartlepool,TS25 Taxis Hartlepool,TS26 Taxis
Hartlepool,TS27 Taxis Wingate,TS28 Taxis Trimdon Station,TS29 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS3 Taxis
Middlesbrough,TS4 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS5 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS6 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS7 Taxis
Middlesbrough,TS8 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS9 Taxis Twickenham,TW1 Taxis Richmond,TW10 Taxis
Teddington,TW11 Taxis Hampton,TW12 Taxis Feltham,TW13 Taxis Feltham,TW14 Taxis
Ashford,TW15 Taxis Sunbury-on-thames,TW16 Taxis Shepperton,TW17 Taxis Staines,TW18 Taxis
Staines,TW19 Taxis Twickenham,TW2 Taxis Egham,TW20 Taxis Hounslow,TW3 Taxis
Hounslow,TW4 Taxis Hounslow,TW5 Taxis Hounslow,TW6 Taxis Isleworth,TW7 Taxis
Brentford,TW8 Taxis Richmond,TW9 Taxis Southall,UB1 Taxis Uxbridge,UB10 Taxis
Uxbridge,UB11 Taxis Southall,UB2 Taxis Hayes,UB3 Taxis Hayes,UB4 Taxis
Northolt,UB5 Taxis Greenford,UB6 Taxis West Drayton,UB7 Taxis Uxbridge,UB8 Taxis
Uxbridge,UB9 Taxis London,W1 Taxis London,W10 Taxis London,W11 Taxis
London,W12 Taxis London,W13 Taxis London,W14 Taxis London,W1B Taxis
London,W1C Taxis London,W1D Taxis London,W1F Taxis London,W1G Taxis
London,W1H Taxis London,W1J Taxis London,W1K Taxis London,W1M Taxis
London,W1S Taxis London,W1T Taxis London,W1U Taxis London,W1W Taxis
London,W2 Taxis London,W3 Taxis London,W4 Taxis London,W5 Taxis
London,W6 Taxis London,W7 Taxis London,W8 Taxis London,W9 Taxis
Warrington,WA1 Taxis Saint Helens,WA10 Taxis Saint Helens,WA11 Taxis Newton-le-Willows,WA12 Taxis
Lymm,WA13 Taxis Altrincham,WA14 Taxis Altrincham,WA15 Taxis Knutsford,WA16 Taxis
Warrington,WA2 Taxis Warrington,WA3 Taxis Warrington,WA4 Taxis Warrington,WA5 Taxis
Frodsham,WA6 Taxis Runcorn,WA7 Taxis Widnes,WA8 Taxis Saint Helens,WA9 Taxis
London,WC1 Taxis London,WC1A Taxis London,WC1B Taxis London,WC1E Taxis
London,WC1H Taxis London,WC1N Taxis London,WC1R Taxis London,WC1V Taxis
London,WC1X Taxis London,WC2 Taxis London,WC2A Taxis London,WC2B Taxis
London,WC2E Taxis London,WC2H Taxis London,WC2N Taxis London,WC2R Taxis
Watford,WD1 Taxis Watford,WD17 Taxis Watford,WD18 Taxis Watford,WD19 Taxis
Watford,WD2 Taxis Bushey,WD23 Taxis Watford,WD24 Taxis Watford,WD25 Taxis
Rickmansworth,WD3 Taxis Kings Langley,WD4 Taxis Abbots Langley,WD5 Taxis Borehamwood,WD6 Taxis
Radlett,WD7 Taxis Wakefield,WF1 Taxis Castleford,WF10 Taxis Knottingley,WF11 Taxis
Dewsbury,WF12 Taxis Dewsbury,WF13 Taxis Mirfield,WF14 Taxis Liversedge,WF15 Taxis
Heckmondwike,WF16 Taxis Batley,WF17 Taxis Wakefield,WF2 Taxis Wakefield,WF3 Taxis
Wakefield,WF4 Taxis Ossett,WF5 Taxis Normanton,WF6 Taxis Pontefract,WF7 Taxis
Pontefract,WF8 Taxis Pontefract,WF9 Taxis Wigan,WN1 Taxis Wigan,WN2 Taxis
Wigan,WN3 Taxis Wigan,WN4 Taxis Wigan,WN5 Taxis Wigan,WN6 Taxis
Leigh,WN7 Taxis Skelmersdale,WN8 Taxis Worcester,WR1 Taxis Pershore,WR10 Taxis
Evesham,WR11 Taxis Broadway,WR12 Taxis Malvern,WR13 Taxis Malvern,WR14 Taxis
Tenbury Wells,WR15 Taxis Worcester,WR2 Taxis Worcester,WR3 Taxis Worcester,WR4 Taxis
Worcester,WR5 Taxis Worcester,WR6 Taxis Worcester,WR7 Taxis Worcester,WR8 Taxis
Droitwich,WR9 Taxis Walsall,WS1 Taxis Wednesbury,WS10 Taxis Cannock,WS11 Taxis
Cannock,WS12 Taxis Lichfield,WS13 Taxis Lichfield,WS14 Taxis Rugeley,WS15 Taxis
Walsall,WS2 Taxis Walsall,WS3 Taxis Walsall,WS4 Taxis Walsall,WS5 Taxis
Walsall,WS6 Taxis Burntwood,WS7 Taxis Walsall,WS8 Taxis Walsall,WS9 Taxis
Wolverhampton,WV1 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV10 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV11 Taxis Willenhall,WV12 Taxis
Willenhall,WV13 Taxis Bilston,WV14 Taxis Bridgnorth,WV15 Taxis Bridgnorth,WV16 Taxis
Wolverhampton,WV2 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV3 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV4 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV5 Taxis
Wolverhampton,WV6 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV7 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV8 Taxis Wolverhampton,WV9 Taxis
York,YO1 Taxis York,YO10 Taxis Scarborough,YO11 Taxis Scarborough,YO12 Taxis
Scarborough,YO13 Taxis Filey,YO14 Taxis Bridlington,YO15 Taxis Bridlington,YO16 Taxis
Malton,YO17 Taxis Pickering,YO18 Taxis York,YO19 Taxis Whitby,YO21 Taxis
Whitby,YO22 Taxis York,YO23 Taxis York,YO24 Taxis Driffield,YO25 Taxis
York,YO26 Taxis York,YO30 Taxis York,YO31 Taxis York,YO32 Taxis
York,YO41 Taxis York,YO42 Taxis York,YO43 Taxis York,YO51 Taxis
York,YO60 Taxis York,YO61 Taxis York,YO62 Taxis Thirsk,YO7 Taxis
Selby,YO8 Taxis Shetland,ZE1 Taxis Shetland,ZE2 Taxis Shetland,ZE3 Taxis
Acaster Selby,YO237 Taxis Acklam,TS57 Taxis Acklam,YO179 Taxis Acomb,YO244 Taxis
Aberdeen,AB105 Taxis Acaster Malbis,YO232 Taxis Acaster Selby,YO237 Taxis Acklam,TS57 Taxis
Acklam,YO179 Taxis Acomb,YO244 Taxis Agglethorpe,DL84 Taxis Ainderby Quernhow,YO74 Taxis
Ainderby Steeple,DL79 Taxis Ainthorpe,YO212 Taxis Aire View,BD208 Taxis Airton,BD234 Taxis
Airy Hill,YO224 Taxis Aiskew,DL81 Taxis Aislaby,YO188 Taxis Aislaby,YO211 Taxis
Aldborough,YO519 Taxis Aldbrough St John,DL117 Taxis Aldfield,HG43 Taxis Aldwark,YO611 Taxis
Allerston,YO187 Taxis Allerton Mauleverer,HG50 Taxis Alne,YO611 Taxis Alne Station,YO611 Taxis
Amotherby,YO176 Taxis Ampleforth,YO624 Taxis Anchorage Hill,DL107 Taxis Angram,DL116 Taxis
Angram,YO233 Taxis Appersett,DL83 Taxis Applegarth,DL104 Taxis Appleton-le-Moors,YO626 Taxis
Appleton-le-Street,YO176 Taxis Appleton Roebuck,YO237 Taxis Appleton Wiske,DL62 Taxis Appletreewick,BD236 Taxis
Arkendale,HG50 Taxis Arkleside,DL84 Taxis Arkle Town,DL116 Taxis Arncliffe,BD235 Taxis
Arrathorne,DL81 Taxis Asenby,YO73 Taxis Ashfold Side,HG35 Taxis Aske,DL105 Taxis
Askham Bryan,YO233 Taxis Askham Richard,YO233 Taxis Askrigg,DL83 Taxis Askwith,LS212 Taxis
Austwick,LA28 Taxis Aysgarth,DL83 Taxis Azerley,HG43 Taxis Bagby,YO72 Taxis
Bagby Grange,YO72 Taxis Bainbridge,DL83 Taxis Baldersby,YO74 Taxis Baldersby St James,YO74 Taxis
Balk,YO72 Taxis Balne,DN140 Taxis Bank Newton,BD233 Taxis Barden,DL85 Taxis
Barkston Ash,LS249 Taxis Barlby,YO85 Taxis Barlow,YO88 Taxis Barrowcliff,YO126 Taxis
Barton,DL106 Taxis Barton Hill,YO607 Taxis Barton-le-Street,YO176 Taxis Barton-le-Willows,YO607 Taxis
Battersby,TS96 Taxis Battersby Junction,TS96 Taxis Beadlam,YO627 Taxis Beal,DN140 Taxis
Beamsley,BD236 Taxis Beckermonds,BD235 Taxis Beck Hole,YO225 Taxis Bedale,DL82 Taxis
Bedlam,HG33 Taxis Bedlam,HG35 Taxis Beechwood,TS43 Taxis Belford,HG43 Taxis
Bell Busk,BD234 Taxis Bellerby,DL85 Taxis Bendgate,BD234 Taxis Beningbrough,YO301 Taxis
Berwick Hills,TS37 Taxis Bewerley,HG35 Taxis Bickerton,LS225 Taxis Biggin,LS256 Taxis
Bilbrough,YO233 Taxis Bilton,HG14 Taxis Bilton Haggs,YO267 Taxis Bilton in Ainsty,YO267 Taxis
Binsoe,HG44 Taxis Birdforth,YO614 Taxis Birdsall,YO179 Taxis Birkby,DL70 Taxis
Birkin,WF119 Taxis Birstwith,HG32 Taxis Bishop Monkton,HG33 Taxis Bishop Thornton,HG33 Taxis
Bishopthorpe,YO232 Taxis Bishopton,HG42 Taxis Blades,DL116 Taxis Blazefield,HG35 Taxis
Blubberhouses,LS212 Taxis Boltby,YO72 Taxis Bolton Abbey,BD236 Taxis Bolton Bridge,BD236 Taxis
Bolton-on-Swale,DL106 Taxis Bolton Percy,YO237 Taxis Bondgate,HG41 Taxis Boosbeck,TS123 Taxis
Booze,DL116 Taxis Bordley,BD236 Taxis Boroughbridge,YO519 Taxis Borrage Green,HG41 Taxis
Borrowby,TS135 Taxis Borrowby,YO74 Taxis Bossall,YO607 Taxis Boulby,TS134 Taxis
Boulton Crofts,DL104 Taxis Bouthwaite,HG35 Taxis Brackenbottom,BD240 Taxis Brafferton,YO612 Taxis
Braidley,DL84 Taxis Brambles Farm,TS39 Taxis Bramley Head,HG34 Taxis Brandsby,YO614 Taxis
Branton Green,YO269 Taxis Brawby,YO176 Taxis Brawith,TS95 Taxis Braythorn,LS212 Taxis
Brayton,YO89 Taxis Brearton,HG33 Taxis Breckenbrough,YO74 Taxis Bridge Hewick,HG45 Taxis
Bridgehouse Gate,HG35 Taxis Briggswath,YO211 Taxis Brokes,DL116 Taxis Brompton,DL62 Taxis
Brompton-by-Sawdon,YO139 Taxis Brompton-on-Swale,DL107 Taxis Brookfield,TS58 Taxis Broom Hill,TS175 Taxis
Brotherton,WF119 Taxis Brotton,TS122 Taxis Broughton,YO176 Taxis Broughton,BD233 Taxis
Brough with St Giles,DL107 Taxis Broxa,YO130 Taxis Buckden,BD235 Taxis Bullamoor,DL63 Taxis
Bulmer,YO607 Taxis Burdale,YO179 Taxis Burn,YO88 Taxis Burneston,DL82 Taxis
Burniston,YO130 Taxis Burnsall,BD236 Taxis Burnside,BD232 Taxis Burnt Yates,HG33 Taxis
Burrill,DL81 Taxis Burtersett,DL83 Taxis Burton in Lonsdale,LA63 Taxis Burton Leonard,HG33 Taxis
Burton Salmon,LS255 Taxis Burythorpe,YO179 Taxis Busby Stoop,YO74 Taxis Buttercrambe,YO411 Taxis
Butterwick,YO176 Taxis Butterwick,YO178 Taxis Byland Abbey,YO614 Taxis Byram,WF119 Taxis
Calcutt,HG58 Taxis Caldbergh,DL84 Taxis Caldwell,DL117 Taxis California,TS96 Taxis
California,TS69 Taxis Calton,BD234 Taxis Camblesforth,YO88 Taxis Camp Close,HG41 Taxis
Cargo Fleet,TS38 Taxis Carlesmoor,HG43 Taxis Carleton-in-Craven,BD233 Taxis Carlin How,TS134 Taxis
Carlton,DL117 Taxis Carlton,YO625 Taxis Carlton,DN149 Taxis Carlton,DL84 Taxis
Carlton Husthwaite,YO72 Taxis Carlton in Cleveland,TS97 Taxis Carlton Miniott,YO74 Taxis Carperby,DL84 Taxis
Carr End,YO212 Taxis Carthorpe,DL82 Taxis Castle Bolton,DL84 Taxis Castlelevington,TS159 Taxis
Castle Park,YO213 Taxis Castleton,YO212 Taxis Castley,LS212 Taxis Cattal,YO268 Taxis
Catterick,DL107 Taxis Catterick Bridge,DL107 Taxis Catterick Garrison,DL93 Taxis Catterton,LS248 Taxis
Catton,YO74 Taxis Cawood,YO83 Taxis Cawthorne,YO188 Taxis Cawton,YO624 Taxis
Cayton,YO113 Taxis Chapel Fields,YO265 Taxis Chapel Haddlesey,YO88 Taxis Chapel Hill,LS224 Taxis
Chapel-le-Dale,LA63 Taxis Charlcot,HG44 Taxis Charltons,TS123 Taxis Chop Gate,TS97 Taxis
Church Fenton,LS249 Taxis Church Houses,YO627 Taxis Clapham,LA28 Taxis Clapham Green,HG32 Taxis
Claxton,YO607 Taxis Cleasby,DL22 Taxis Clementhorpe,YO231 Taxis Cliffe,DL23 Taxis
Cliffe,YO86 Taxis Cliffe Common,YO86 Taxis Clifton,LS212 Taxis Clifton,YO305 Taxis
Clifton Moor,YO304 Taxis Clint,HG33 Taxis Clints,DL117 Taxis Clotherholme,HG42 Taxis
Cloughton,YO130 Taxis Cloughton Newlands,YO130 Taxis Coatham,TS101 Taxis Cockayne,YO627 Taxis
Colburn,DL94 Taxis Cold Cotes,LA28 Taxis Cold Kirby,YO72 Taxis Coldpool,TS95 Taxis
Colsterdale,HG44 Taxis Colton,LS248 Taxis Colton Lane End,YO233 Taxis Commondale,YO212 Taxis
Coneysthorpe,YO607 Taxis Coneythorpe,HG50 Taxis Coniston Cold,BD234 Taxis Conistone,BD235 Taxis
Cononley,BD208 Taxis Cononley Woodside,BD208 Taxis Constable Burton,DL85 Taxis Copgrove,HG33 Taxis
Copmanthorpe,YO233 Taxis Copt Hewick,HG45 Taxis Cotterdale,DL83 Taxis Coulby Newham,TS80 Taxis
Coulton,YO624 Taxis Countersett,DL83 Taxis Coverham,DL84 Taxis Cowbar,TS135 Taxis
Cowesby,YO72 Taxis Cowling,DL81 Taxis Cowling,BD220 Taxis Cowthorpe,LS225 Taxis
Coxwold,YO614 Taxis Crackpot,DL116 Taxis Cracoe,BD236 Taxis Crakehill,YO612 Taxis
Crambe,YO607 Taxis Crambeck,YO607 Taxis Crathorne,TS150 Taxis Cray,BD235 Taxis
Crayke,YO614 Taxis Cridling Stubbs,WF110 Taxis Crockey Hill,YO194 Taxis Croft-on-Tees,DL22 Taxis
Cropton,YO188 Taxis Crosby Court,DL63 Taxis Crossgates,YO124 Taxis Cross Hills,BD207 Taxis
Cross Holme,TS97 Taxis Cross Lanes,DL83 Taxis Cross Lanes,YO611 Taxis Crowdon,YO130 Taxis
Cubeck,DL83 Taxis Cundall,YO612 Taxis Dacre,HG34 Taxis Dacre Banks,HG34 Taxis
Dalby,YO606 Taxis Dallow,HG43 Taxis Dalton,YO73 Taxis Dalton,DL117 Taxis
Dalton-on-Tees,DL22 Taxis Danby,YO212 Taxis Danby Botton,YO212 Taxis Danby Head,YO212 Taxis
Danby Wiske,DL70 Taxis Darley,HG32 Taxis Darley Head,HG32 Taxis Darnholm,YO225 Taxis
Dawker Hill,YO83 Taxis Deerstones,BD236 Taxis Deighton,DL62 Taxis Deighton,YO196 Taxis
Delves,YO225 Taxis Denton,LS290 Taxis Dishforth,YO73 Taxis Dormanstown,TS105 Taxis
Dovenanter,LA28 Taxis Downholme,DL116 Taxis Draughton,BD236 Taxis Drax,YO88 Taxis
Drebley,BD236 Taxis Dringhouses,YO241 Taxis Dry Gill,BD236 Taxis Duggleby,YO178 Taxis
Dunkeswick,LS179 Taxis Dunnington,YO195 Taxis Dunsdale,TS146 Taxis Dunsley,YO213 Taxis
Earswick,YO329 Taxis Easby,DL107 Taxis Easby,TS96 Taxis Easington,TS134 Taxis
Easingwold,YO613 Taxis East Appleton,DL107 Taxis East Ayton,YO139 Taxis East Barnby,YO213 Taxis
Eastby,BD236 Taxis East Common,YO88 Taxis East Cowton,DL70 Taxis Easterside,TS43 Taxis
Eastfield,YO113 Taxis East Harlsey,DL62 Taxis East Hauxwell,DL85 Taxis East Heslerton,YO178 Taxis
East Knapton,YO178 Taxis East Layton,DL117 Taxis East Loftus,TS134 Taxis East Lutton,YO178 Taxis
East Marton,BD233 Taxis East Ness,YO625 Taxis East Newton,YO625 Taxis East Rounton,DL62 Taxis
East Scrafton,DL84 Taxis East Witton,DL84 Taxis Eavestone,HG43 Taxis Ebberston,YO139 Taxis
Edgehill,YO124 Taxis Eggborough,DN140 Taxis Egton,YO211 Taxis Egton Bridge,YO211 Taxis
Eldmire,YO73 Taxis Eldroth,LA28 Taxis Ellerbeck,DL62 Taxis Ellerburn,YO187 Taxis
Ellerby,TS135 Taxis Ellerton-on-Swale,DL106 Taxis Ellingstring,HG44 Taxis Elslack,BD233 Taxis
Elvington,YO414 Taxis Embsay,BD236 Taxis Enterpen,TS150 Taxis Eppleby,DL117 Taxis
Eryholme,DL22 Taxis Escrick,YO196 Taxis Eshton,BD233 Taxis Eskdaleside,YO225 Taxis
Esk Valley,YO225 Taxis Eston,TS69 Taxis Everley,YO130 Taxis Exelby,DL82 Taxis
Faceby,TS97 Taxis Fadmoor,YO627 Taxis Fairburn,WF119 Taxis Falsgrave,YO124 Taxis
Fangdale Beck,TS97 Taxis Farlington,YO611 Taxis Farnham,HG59 Taxis Farnhill,BD209 Taxis
Farnley,LS212 Taxis Fawdington,YO612 Taxis Fearby,HG44 Taxis Feetham,DL116 Taxis
Feizor,LA28 Taxis Felixkirk,YO72 Taxis Ferrensby,HG59 Taxis Filey,YO149 Taxis
Finghall,DL85 Taxis Firby,DL82 Taxis Firby,YO607 Taxis Fishburn Park,YO211 Taxis
Fisher Green,HG41 Taxis Flasby,BD233 Taxis Flawith,YO611 Taxis Flaxby,HG50 Taxis
Flaxton,YO607 Taxis Fleets,BD236 Taxis Flixton,YO113 Taxis Flixton Ings,YO113 Taxis
Folkton,YO113 Taxis Forcett,DL117 Taxis Foredale,BD240 Taxis Forest Lane Head,HG27 Taxis
Forest Moor,HG58 Taxis Foss Islands,YO103 Taxis Foston,YO607 Taxis Fountains Abbey,HG43 Taxis
Foxholes,YO253 Taxis Foxton,TS150 Taxis Foxup,BD235 Taxis Friars Closes,DL104 Taxis
Fryton,YO624 Taxis Fulford,YO194 Taxis Fylingthorpe,YO224 Taxis Gallows Hill,HG41 Taxis
Galphay,HG43 Taxis Gammersgill,DL84 Taxis Ganthorpe,YO606 Taxis Ganton,YO124 Taxis
Gargrave,BD233 Taxis Garriston,DL85 Taxis Gateforth,YO89 Taxis Gate Helmsley,YO411 Taxis
Gatenby,DL79 Taxis Gauber,LA63 Taxis Gayle,DL83 Taxis Gayles,DL117 Taxis
Gerrick,TS123 Taxis Giggleswick,BD240 Taxis Gill,BD220 Taxis Gillamoor,YO627 Taxis
Gilling East,YO624 Taxis Gilling West,DL105 Taxis Girsby,DL21 Taxis Glaisdale,YO212 Taxis
Glaisdale Side,YO212 Taxis Glasshouses,HG35 Taxis Glusburn,BD208 Taxis Glusburn Green,BD208 Taxis
Goathland,YO225 Taxis Goldsborough,YO213 Taxis Goldsborough,HG58 Taxis Gollinglith Foot,HG44 Taxis
Goulton,DL63 Taxis Grafton,YO519 Taxis Grangetown,TS67 Taxis Grantley Hall,HG43 Taxis
Grassington,BD235 Taxis Great Ayton,TS96 Taxis Great Barugh,YO176 Taxis Great Broughton,TS97 Taxis
Great Busby,TS97 Taxis Great Crakehall,DL81 Taxis Great Edstone,YO626 Taxis Great Fencote,DL70 Taxis
Great Habton,YO176 Taxis Great Heck,DN140 Taxis Great Langton,DL70 Taxis Great Ouseburn,YO269 Taxis
Great Smeaton,DL62 Taxis Great Thirkleby,YO72 Taxis Greatwood,BD232 Taxis Green Close,LA28 Taxis
Green End,YO225 Taxis Green Hammerton,YO268 Taxis Greenhow,HG35 Taxis Grewelthorpe,HG43 Taxis
Greygarth,HG43 Taxis Greystone,YO74 Taxis Greystonegill,LA27 Taxis Grimston,LS249 Taxis
Grimston,YO195 Taxis Grinton,DL116 Taxis Gristhorpe,YO149 Taxis Grosmont,YO225 Taxis
Grove Hill,TS42 Taxis Guisborough,TS146 Taxis Gunnerside,DL116 Taxis Hackforth,DL81 Taxis
Hackness,YO130 Taxis Halton East,BD236 Taxis Halton Gill,BD235 Taxis Halton West,BD234 Taxis
Hambleton,YO72 Taxis Hambleton,BD236 Taxis Hambleton,YO89 Taxis Hampsthwaite,HG32 Taxis
Hampsthwaite Hollins,HG32 Taxis Hanlith,BD234 Taxis Hardgate,HG33 Taxis Hardraw,DL83 Taxis
Harlow Carr,HG20 Taxis Harlow Hill,HG20 Taxis Harmby,DL85 Taxis Harome,YO625 Taxis
Harrogate,HG12 Taxis Hartforth,DL105 Taxis Hartlington,BD236 Taxis Hartoft End,YO188 Taxis
Harton,YO607 Taxis Hartwith,HG33 Taxis Harwood Dale,YO130 Taxis Hawes,DL83 Taxis
Hawkswick,BD235 Taxis Hawnby,YO625 Taxis Hawsker,YO224 Taxis Haxby,YO323 Taxis
Hazlewood,BD236 Taxis Healaugh,LS248 Taxis Healaugh,DL116 Taxis Healey,HG44 Taxis
Heathfield,HG35 Taxis Heathwaite,DL63 Taxis Hebden,BD235 Taxis Hellifield,BD234 Taxis
Hellifield Green,BD234 Taxis Helm,DL83 Taxis Helmsley,YO625 Taxis Helperby,YO612 Taxis
Helperthorpe,YO178 Taxis Helwith,DL117 Taxis Helwith Bridge,BD240 Taxis Hemingbrough,YO86 Taxis
Hemlington,TS89 Taxis Hensall,DN140 Taxis Hesley,BD240 Taxis Heslington,YO105 Taxis
Hessay,YO268 Taxis Hetton,BD236 Taxis Hew Green,HG32 Taxis Heworth,YO311 Taxis
Heyshaw,HG34 Taxis High Bentham,LA27 Taxis High Birstwith,HG32 Taxis High Bradley,BD209 Taxis
High Eggborough,DN140 Taxis High Ellington,HG44 Taxis High Entercommon,DL62 Taxis High Farnhill,BD209 Taxis
High Fremington,DL116 Taxis High Grantley,HG43 Taxis High Harrogate,HG15 Taxis High Hawsker,YO224 Taxis
High Hutton,YO607 Taxis High Kilburn,YO614 Taxis High Leven,TS159 Taxis High Marishes,YO176 Taxis
High Shaw,DL83 Taxis High Skyreholme,BD236 Taxis High Stakesby,YO211 Taxis High Stittenham,YO607 Taxis
High Swinton,HG44 Taxis High Worsall,TS159 Taxis Hillam,LS255 Taxis Hilton,TS159 Taxis
Hinderwell,TS135 Taxis Hipswell,DL94 Taxis Hirst Courtney,YO88 Taxis Hole Bottom,BD235 Taxis
Holgate,YO244 Taxis Holly Hill,DL104 Taxis Holme,YO74 Taxis Holme Green,YO237 Taxis
Holtby,YO195 Taxis Hopperton,HG58 Taxis Hornby,DL81 Taxis Hornby,DL62 Taxis
Horse Close,BD232 Taxis Horsehouse,DL84 Taxis Horton in Ribblesdale,BD240 Taxis Houlsyke,YO212 Taxis
Hovingham,YO624 Taxis Howe,YO74 Taxis Howsham,YO607 Taxis Hubberholme,BD235 Taxis
Huby,LS170 Taxis Huby,YO611 Taxis Hudswell,DL116 Taxis Hunmanby,YO140 Taxis
Hunmanby Gap,YO149 Taxis Hunmanby Moor,YO149 Taxis Hunsingore,LS225 Taxis Huntington,YO329 Taxis
Hunton,DL81 Taxis Hurgill,DL104 Taxis Hurst,DL117 Taxis Husthwaite,YO614 Taxis
Hut Green,DN140 Taxis Hutton Bonville,DL70 Taxis Hutton Buscel,YO139 Taxis Hutton Conyers,HG45 Taxis
Hutton Gate,TS148 Taxis Hutton Hang,DL85 Taxis Hutton-le-Hole,YO626 Taxis Hutton Mulgrave,YO213 Taxis
Hutton Rudby,TS150 Taxis Huttons Ambo,YO607 Taxis Hutton Sessay,YO73 Taxis Hutton Village,TS148 Taxis
Hutton Wandesley,YO267 Taxis Iburndale,YO225 Taxis Ickornshaw,BD220 Taxis Ilton,HG44 Taxis
Ingerthorpe,HG33 Taxis Ingleby Arncliffe,DL63 Taxis Ingleby Barwick,TS170 Taxis Ingleby Cross,DL63 Taxis
Ingleby Greenhow,TS96 Taxis Ingleton,LA63 Taxis Ingmanthorpe,LS225 Taxis Irton,YO124 Taxis
Ivelet,DL116 Taxis Jack Hill,LS212 Taxis Jennyfield,HG32 Taxis Junction,BD207 Taxis
Kearby,LS224 Taxis Kearby Town End,LS224 Taxis Kearton,DL116 Taxis Keasden,LA28 Taxis
Keld,DL116 Taxis Keldholme,YO626 Taxis Keld Houses,HG35 Taxis Kelfield,YO196 Taxis
Kellingley,DN140 Taxis Kellington,DN140 Taxis Kennythorpe,YO179 Taxis Kepwick,YO72 Taxis
Kettleness,YO213 Taxis Kettlesing,HG32 Taxis Kettlesing Bottom,HG32 Taxis Kettlewell,BD235 Taxis
Kexby,YO415 Taxis Key Green,YO225 Taxis Kilburn,YO614 Taxis Kildale,YO212 Taxis
Kildwick,BD209 Taxis Killerby,YO113 Taxis Killinghall,HG32 Taxis Killinghall Moor,HG32 Taxis
Kilnsey,BD235 Taxis Kilton,TS122 Taxis Kilton Thorpe,TS122 Taxis Kiplin,DL106 Taxis
Kirby Grindalythe,YO178 Taxis Kirby Hill,DL117 Taxis Kirby Hill,YO519 Taxis Kirby Knowle,YO72 Taxis
Kirby Misperton,YO176 Taxis Kirby Sigston,DL63 Taxis Kirby Wiske,YO74 Taxis Kirkbridge,DL81 Taxis
Kirkby,TS97 Taxis Kirkby Fleetham,DL70 Taxis Kirkby Malham,BD234 Taxis Kirkby Malzeard,HG43 Taxis
Kirkby Mills,YO626 Taxis Kirkbymoorside,YO626 Taxis Kirkby Wharfe,LS249 Taxis Kirk Deighton,LS224 Taxis
Kirkham,YO607 Taxis Kirk Hammerton,YO268 Taxis Kirkleatham,TS105 Taxis Kirklevington,TS159 Taxis
Kirklington,DL82 Taxis Kirk Smeaton,WF83 Taxis Knapton,YO266 Taxis Knaresborough,HG50 Taxis
Knavesmire,YO241 Taxis Knayton,YO74 Taxis Knox,HG32 Taxis Lackenby,TS68 Taxis
Ladies Riggs,HG35 Taxis Lady Ediths,YO125 Taxis Lane Ends,BD220 Taxis Langbar,LS290 Taxis
Langbaurgh,TS96 Taxis Langcliffe,BD249 Taxis Langdale End,YO130 Taxis Langthorne,DL81 Taxis
Langthorpe,YO519 Taxis Langthwaite,DL116 Taxis Langton,YO179 Taxis Lastingham,YO626 Taxis
Laverton,HG43 Taxis Lawkland,LA28 Taxis Lawkland Green,LA28 Taxis Layerthorpe,YO317 Taxis
Lazenby,TS68 Taxis Leake,YO74 Taxis Lealholm,YO212 Taxis Lealholm Side,YO212 Taxis
Lease Rigg,YO225 Taxis Leathley,LS212 Taxis Leavening,YO179 Taxis Lebberston,YO113 Taxis
Leeming,DL79 Taxis Leeming Bar,DL79 Taxis Leighton,HG44 Taxis Leppington,YO179 Taxis
Levisham,YO187 Taxis Leyburn,DL85 Taxis Lind Head,YO130 Taxis Lindley,LS212 Taxis
Lingdale,TS123 Taxis Lingerfield,HG59 Taxis Linthorpe,TS55 Taxis Linton,BD235 Taxis
Linton-on-Ouse,YO302 Taxis Little Ayton,TS96 Taxis Little Barugh,YO176 Taxis Littlebeck,YO225 Taxis
Little Broughton,TS97 Taxis Little Crakehall,DL81 Taxis Little Fencote,DL70 Taxis Little Fenton,LS256 Taxis
Little Habton,YO176 Taxis Little Heck,DN140 Taxis Little Hutton,YO73 Taxis Little Langton,DL70 Taxis
Little Marfit Head,YO187 Taxis Little Ouseburn,YO269 Taxis Little Ribston,LS224 Taxis Little Sessay,YO73 Taxis
Little Skipwith,YO85 Taxis Little Smeaton,DL62 Taxis Little Smeaton,WF83 Taxis Little Stainforth,BD240 Taxis
Little Studley,HG41 Taxis Littlethorpe,HG43 Taxis Litton,BD235 Taxis Liverton,TS134 Taxis
Liverton Mines,TS134 Taxis Lockton,YO187 Taxis Lofthouse,HG35 Taxis Loftus,TS134 Taxis
Londonderry,DL79 Taxis Long Ashes,BD235 Taxis Long Drax,DN147 Taxis Long Marston,YO267 Taxis
Long Preston,BD234 Taxis Longscales,HG32 Taxis Lothersdale,BD208 Taxis Lovesome Hill,DL62 Taxis
Low Bentham,LA27 Taxis Low Bradley,BD209 Taxis Low Dalby,YO187 Taxis Low Ellington,HG44 Taxis
Low Entercommon,DL62 Taxis Lower Dunsforth,YO269 Taxis Lower Westhouse,LA63 Taxis Low Field,YO243 Taxis
Low Fremington,DL116 Taxis Low Garth,YO212 Taxis Low Grantley,HG43 Taxis Low Green,HG32 Taxis
Low Harrogate,HG12 Taxis Low Hawsker,YO224 Taxis Low Hutton,YO607 Taxis Low Laithe,HG34 Taxis
Low Marishes,YO176 Taxis Low Mill,YO627 Taxis Low Mowthorpe,YO178 Taxis Lowna,YO627 Taxis
Low Row,DL116 Taxis Low Snaygill,BD209 Taxis Low Swinton,HG44 Taxis Low Whita,DL116 Taxis
Low Worsall,TS159 Taxis Lumby,LS255 Taxis Lund,YO86 Taxis Lythe,YO213 Taxis
Malham,BD234 Taxis Maltby,TS80 Taxis Malton,YO177 Taxis Manfield,DL22 Taxis
Margrove Park,TS123 Taxis Market Place,TS95 Taxis Markington,HG33 Taxis Marrick,DL117 Taxis
Marsett,DL83 Taxis Marske,DL117 Taxis Marske-by-the-Sea,TS117 Taxis Marton,TS78 Taxis
Marton,YO626 Taxis Marton,YO519 Taxis Marton Grove,TS42 Taxis Marton-in-the-Forest,YO611 Taxis
Marton-le-Moor,HG45 Taxis Masham,HG44 Taxis Masongill,LA63 Taxis Maunby,YO74 Taxis
Meagill,LS212 Taxis Mearbeck,BD234 Taxis Melmerby,DL84 Taxis Melmerby,HG45 Taxis
Melsonby,DL105 Taxis Menethorpe,YO179 Taxis Mewith Head,LA27 Taxis Mickleby,TS135 Taxis
Mickley,HG43 Taxis Middlecave,YO176 Taxis Middleham,DL84 Taxis Middlesbrough,TS12 Taxis
Middle Skyreholme,BD236 Taxis Middlesmoor,HG35 Taxis Middlethorpe,YO232 Taxis Middleton,BD220 Taxis
Middleton,YO188 Taxis Middleton Heights,YO188 Taxis Middleton-on-Leven,TS150 Taxis Middleton Quernhow,HG45 Taxis
Middleton Tyas,DL106 Taxis Middle Town,BD232 Taxis Milby,YO519 Taxis Mill Fields,BD231 Taxis
Mill Hirst,HG34 Taxis Minskip,YO519 Taxis Miry Hole,YO72 Taxis Moke Hill,HG32 Taxis
Monk End,DL22 Taxis Monk Fryston,LS255 Taxis Moor End,LS179 Taxis Moor End Field,YO612 Taxis
Moor Monkton,YO268 Taxis Moor Monkton Moor,YO268 Taxis Moorsholm,TS123 Taxis Morton-on-Swale,DL79 Taxis
Moulton,DL106 Taxis Mowthorpe,YO606 Taxis Moxby,YO611 Taxis Muker,DL116 Taxis
Murton,YO195 Taxis Murton Grange,YO625 Taxis Muscoates,YO625 Taxis Muston,YO140 Taxis
Myton Hall,YO612 Taxis Myton-on-Swale,YO612 Taxis Naburn,YO194 Taxis Nappa,BD234 Taxis
Nappa Scar,DL83 Taxis Nawton,YO627 Taxis Near Hardcastle,HG35 Taxis Nesfield,LS290 Taxis
Netherby,LS224 Taxis Nether Poppleton,YO266 Taxis Nether Silton,YO72 Taxis Newbiggin,DL83 Taxis
Newbridge,YO188 Taxis New Brotton,TS122 Taxis Newby,YO126 Taxis Newby,TS80 Taxis
Newby,LA28 Taxis Newby Cote,LA28 Taxis Newby Wiske,DL79 Taxis New Earswick,YO324 Taxis
Newhay,YO86 Taxis Newholm,YO213 Taxis New Houses,BD240 Taxis Newland,YO88 Taxis
Newlands,YO126 Taxis New Marske,TS118 Taxis New Park,HG13 Taxis Newport,TS54 Taxis
New Scriven,HG59 Taxis Newsham,YO74 Taxis Newsham,DL117 Taxis New Skelton,TS122 Taxis
New Thirsk,YO71 Taxis Newthorpe,LS255 Taxis Newton,YO178 Taxis Newton Kyme,LS249 Taxis
Newton-le-Willows,DL81 Taxis Newton Morrell,DL106 Taxis Newton Mulgrave,TS135 Taxis Newton-on-Ouse,YO302 Taxis
Newton-on-Rawcliffe,YO188 Taxis Newton under Roseberry,TS96 Taxis New Town,BD232 Taxis Nidd,HG33 Taxis
Norby,YO74 Taxis Normanby,YO224 Taxis Normanby,TS60 Taxis Normanby,YO626 Taxis
Northallerton,DL78 Taxis North Cowton,DL70 Taxis North Deighton,LS224 Taxis North Duffield,YO85 Taxis
North Grimston,YO178 Taxis North Kilvington,YO74 Taxis North Lees,HG43 Taxis North Moor,YO139 Taxis
North Ormesby,TS36 Taxis North Otterington,DL79 Taxis North Rigton,LS170 Taxis North Skelton,TS122 Taxis
North Stainley,HG43 Taxis Northstead,YO126 Taxis Norton Conyers,HG45 Taxis Norton-le-Clay,YO612 Taxis
Norton-on-Derwent,YO179 Taxis Nosterfield,DL82 Taxis Nun Appleton,YO237 Taxis Nun Monkton,YO268 Taxis
Nunnington,YO625 Taxis Nunthorpe,TS70 Taxis Nunwick,HG45 Taxis Oakdale,HG32 Taxis
Oaktree Hill,DL62 Taxis Oatlands,HG28 Taxis Old Bilton,HG14 Taxis Old Byland,YO625 Taxis
Old Malton,YO177 Taxis Old Saltburn,TS121 Taxis Oldstead,YO614 Taxis Old Thirsk,YO73 Taxis
Old Wennington,LA28 Taxis Ormesby,TS79 Taxis Osbaldwick,YO103 Taxis Osgodby,YO113 Taxis
Osgodby,YO85 Taxis Osgodby Common,YO85 Taxis Osmotherley,DL63 Taxis Oswaldkirk,YO625 Taxis
Otterburn,BD234 Taxis Oughtershaw,BD235 Taxis Oulston,YO613 Taxis Ouse Acres,YO265 Taxis
Over Dinsdale,DL21 Taxis Over Silton,YO72 Taxis Overton,YO301 Taxis Oxton,LS248 Taxis
Ozendyke,LS249 Taxis Padside,HG32 Taxis Padside Green,HG32 Taxis Pallister,TS38 Taxis
Pannal Ash,HG29 Taxis Park,BD220 Taxis Park End,TS30 Taxis Pateley Bridge,HG35 Taxis
Patrick Brompton,DL81 Taxis Pickering,YO188 Taxis Pickhill,YO74 Taxis Picton,TS150 Taxis
Pinchinthorpe,TS148 Taxis Plumpton Rocks,HG58 Taxis Pockley,YO627 Taxis Port Mulgrave,TS135 Taxis
Potter Brompton,YO124 Taxis Potto,DL63 Taxis Preston-under-Scar,DL84 Taxis Primrose Hill,TS134 Taxis
Primrose Valley,YO149 Taxis Prospect Mount,YO126 Taxis Raikes,BD231 Taxis Rainton,YO73 Taxis
Raithwaite,YO213 Taxis Ramsgill,HG35 Taxis Raskelf,YO613 Taxis Rathmell,BD240 Taxis
Ravenscar,YO130 Taxis Ravenseat,DL116 Taxis Ravensworth,DL117 Taxis Raw,YO224 Taxis
Rawcliffe,YO305 Taxis Raygill,BD208 Taxis Redcar,TS101 Taxis Redmire,DL84 Taxis
Reeth,DL116 Taxis Reighton,YO149 Taxis Reighton Sands,YO149 Taxis Ribblehead,LA63 Taxis
Riccall,YO196 Taxis Richmond,DL104 Taxis Rievaulx,YO625 Taxis Rillington,YO178 Taxis
Ringbeck,HG43 Taxis Ripley,HG33 Taxis Ripon,HG41 Taxis Risplith,HG43 Taxis
Robin Hoods Bay,YO224 Taxis Rockwood,BD231 Taxis Roecliffe,YO519 Taxis Romanby,DL78 Taxis
Rookwith,HG44 Taxis Rosedale Abbey,YO188 Taxis Rossett Green,HG29 Taxis Rotherford,LS212 Taxis
Roundhill Village,TS175 Taxis Routster,BD240 Taxis Rowden,HG32 Taxis Roxby,TS135 Taxis
Rudby,TS150 Taxis Rufforth,YO233 Taxis Runswick Bay,TS135 Taxis Ruston,YO139 Taxis
Ruswarp,YO211 Taxis Rylstone,BD236 Taxis Ryther,LS249 Taxis Ryton,YO176 Taxis
Saltburn-by-the-Sea,TS121 Taxis Saltergate,YO187 Taxis Saltergate Hill,HG32 Taxis Salton,YO626 Taxis
Sandbeck,DL116 Taxis Sandhutton,YO74 Taxis Sand Hutton,YO411 Taxis Sandsend,YO213 Taxis
Sandybed,YO125 Taxis Satron,DL116 Taxis Sawdon,YO139 Taxis Sawley,HG43 Taxis
Saxton,LS249 Taxis Scackleton,YO624 Taxis Scagglethorpe,YO178 Taxis Scalby,YO130 Taxis
Scalby Mills,YO126 Taxis Scaling,TS134 Taxis Scampston,YO178 Taxis Scarborough,YO111 Taxis
Scarthingwell,LS249 Taxis Scaur Head,DL83 Taxis Scawton,YO72 Taxis Scorton,DL106 Taxis
Scosthrop,BD234 Taxis Scotch Corner,DL106 Taxis Scotton,DL93 Taxis Scotton,HG59 Taxis
Scrayingham,YO411 Taxis Scriven,HG59 Taxis Scruton,DL70 Taxis Seamer,TS95 Taxis
Seamer,YO124 Taxis Seave Green,TS97 Taxis Seaves,YO614 Taxis Sedbusk,DL83 Taxis
Selby,YO84 Taxis Selly Hill,YO211 Taxis Selside,BD240 Taxis Sessay,YO73 Taxis
Settle,BD249 Taxis Settrington,YO178 Taxis Sexhow,TS150 Taxis Sharow,HG45 Taxis
Shaw Mills,HG33 Taxis Sheepcote Hill,HG32 Taxis Sherburn,YO178 Taxis Sherburn in Elmet,LS256 Taxis
Sheriff Hutton,YO606 Taxis Shipton,YO301 Taxis Sicklinghall,LS224 Taxis Silpho,YO130 Taxis
Silver Hill,HG35 Taxis Simonstone,DL83 Taxis Sinderby,YO74 Taxis Sinnington,YO626 Taxis
Skeeby,DL105 Taxis Skelton,DL117 Taxis Skelton,TS122 Taxis Skelton,YO301 Taxis
Skelton Green,TS122 Taxis Skelton on Ure,HG45 Taxis Skewsby,YO614 Taxis Skinningrove,TS134 Taxis
Skipton,BD231 Taxis Skipton-on-Swale,YO74 Taxis Skipwith,YO85 Taxis Skirethorns,BD235 Taxis
Skutterskelfe,TS150 Taxis Skyreholme,BD236 Taxis Slapewath,TS123 Taxis Sleights,YO225 Taxis
Slingsby,YO624 Taxis Smallways,DL117 Taxis Smelthouses,HG34 Taxis Snainton,YO139 Taxis
Snape,DL82 Taxis Sneaton,YO225 Taxis Sneatonthorpe,YO225 Taxis South Bank,YO231 Taxis
South Bank,TS66 Taxis South Cliff,YO112 Taxis South Duffield,YO86 Taxis South Holme,YO624 Taxis
South Kilvington,YO72 Taxis South Milford,LS255 Taxis South Otterington,DL79 Taxis South Stainley,HG33 Taxis
Sowerby,YO71 Taxis Spaunton,YO626 Taxis Speeton,YO149 Taxis Spennithorne,DL85 Taxis
Spring Gardens,BD236 Taxis Sproxton,YO625 Taxis Stackhouse,BD240 Taxis Stainburn,LS212 Taxis
Stainforth,BD249 Taxis Stainmoor,HG43 Taxis Stainsacre,YO224 Taxis Stainton,DL116 Taxis
Stainton,TS89 Taxis Staintondale,YO130 Taxis Staithes,TS135 Taxis Stalling Busk,DL83 Taxis
Stanghow,TS123 Taxis Stanwick-St-John,DL117 Taxis Stape,YO188 Taxis Stapleton,WF83 Taxis
Stapleton,DL22 Taxis Starbeck,HG27 Taxis Starbotton,BD235 Taxis Staupes,HG32 Taxis
Staveley,HG59 Taxis Staxton,YO124 Taxis Stean,HG35 Taxis Stearsby,YO614 Taxis
Steeton,LS248 Taxis Stillingfleet,YO196 Taxis Stillington,YO611 Taxis Stirton,BD233 Taxis
St Nicholas Cliff,YO112 Taxis Stocks Green,HG32 Taxis Stockton on the Forest,YO329 Taxis Stokesley,TS95 Taxis
Stonegate,YO212 Taxis Stonegrave,YO624 Taxis Stone Head,BD220 Taxis Storiths,BD236 Taxis
Street,YO212 Taxis Street Houses,LS248 Taxis Streetlam,DL70 Taxis Strensall,YO325 Taxis
Studfold,BD240 Taxis Studley Roger,HG43 Taxis Studley Royal,HG43 Taxis Stutton,LS249 Taxis
Suffield,YO130 Taxis Summerbridge,HG34 Taxis Summerscales,BD236 Taxis Sutton,WF119 Taxis
Sutton Grange,HG43 Taxis Sutton Howgrave,DL82 Taxis Sutton-in-Craven,BD207 Taxis Sutton-on-the-Forest,YO611 Taxis
Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe,YO72 Taxis Swainby,DL82 Taxis Swainby,DL63 Taxis Swarcliffe,HG32 Taxis
Swetton,HG43 Taxis Swincliffe,HG32 Taxis Swinden,BD234 Taxis Swineside,DL84 Taxis
Swinithwaite,DL84 Taxis Swinton,HG44 Taxis Swinton,YO176 Taxis Tadcaster,LS249 Taxis
Tame Bridge,TS95 Taxis Tancred,YO268 Taxis Tang,HG32 Taxis Tang Hall,YO310 Taxis
Tanton,TS95 Taxis Teesville,TS60 Taxis Temple Hirst,YO88 Taxis Tentergate,HG59 Taxis
Terrington,YO606 Taxis Theakston,DL82 Taxis The Groves,YO317 Taxis The Holme,HG32 Taxis
Thimbleby,DL63 Taxis Thirlby,YO72 Taxis Thirn,HG44 Taxis Thirsk,YO71 Taxis
Thistle Hill,HG58 Taxis Thixendale,YO179 Taxis Tholthorpe,YO611 Taxis Thoralby,DL83 Taxis
Thoraldby,TS150 Taxis Thoresby,DL84 Taxis Thorganby,YO196 Taxis Thorganby Gale,YO196 Taxis
Thorgill,YO188 Taxis Thorlby,BD233 Taxis Thormanby,YO614 Taxis Thornaby-on-Tees,TS179 Taxis
Thornborough,DL82 Taxis Thorns Green,DL116 Taxis Thornthwaite,HG32 Taxis Thornton,TS89 Taxis
Thornton-in-Craven,BD233 Taxis Thornton in Lonsdale,LA63 Taxis Thornton-le-Beans,DL63 Taxis Thornton-le-Clay,YO607 Taxis
Thornton-le-Dale,YO187 Taxis Thornton-le-Moor,DL79 Taxis Thornton-le-Street,YO74 Taxis Thornton Rust,DL83 Taxis
Thornton Steward,HG44 Taxis Thornton Watlass,HG44 Taxis Thorntree,TS39 Taxis Thorpe,BD236 Taxis
Thorpe Bassett,YO178 Taxis Thorpe Fell View,BD235 Taxis Thorpefield,YO73 Taxis Thorpe Green,YO224 Taxis
Thorpe Underwood,YO269 Taxis Thorpe Willoughby,YO89 Taxis Thorpe Wood,YO83 Taxis Threapland,BD236 Taxis
Threshfield,BD235 Taxis Thrintoft,DL70 Taxis Throxenby,YO125 Taxis Thruscross,HG34 Taxis
Thwaite,DL116 Taxis Timble,LS212 Taxis Tockwith,YO267 Taxis Tollerton,YO611 Taxis
Tollesby,TS78 Taxis Topcliffe,YO73 Taxis Toulston,LS249 Taxis Town Head,BD234 Taxis
Towthorpe,YO325 Taxis Towton,LS249 Taxis Tunstall,TS70 Taxis Tunstall,DL107 Taxis
Uckerby,DL106 Taxis Ugglebarnby,YO225 Taxis Ugthorpe,YO212 Taxis Ulleskelf,LS249 Taxis
Ulshaw,DL84 Taxis University,YO105 Taxis Upleatham,TS118 Taxis Upper Dunsforth,YO269 Taxis
Upper Helmsley,YO411 Taxis Upper Poppleton,YO266 Taxis Upper Settle,BD249 Taxis Upsall,YO72 Taxis
Ure Bank,HG41 Taxis Urra,TS97 Taxis Waithwith,DL93 Taxis Wake Hill,HG43 Taxis
Walden,DL84 Taxis Walden Stubbs,DN69 Taxis Walkerville,DL94 Taxis Walmgate Stray,YO105 Taxis
Walshford,LS225 Taxis Wapping,HG43 Taxis Warlaby,DL79 Taxis Warrenby,TS105 Taxis
Warsill,HG33 Taxis Warthermarske,HG44 Taxis Warthill,YO195 Taxis Washfold,DL117 Taxis
Wass,YO614 Taxis Water End,DL62 Taxis Wath,HG35 Taxis Wath,YO624 Taxis
Wath,HG45 Taxis Wayside Terrace,LS170 Taxis Weaponness,YO112 Taxis Weaverthorpe,YO178 Taxis
Weeton,LS170 Taxis Welburn,YO627 Taxis Welburn,YO607 Taxis Welbury,DL62 Taxis
Well,DL82 Taxis Wensley,DL84 Taxis Wescoe Hill,LS170 Taxis West Appleton,DL81 Taxis
West Ayton,YO139 Taxis West Barnby,YO213 Taxis West Bolton,DL84 Taxis West Burton,DL84 Taxis
West Cliff,YO213 Taxis West Dyke,TS102 Taxis West End,HG34 Taxis West End,DN140 Taxis
West End,DL84 Taxis West End,DL83 Taxis West End,BD234 Taxis West End,DL81 Taxis
Westerdale,YO212 Taxis Westfield,TS101 Taxis Westfield,YO84 Taxis Westfield Park,YO232 Taxis
West Haddlesey,YO88 Taxis West Harlsey,DL62 Taxis West Heslerton,YO178 Taxis Westhouse,LA63 Taxis
West Knapton,YO178 Taxis West Layton,DL117 Taxis West Lilling,YO606 Taxis West Lutton,YO178 Taxis
West Marton,BD233 Taxis West Ness,YO625 Taxis Weston,LS212 Taxis Westow,YO607 Taxis
West Park,HG11 Taxis West Rounton,DL62 Taxis West Scrafton,DL84 Taxis West Stonesdale,DL116 Taxis
West Tanfield,HG45 Taxis West Witton,DL84 Taxis Wharfe,LA28 Taxis Wharram le Street,YO179 Taxis
Wharram Percy,YO179 Taxis Whashton,DL117 Taxis Whaw,DL116 Taxis Wheatcroft,YO113 Taxis
Wheldrake,YO196 Taxis Whenby,YO614 Taxis Whinney Banks,TS58 Taxis Whitby,YO211 Taxis
Whitewall Corner,YO179 Taxis Whitley,DN140 Taxis Whitley Bridge,DN140 Taxis Whitley Thorpe,DN140 Taxis
Whitwell,DL106 Taxis Whitwell-on-the-Hill,YO607 Taxis Whixley,YO268 Taxis Whorlton,DL63 Taxis
Wiganthorpe,YO606 Taxis Wigginton,YO322 Taxis Wigglesworth,BD234 Taxis Wighill,LS248 Taxis
Willerby,YO124 Taxis Wilsill,HG35 Taxis Wilton,TS104 Taxis Wilton,YO187 Taxis
Wilton Village,TS104 Taxis Winksley,HG43 Taxis Winsley,HG33 Taxis Winterburn,BD233 Taxis
Winton,DL62 Taxis Wintringham,YO178 Taxis Wistow,YO83 Taxis Wombleton,YO627 Taxis
Womersley,DN69 Taxis Woodale,DL84 Taxis Woodhall,YO86 Taxis Woodhall,DL83 Taxis
Woodlands,HG28 Taxis Woodlands,YO125 Taxis Woodthorpe,YO242 Taxis Wormald Green,HG33 Taxis
Worton,DL83 Taxis Wrelton,YO188 Taxis Wykeham,YO176 Taxis Wykeham,YO139 Taxis
Yafforth,DL70 Taxis Yarm,TS159 Taxis Yatts,YO188 Taxis Yearby,TS118 Taxis
Yearsley,YO614 Taxis Yedingham,YO178 Taxis Yockenthwaite,BD235 Taxis York,YO17 Taxis
Youlton,YO611 Taxis Acle,NR133 Taxis Alburgh,IP200 Taxis Alburgh Street,IP200 Taxis
Alby,NR117 Taxis Alby Hill,NR117 Taxis Aldborough,NR117 Taxis Aldeby,NR340 Taxis
Alderford,NR95 Taxis Alpington,NR147 Taxis Anchor Corner,NR171 Taxis Anchor Street,NR128 Taxis
Anmer,PE316 Taxis Antingham,NR280 Taxis Arlington,NR22 Taxis Arminghall,NR148 Taxis
Ashby St Mary,NR147 Taxis Ashill,IP257 Taxis Ashmanhaugh,NR128 Taxis Ashwellthorpe,NR161 Taxis
Ashwicken,PE321 Taxis Aslacton,NR152 Taxis Attleborough,NR172 Taxis Attlebridge,NR95 Taxis
Aylmerton,NR118 Taxis Aylsham,NR116 Taxis Babingley,PE316 Taxis Baconsthorpe,NR171 Taxis
Baconsthorpe,NR256 Taxis Bacton,NR120 Taxis Badersfield,NR105 Taxis Bagthorpe,PE316 Taxis
Bale,NR210 Taxis Balsam Field,PE344 Taxis Banham,NR162 Taxis Banningham,NR117 Taxis
Barford,NR94 Taxis Barmer,PE318 Taxis Barney,NR210 Taxis Barnham Broom,NR94 Taxis
Barningham Green,NR117 Taxis Barroway Drove,PE380 Taxis Barton Bendish,PE339 Taxis Barton Turf,NR128 Taxis
Bastwick,NR295 Taxis Bawburgh,NR93 Taxis Bawburgh Hill,NR93 Taxis Bawdeswell,NR204 Taxis
Bawsey,PE321 Taxis Baynards Green,IP225 Taxis Beachamwell,PE378 Taxis Beckett End,IP265 Taxis
Beckhithe,NR93 Taxis Bedingham Corner,NR352 Taxis Bedingham Green,NR352 Taxis Beeston,PE322 Taxis
Beeston Regis,NR268 Taxis Beeston St Lawrence,NR128 Taxis Beetley,NR204 Taxis Beighton,NR133 Taxis
Belaugh,NR128 Taxis Bellmount,PE344 Taxis Belton,NR319 Taxis Bengate,NR289 Taxis
Bergh Apton,NR151 Taxis Bessingham,NR117 Taxis Besthorpe,NR172 Taxis Bexfield,NR205 Taxis
Bexwell,PE389 Taxis Billingford,IP214 Taxis Billingford,NR204 Taxis Billockby,NR293 Taxis
Binham,NR210 Taxis Bintree,NR205 Taxis Bircham Newton,PE316 Taxis Bircham Tofts,PE316 Taxis
Birds Corner,IP257 Taxis Bittering,NR192 Taxis Blackborough End,PE321 Taxis Black Carr,NR172 Taxis
Blackmoor Row,IP257 Taxis Blackwater,NR94 Taxis Blackwater,NR95 Taxis Blakeney,NR257 Taxis
Blickling,NR116 Taxis Blofield,NR134 Taxis Blofield Corner,NR134 Taxis Blofield Heath,NR134 Taxis
Blo Norton,IP222 Taxis Bodham,NR256 Taxis Bodney,IP265 Taxis Booton,NR104 Taxis
Boughton,PE339 Taxis Bow Street,NR171 Taxis Bowthorpe,NR59 Taxis Boyces Bridge,PE148 Taxis
Boyland Common,IP222 Taxis Bracon Ash,NR148 Taxis Bradenham,IP257 Taxis Bradfield,NR280 Taxis
Bradwell,NR318 Taxis Brakefield Green,NR191 Taxis Bramerton,NR147 Taxis Brampton,NR105 Taxis
Brancaster,PE318 Taxis Brancaster Staithe,PE318 Taxis Brandiston,NR104 Taxis Brandon Bank,PE380 Taxis
Brandon Creek,PE380 Taxis Brandon Parva,NR94 Taxis Breckles,NR171 Taxis Bressingham,IP222 Taxis
Bressingham Common,IP222 Taxis Brettenham,IP242 Taxis Brewers Green,IP225 Taxis Bridge Green,IP225 Taxis
Bridgham,NR162 Taxis Briggate,NR289 Taxis Briningham,NR242 Taxis Brinton,NR242 Taxis
Brisley,NR205 Taxis Briston,NR242 Taxis Broadflash,IP256 Taxis Broadmoor,IP256 Taxis
Brockdish,IP214 Taxis Brocks Watering,NR161 Taxis Brooke,NR151 Taxis Brookville,IP264 Taxis
Broome,NR352 Taxis Broome Street,NR352 Taxis Broom Green,NR205 Taxis Broomhill,PE389 Taxis
Broomholm,NR120 Taxis Broomsthorpe,PE316 Taxis Browick,NR189 Taxis Browston Green,NR319 Taxis
Brumstead,NR129 Taxis Brundall,NR135 Taxis Brundish,NR146 Taxis Buckenham,NR134 Taxis
Bulls Green,NR340 Taxis Bunwell,NR161 Taxis Bunwell Bottom,NR161 Taxis Bunwell Hill,NR161 Taxis
Burgh Castle,NR319 Taxis Burgh Common,NR171 Taxis Burgh next Aylsham,NR116 Taxis Burgh St Margaret,NR293 Taxis
Burgh St Peter,NR340 Taxis Burgh Stubbs,NR242 Taxis Burlingham Green,NR134 Taxis Burnham Deepdale,PE318 Taxis
Burnham Market,PE318 Taxis Burnham Norton,PE318 Taxis Burnham Overy Staithe,PE318 Taxis Burnham Overy Town,PE318 Taxis
Burnham Thorpe,PE318 Taxis Burnham Westgate,PE318 Taxis Burston,IP225 Taxis Bush Estate,NR120 Taxis
Bush Green,IP214 Taxis Bushy Common,NR192 Taxis Bustards Green,NR161 Taxis Butchers Common,NR128 Taxis
Buxton,NR105 Taxis Caister-on-Sea,NR305 Taxis Caistor St Edmund,NR148 Taxis Cake Street,NR171 Taxis
California,NR293 Taxis Calthorpe,NR117 Taxis Calthorpe Street,NR129 Taxis Cangate,NR128 Taxis
Cantley,NR133 Taxis Cantley Corner,NR134 Taxis Carbrooke,IP256 Taxis Cargate Common,NR161 Taxis
Carleton Forehoe,NR94 Taxis Carleton Rode,NR161 Taxis Carleton St Peter,NR147 Taxis Castle Acre,PE322 Taxis
Castle Rising,PE316 Taxis Caston,NR171 Taxis Catfield,NR295 Taxis Cats Common,NR129 Taxis
Cats Corner,NR105 Taxis Catton Grove,NR65 Taxis Caudlesprings,IP256 Taxis Cawston,NR104 Taxis
Cess,NR294 Taxis Chapelfield Grove,NR21 Taxis Chedgrave,NR146 Taxis Chequers Corner,PE148 Taxis
Church Field,PE344 Taxis Claxton,NR147 Taxis Clenchwarton,PE344 Taxis Cley next the Sea,NR257 Taxis
Cliftonville,NR118 Taxis Clint Green,NR191 Taxis Clippesby,NR293 Taxis Clippings Green,NR203 Taxis
Cobblers Green,NR352 Taxis Cobholm Island,NR310 Taxis Cockley Cley,PE378 Taxis Cockthorpe,NR231 Taxis
Colby,NR117 Taxis Colby Corner,NR117 Taxis Colegate End,IP214 Taxis Colkirk,NR217 Taxis
Colletts Br,PE140 Taxis Colney,NR47 Taxis Coltishall,NR127 Taxis Colton,NR95 Taxis
Congham,PE321 Taxis Copys Green,NR231 Taxis Cordwell,NR161 Taxis Corpusty,NR116 Taxis
Coslany,NR31 Taxis Costessey,NR85 Taxis Costessey Park,NR85 Taxis Coston,NR94 Taxis
Coxford,PE316 Taxis Crabgate,NR116 Taxis Cranes Corner,NR192 Taxis Cranwich,IP265 Taxis
Cranworth,IP257 Taxis Craymere Beck,NR242 Taxis Crimplesham,PE339 Taxis Cringleford,NR46 Taxis
Cromer,NR279 Taxis Crossdale Street,NR279 Taxis Crostwick,NR127 Taxis Crostwight,NR289 Taxis
Crowgate Street,NR128 Taxis Crownthorpe,NR189 Taxis Crowshill,IP257 Taxis Croxton,NR210 Taxis
Croxton,IP241 Taxis Cucumber Corner,NR133 Taxis Daffy Green,IP257 Taxis Dam Brigg,NR162 Taxis
Damgate,NR294 Taxis Damgate,NR133 Taxis Dam Green,NR162 Taxis Danemoor Green,NR94 Taxis
Darrow Green,IP200 Taxis Denton,IP200 Taxis Denver,PE380 Taxis Deopham,NR189 Taxis
Deopham Green,NR189 Taxis Deopham Stalland,NR189 Taxis Dereham,NR192 Taxis Dersingham,PE316 Taxis
Dickleburgh,IP214 Taxis Dickleburgh Moor,IP214 Taxis Didlington,IP265 Taxis Dilham,NR289 Taxis
Diss,IP224 Taxis Ditchingham,NR352 Taxis Ditchingham Dam,NR352 Taxis Dockeney,NR340 Taxis
Docking,PE318 Taxis Dowe Hill,NR294 Taxis Downham Market,PE389 Taxis Drabblegate,NR116 Taxis
Drayton,NR86 Taxis Drury Square,PE322 Taxis Drymere,PE378 Taxis Dumpling Green,NR191 Taxis
Dunburgh,NR340 Taxis Dunston,NR148 Taxis Dunton,NR217 Taxis Dunton Patch,NR217 Taxis
Earlham,NR47 Taxis Earlham Rise,NR58 Taxis Earsham,NR352 Taxis East Barsham,NR210 Taxis
East Beckham,NR118 Taxis East Bilney,NR204 Taxis East Carleton,NR148 Taxis Eastgate,NR104 Taxis
East Harling,NR162 Taxis Easthaugh,NR95 Taxis East Lexham,PE322 Taxis Eastmoor,PE339 Taxis
Easton,NR95 Taxis East Raynham,NR217 Taxis East Rudham,PE318 Taxis East Runton,NR279 Taxis
East Ruston,NR129 Taxis East Somerton,NR294 Taxis East Tuddenham,NR203 Taxis East Walton,PE321 Taxis
East Winch,PE321 Taxis East Wretham,IP241 Taxis Eaton,NR47 Taxis Eaton Rise,NR46 Taxis
Eau Brink,PE344 Taxis Eccles on Sea,NR120 Taxis Eccles Road,NR162 Taxis Edgefield,NR242 Taxis
Edgefield Street,NR242 Taxis Edingthorpe,NR289 Taxis Edingthorpe Green,NR289 Taxis Egmere,NR226 Taxis
Ellingham,NR352 Taxis Elsing,NR203 Taxis Emneth,PE148 Taxis Emneth Hungate,PE148 Taxis
Emorsgate,PE344 Taxis Erpingham,NR117 Taxis Etling Green,NR203 Taxis Fair Green,PE321 Taxis
Fairstead,PE304 Taxis Fakenham,NR219 Taxis Felbrigg,NR118 Taxis Felmingham,NR280 Taxis
Felthorpe,NR104 Taxis Feltwell,IP264 Taxis Fengate,IP270 Taxis Fen Street,NR171 Taxis
Fen Street,IP222 Taxis Fersfield,IP222 Taxis Fersfield Common,IP222 Taxis Fiddlers Green,PE322 Taxis
Fiddlers Green,NR171 Taxis Field Dalling,NR257 Taxis Filby,NR293 Taxis Filby Heath,NR305 Taxis
Fincham,PE339 Taxis Flaxlands,NR161 Taxis Flitcham,PE316 Taxis Flordon,NR151 Taxis
Florence Walk,NR191 Taxis Fodderstone Gap,PE330 Taxis Fordham,PE380 Taxis Forncett End,NR161 Taxis
Forncett St Mary,NR161 Taxis Forncett St Peter,NR161 Taxis Foulden,IP265 Taxis Foulsham,NR205 Taxis
Foundry Corner,NR171 Taxis Foundry Hill,NR116 Taxis Foxhole,NR151 Taxis Foxley,NR204 Taxis
Framingham Earl,NR147 Taxis Framingham Pigot,NR147 Taxis Frankfort,NR128 Taxis Frans Green,NR95 Taxis
Freeland Corner,NR104 Taxis Freethorpe,NR133 Taxis Frenze,IP214 Taxis Frettenham,NR127 Taxis
Fring,PE316 Taxis Fritton,NR295 Taxis Fritton,NR319 Taxis Fritton,NR152 Taxis
Frogshall,NR270 Taxis Frost Row,NR94 Taxis Fulmodeston,NR210 Taxis Fundenhall,NR161 Taxis
Fundenhall Street,NR161 Taxis Furze Green,IP214 Taxis Fustyweed,NR203 Taxis Garboldisham,IP222 Taxis
Gariannonvm Roman Fort and site of Celtic Manastery,NR319 Taxis Garlic Street,IP214 Taxis Garvestone,NR94 Taxis Gas Hill,NR14 Taxis
Gasthorpe,IP222 Taxis Gateley,NR205 Taxis Gaultree,PE148 Taxis Gayton,PE321 Taxis
Gayton Thorpe,PE321 Taxis Gaywood,PE304 Taxis Geldeston,NR340 Taxis George Hill,NR67 Taxis
Gillingham,NR340 Taxis Gimingham,NR118 Taxis Gissing,IP225 Taxis Glandford,NR257 Taxis
Godwick,PE322 Taxis Gooderstone,PE339 Taxis Goose Green,IP222 Taxis Gorleston-on-Sea,NR316 Taxis
Great Barwick,PE318 Taxis Great Bircham,PE316 Taxis Great Cressingham,IP256 Taxis Great Dunham,PE322 Taxis
Great Ellingham,NR171 Taxis Great Fransham,NR192 Taxis Great Green,IP200 Taxis Great Green,NR161 Taxis
Great Hautbois,NR127 Taxis Great Hockham,IP241 Taxis Great Massingham,PE322 Taxis Great Melton,NR93 Taxis
Great Moulton,NR152 Taxis Great Plumstead,NR135 Taxis Great Ryburgh,NR217 Taxis Great Snoring,NR210 Taxis
Great Walsingham,NR226 Taxis Great Witchingham,NR95 Taxis Great Yarmouth,NR301 Taxis Greensgate,NR95 Taxis
Gresham,NR118 Taxis Gressenhall,NR204 Taxis Grimston,PE321 Taxis Griston,IP256 Taxis
Grub Street,NR120 Taxis Guestwick,NR205 Taxis Guestwick Green,NR205 Taxis Guilt Cross,NR162 Taxis
Guist,NR205 Taxis Gunthorpe,NR242 Taxis Hackford,NR189 Taxis Haddiscoe,NR146 Taxis
Hainford,NR103 Taxis Hales,NR146 Taxis Hales Street,NR152 Taxis Hall Green,NR192 Taxis
Halvergate,NR133 Taxis Hamrow,NR205 Taxis Hanworth,NR117 Taxis Happisburgh,NR120 Taxis
Happisburgh Common,NR120 Taxis Hapton,NR151 Taxis Hardingham,NR94 Taxis Hardley Street,NR146 Taxis
Hardwick,PE304 Taxis Hardwick,NR152 Taxis Hargate,NR161 Taxis Harleston,IP209 Taxis
Harling Road,NR162 Taxis Harpers Green,NR205 Taxis Harpley,PE316 Taxis Harris Green,NR152 Taxis
Hassingham,NR134 Taxis Haveringland,NR104 Taxis Haverscroft Street,NR171 Taxis Hawes Green,NR151 Taxis
Heacham,PE317 Taxis Heartsease,NR79 Taxis Heckingham,NR146 Taxis Hedenham,NR352 Taxis
Heggatt Street,NR127 Taxis Heigham Grove,NR23 Taxis Helhoughton,NR217 Taxis Hellesdon,NR65 Taxis
Hellington,NR147 Taxis Hellington Corner,NR151 Taxis Hemblington,NR134 Taxis Hemblington Corner,NR134 Taxis
Hempnall,NR152 Taxis Hempnall Green,NR152 Taxis Hempstead,NR120 Taxis Hempstead,NR256 Taxis
Hempton,NR217 Taxis Hemsby,NR294 Taxis Hengrave,NR95 Taxis Hethel,NR148 Taxis
Hethersett,NR93 Taxis Hevingham,NR105 Taxis Heydon,NR116 Taxis Hickling,NR120 Taxis
Hickling Green,NR120 Taxis Hickling Heath,NR120 Taxis High Common,IP257 Taxis Highgate,PE301 Taxis
High Green,IP257 Taxis High Kelling,NR256 Taxis Highoak,NR189 Taxis High Street,NR192 Taxis
Hilborough,IP265 Taxis Hilgay,PE380 Taxis Hillington,PE316 Taxis Hindolveston,NR205 Taxis
Hindringham,NR210 Taxis Hingham,NR94 Taxis Hockering,NR203 Taxis Hockering Heath,NR203 Taxis
Hockwold cum Wilton,IP264 Taxis Hoe,NR204 Taxis Holkham,NR231 Taxis Holly End,PE148 Taxis
Holme Hale,IP257 Taxis Holme next the Sea,PE366 Taxis Holt,NR256 Taxis Honing,NR289 Taxis
Honingham,NR95 Taxis Hopton on Sea,NR319 Taxis Horning,NR128 Taxis Horningtoft,NR205 Taxis
Horsey,NR294 Taxis Horsey Corner,NR294 Taxis Horsford,NR103 Taxis Horsham St Faith,NR103 Taxis
Horstead,NR127 Taxis Houghton,PE316 Taxis Houghton St Giles,NR226 Taxis Hoveton,NR128 Taxis
Howe,NR151 Taxis How Hill,NR295 Taxis Hungry Hill,NR204 Taxis Hunstanton,PE365 Taxis
Hunts Corner,NR162 Taxis Hunworth,NR242 Taxis Hyltons Crossways,NR280 Taxis Ickburgh,IP265 Taxis
Illington,IP241 Taxis Ingham,NR129 Taxis Ingham Corner,NR120 Taxis Ingleborough,PE147 Taxis
Ingoldisthorpe,PE316 Taxis Ingworth,NR116 Taxis Intwood,NR46 Taxis Irstead,NR128 Taxis
Irstead Street,NR128 Taxis Itteringham,NR117 Taxis Itteringham Common,NR117 Taxis Ivy Todd,PE378 Taxis
Johnson Street,NR295 Taxis Jordan Green,NR104 Taxis Kelling,NR257 Taxis Kenninghall,NR162 Taxis
Kenninghall Heath,NR162 Taxis Kerdiston,NR104 Taxis Keswick,NR120 Taxis Keswick,NR46 Taxis
Ketteringham,NR189 Taxis Kettlestone,NR210 Taxis Kidds Moor,NR180 Taxis Kimberley,NR189 Taxis
King Row,IP257 Taxis Kings Lynn,PE305 Taxis Kirby Bedon,NR147 Taxis Kirby Cane,NR352 Taxis
Kirby Green,NR352 Taxis Kirby Row,NR352 Taxis Kirstead Green,NR151 Taxis Knapton,NR280 Taxis
Lakenham,NR12 Taxis Lakes End,PE149 Taxis Lamas,NR105 Taxis Langham,NR257 Taxis
Langley Street,NR146 Taxis Langmere,IP214 Taxis Larling,NR162 Taxis Larlingford,NR162 Taxis
Lenwade,NR95 Taxis Lessingham,NR120 Taxis Letheringsett,NR257 Taxis Letton Green,IP257 Taxis
Leziate,PE321 Taxis Limpenhoe,NR133 Taxis Limpenhoe Hill,NR133 Taxis Lingwood,NR134 Taxis
Litcham,PE322 Taxis Little Barningham,NR117 Taxis Little Barwick,PE318 Taxis Little Cressingham,IP256 Taxis
Little Dunham,PE322 Taxis Little Ellingham,NR171 Taxis Little Fransham,NR192 Taxis Little Green,NR161 Taxis
Little Hale,IP257 Taxis Little Hautbois,NR127 Taxis Little London,NR105 Taxis Little London,NR116 Taxis
Little London,IP256 Taxis Little London,IP265 Taxis Little London,PE380 Taxis Little London,NR280 Taxis
Little Marsh,NR257 Taxis Little Massingham,PE322 Taxis Little Melton,NR93 Taxis Little Plumstead,NR135 Taxis
Little Ryburgh,NR210 Taxis Little Snoring,NR210 Taxis Little Thornage,NR257 Taxis Little Walsingham,NR226 Taxis
Little Witchingham,NR95 Taxis Loddon,NR146 Taxis Loddon Ingloss,NR146 Taxis Longham,NR192 Taxis
Long Johns Hill,NR12 Taxis Long Row,NR161 Taxis Long Stratton,NR152 Taxis Lordsbridge,PE343 Taxis
Lots Bridge,PE149 Taxis Low Common,NR147 Taxis Low Common,NR161 Taxis Low Common,NR189 Taxis
Low Common,IP222 Taxis Lower Bodham,NR256 Taxis Lower East Carleton,NR148 Taxis Lower Easton,NR95 Taxis
Lower Gresham,NR118 Taxis Lower Stow Bedon,NR171 Taxis Lower Street,NR128 Taxis Lower Street,NR117 Taxis
Lower Street,NR118 Taxis Lower Tasburgh,NR151 Taxis Lower Thurlton,NR146 Taxis Low Street,NR94 Taxis
Low Street,IP200 Taxis Low Tharston,NR152 Taxis Ludham,NR295 Taxis Lundy Green,NR152 Taxis
Lushbush,IP209 Taxis Lynford,IP265 Taxis Lyng,NR95 Taxis Lyngate,NR280 Taxis
Lyngate,NR289 Taxis Lyng Easthaugh,NR95 Taxis Lyons Green,NR192 Taxis Manson Green,NR94 Taxis
Marham,PE339 Taxis Marlingford,NR95 Taxis Marsham,NR105 Taxis Marshland St James,PE148 Taxis
Martham,NR294 Taxis Matlaske,NR117 Taxis Mattishall,NR203 Taxis Mattishall Burgh,NR203 Taxis
Mautby,NR293 Taxis Maypole Green,NR340 Taxis Meeting House Hill,NR289 Taxis Melton Constable,NR242 Taxis
Merton,IP256 Taxis Methwold,IP264 Taxis Methwold Hythe,IP264 Taxis Metton,NR118 Taxis
Middle Harling,NR162 Taxis Middleton,PE321 Taxis Mile Cross,NR65 Taxis Mileham,PE322 Taxis
Mill Common,NR162 Taxis Mill Green,IP225 Taxis Mill Hill,NR34 Taxis Mill Street,NR203 Taxis
Misery Corner,IP200 Taxis Moorgate,NR191 Taxis Morley St Botolph,NR189 Taxis Morley St Peter,NR189 Taxis
Morningthorpe,NR152 Taxis Morston,NR257 Taxis Morton,NR95 Taxis Moulton St Mary,NR133 Taxis
Mount Pleasant,NR171 Taxis Mount Pleasant,NR22 Taxis Muckleton,PE318 Taxis Mulbarton,NR148 Taxis
Mundesley,NR118 Taxis Mundford,IP265 Taxis Mundham,NR146 Taxis Mundham Common,NR146 Taxis
Mustard Hyrn,NR294 Taxis Narborough,PE321 Taxis Narrowgate Corner,NR295 Taxis Neatishead,NR128 Taxis
Neaton,IP256 Taxis Necton,PE378 Taxis Needham,IP209 Taxis Nethergate,NR205 Taxis
New Buckenham,NR162 Taxis New Catton,NR33 Taxis New Costessey,NR50 Taxis Newgate,NR257 Taxis
Newgate Corner,NR293 Taxis New Hainford,NR103 Taxis New Holkham,NR231 Taxis Newport,NR294 Taxis
New Rackheath,NR136 Taxis New Sprowston,NR34 Taxis Newton,PE322 Taxis Newton Flotman,NR151 Taxis
Newton St Faith,NR103 Taxis Newtown,NR304 Taxis Newtown,IP243 Taxis Nogdam End,NR146 Taxis
Nordelph,PE380 Taxis Nordelph Corner,NR94 Taxis Northacre,NR171 Taxis Northall Green,NR192 Taxis
North Barningham,NR117 Taxis North Barsham,NR226 Taxis North Burlingham,NR134 Taxis North Creake,NR219 Taxis
North Denes,NR304 Taxis North Earlham,NR58 Taxis North Elmham,NR205 Taxis North End,NR162 Taxis
North End,PE302 Taxis North Green,NR94 Taxis North Green,IP214 Taxis North Lopham,IP222 Taxis
North Lynn,PE302 Taxis North Pickenham,PE378 Taxis Northrepps,NR270 Taxis North Runcton,PE330 Taxis
North Tuddenham,NR203 Taxis North Walsham,NR289 Taxis Northwold,IP265 Taxis North Wootton,PE303 Taxis
Norton Corner,NR116 Taxis Norton Hill,PE317 Taxis Norton Subcourse,NR146 Taxis Norwich,NR21 Taxis
Oby,NR293 Taxis Old Beetley,NR204 Taxis Old Brigg,NR192 Taxis Old Buckenham,NR171 Taxis
Old Catton,NR67 Taxis Old Hall Street,NR280 Taxis Old Hunstanton,PE366 Taxis Old Lakenham,NR12 Taxis
Orange Row,PE344 Taxis Ormesby St Margaret,NR293 Taxis Ormesby St Michael,NR293 Taxis Oulton,NR116 Taxis
Oulton Street,NR116 Taxis Outwell,PE148 Taxis Overstrand,NR270 Taxis Ovington,IP256 Taxis
Oxborough,PE339 Taxis Oxnead,NR116 Taxis Oxwick,NR217 Taxis Panxworth,NR136 Taxis
Paradise,PE147 Taxis Park Common,NR162 Taxis Paston,NR289 Taxis Paston Green,NR289 Taxis
Peaseland Green,NR203 Taxis Pedham,NR134 Taxis Pennygate,NR128 Taxis Pennys Green,NR161 Taxis
Pentney,PE321 Taxis Pettywell,NR104 Taxis Piccadilly Corner,IP200 Taxis Pilson Green,NR136 Taxis
Plaw Field,PE149 Taxis Plumstead,NR117 Taxis Plumstead Green,NR135 Taxis Pockthorpe,NR95 Taxis
Pockthorpe,NR93 Taxis Pockthorpe,PE318 Taxis Pockthorpe,NR205 Taxis Pockthorpe,IP241 Taxis
Podmore,NR192 Taxis Pollard Street,NR120 Taxis Pooley Street,IP222 Taxis Poringland,NR147 Taxis
Postwick,NR135 Taxis Pottergate Street,NR152 Taxis Potter Heigham,NR295 Taxis Potthorpe,NR205 Taxis
Pott Row,PE321 Taxis Primrose Corner,NR136 Taxis Primrose Green,NR95 Taxis Pristow Green,NR161 Taxis
Pudding Norton,NR217 Taxis Puddledock,NR171 Taxis Pulham Market,IP214 Taxis Pulham St Mary,IP214 Taxis
Queens Hills,NR85 Taxis Quidenham,NR162 Taxis Rackheath,NR136 Taxis RAF Coltishall,NR105 Taxis
Ragmere,NR171 Taxis Ranworth,NR136 Taxis Raveningham,NR146 Taxis Redcastle Furze,IP243 Taxis
Redenhall,IP209 Taxis Red Pits,NR116 Taxis Reedham,NR133 Taxis Reepham,NR104 Taxis
Repps,NR295 Taxis Reymerston,NR94 Taxis Richmond Hill,NR13 Taxis Ridlington,NR289 Taxis
Ridlington Street,NR289 Taxis Ringland,NR86 Taxis Ringstead,PE365 Taxis Road Green,NR152 Taxis
Rockland All Saints,NR171 Taxis Rockland St Mary,NR147 Taxis Rockland St Peter,NR171 Taxis Rollesby,NR295 Taxis
Roudham,NR162 Taxis Rougham,PE322 Taxis Roughton,NR118 Taxis Roydon,IP225 Taxis
Roydon,PE321 Taxis Runcton Bottom,PE330 Taxis Runcton Holme,PE330 Taxis Runhall,NR94 Taxis
Runham,NR301 Taxis Runham,NR293 Taxis Runham Vauxhall,NR301 Taxis Rushall,IP214 Taxis
Rushford,IP242 Taxis Rush Green,NR94 Taxis Saddle Bow,PE343 Taxis Saham Hills,IP257 Taxis
Saham Toney,IP257 Taxis Saham Waite,IP257 Taxis Salhouse,NR136 Taxis Salle,NR104 Taxis
Salters Lode,PE380 Taxis Salthouse,NR257 Taxis Sandringham,PE356 Taxis Saxlingham,NR257 Taxis
Saxlingham Green,NR151 Taxis Saxlingham Nethergate,NR151 Taxis Saxlingham Thorpe,NR151 Taxis Saxthorpe,NR117 Taxis
Scarning,NR192 Taxis Scole,IP214 Taxis Scole Common,IP214 Taxis Sco Ruston,NR128 Taxis
Scottow,NR105 Taxis Scoulton,NR94 Taxis Scratby,NR293 Taxis Sculthorpe,NR219 Taxis
Sea Palling,NR120 Taxis Sedgeford,PE365 Taxis Seething,NR151 Taxis Setchey,PE330 Taxis
Shadwell,IP242 Taxis Shammer,NR219 Taxis Sharp Street,NR295 Taxis Sharrington,NR242 Taxis
Shelfanger,IP222 Taxis Shelton,NR152 Taxis Shepherds Gate,PE344 Taxis Shepherds Port,PE317 Taxis
Shereford,NR217 Taxis Sheringham,NR268 Taxis Sheringwood,NR268 Taxis Shernborne,PE316 Taxis
Shimpling,IP214 Taxis Shingham,PE378 Taxis Shipdham,IP257 Taxis Short Green,IP222 Taxis
Shotesham,NR151 Taxis Shouldham,PE330 Taxis Shouldham Thorpe,PE330 Taxis Shropham,NR171 Taxis
Sidestock,PE322 Taxis Sidestrand,NR270 Taxis Silfield,NR189 Taxis Silvergate,NR116 Taxis
Silver Green,NR152 Taxis Sisland,NR146 Taxis Skeyton,NR105 Taxis Skeyton Corner,NR105 Taxis
Sloley,NR128 Taxis Smallburgh,NR129 Taxis Smallworth,IP222 Taxis Sneath Common,NR152 Taxis
Snetterton,NR162 Taxis Snetterton Heath,NR162 Taxis Snettisham,PE317 Taxis Snow Street,IP225 Taxis
South Acre,PE322 Taxis Southburgh,IP257 Taxis South Burlingham,NR133 Taxis South Creake,NR219 Taxis
South Denes,NR303 Taxis South End,NR162 Taxis Southery,PE380 Taxis Southgate,NR219 Taxis
Southgate,PE317 Taxis South Green,PE344 Taxis South Green,NR191 Taxis South Green,NR203 Taxis
South Lopham,IP222 Taxis South Lynn,PE305 Taxis South Pickenham,PE378 Taxis South Raynham,NR217 Taxis
Southrepps,NR118 Taxis South Runcton,PE330 Taxis Southtown,NR310 Taxis South Walsham,NR136 Taxis
Southwood,NR133 Taxis South Wootton,PE303 Taxis Spa Common,NR289 Taxis Sparham,NR95 Taxis
Sparhamhill,NR95 Taxis Sparrow Green,NR192 Taxis Spixworth,NR103 Taxis Spooner Row,NR189 Taxis
Sporle,PE322 Taxis Sprowston,NR78 Taxis Stacksford,NR171 Taxis Stalham,NR129 Taxis
Stalham Green,NR129 Taxis Stalland Common,NR171 Taxis Stanfield,NR204 Taxis Stanford,IP265 Taxis
Stanhoe,PE318 Taxis Starston,IP209 Taxis Stibbard,NR210 Taxis Stiffkey,NR231 Taxis
St James,NR127 Taxis St James End,PE305 Taxis St Johns Fen End,PE147 Taxis St Johns Highway,PE147 Taxis
Stockton,NR340 Taxis Stody,NR242 Taxis Stoke Ferry,PE339 Taxis Stoke Holy Cross,NR148 Taxis
Stokesby,NR293 Taxis St Olaves,NR319 Taxis Stonebridge,IP241 Taxis Stow Bardolph,PE343 Taxis
Stow Bedon,NR171 Taxis Stow Bridge,PE343 Taxis Stradsett,PE339 Taxis Stratton St Michael,NR152 Taxis
Stratton Strawless,NR105 Taxis Strumpshaw,NR134 Taxis Stubbs Green,NR146 Taxis Suffield,NR117 Taxis
Suffield Park,NR270 Taxis Surlingham,NR147 Taxis Suspension Bridge,PE149 Taxis Sustead,NR118 Taxis
Suton,NR189 Taxis Suton Street,NR189 Taxis Sutton,NR129 Taxis Swaffham,PE377 Taxis
Swafield,NR280 Taxis Swainsthorpe,NR148 Taxis Swannington,NR95 Taxis Swanton Abbott,NR105 Taxis
Swanton Hill,NR105 Taxis Swanton Morley,NR204 Taxis Swanton Novers,NR242 Taxis Swardeston,NR148 Taxis
Syderstone,PE318 Taxis Tacolneston,NR161 Taxis Tasburgh,NR151 Taxis Tatterford,NR217 Taxis
Tattersett,PE318 Taxis Taverham,NR86 Taxis Temple Bar,NR352 Taxis Ten Mile Bank,PE380 Taxis
Terrington St Clement,PE344 Taxis Terrington St John,PE147 Taxis Tharston,NR152 Taxis The Arms,IP256 Taxis
The Banks,IP222 Taxis The Close,NR31 Taxis The Common,NR203 Taxis The Drove,PE380 Taxis
The Green,NR189 Taxis The Grove,NR104 Taxis The Heath,NR105 Taxis The Ling,IP222 Taxis
The Lings,NR94 Taxis Thelveton,IP214 Taxis Themelthorpe,NR205 Taxis The Street,NR94 Taxis
Thetford,IP242 Taxis Thickthorn Hall,NR93 Taxis Thompson,IP241 Taxis Thornage,NR257 Taxis
Thornham,PE366 Taxis Thorpe,NR146 Taxis Thorpe Abbotts,IP214 Taxis Thorpe End,NR135 Taxis
Thorpe Hamlet,NR11 Taxis Thorpe Market,NR118 Taxis Thorpe Marriot,NR86 Taxis Thorpe Marriott,NR86 Taxis
Thorpe Row,IP257 Taxis Thorpe St Andrew,NR70 Taxis Thorpland,PE330 Taxis Three Cocked Hat,NR340 Taxis
Threehammer Common,NR128 Taxis Three Holes,PE149 Taxis Threxton Hill,IP256 Taxis Thrigby,NR293 Taxis
Thunder Hill,NR294 Taxis Thurgarton,NR117 Taxis Thurlton,NR146 Taxis Thurlton Links,NR146 Taxis
Thurne,NR293 Taxis Thurning,NR205 Taxis Thursford,NR210 Taxis Thursford Green,NR210 Taxis
Thurton,NR146 Taxis Thuxton,NR94 Taxis Thwaite St Mary,NR352 Taxis Tibenham,NR161 Taxis
Tilney All Saints,PE344 Taxis Tilney cum Islington,PE343 Taxis Tilney Fen End,PE148 Taxis Tilney High End,PE344 Taxis
Tilney St Lawrence,PE344 Taxis Titchwell,PE318 Taxis Tittleshall,PE322 Taxis Tivetshall St Margaret,NR152 Taxis
Tivetshall St Mary,NR152 Taxis Toft Monks,NR340 Taxis Toftrees,NR217 Taxis Toftwood,NR191 Taxis
Topcroft,NR352 Taxis Topcroft Street,NR352 Taxis Toprow,NR161 Taxis Tottenhill,PE330 Taxis
Tottenhill Row,PE330 Taxis Tottington,IP256 Taxis Tower End,PE321 Taxis Town Green,NR117 Taxis
Trimingham,NR118 Taxis Trowse Millgate,NR12 Taxis Trowse Newton,NR148 Taxis Trunch,NR280 Taxis
Tuckswood,NR46 Taxis Tumbler Hill,PE377 Taxis Tungate,NR280 Taxis Tunstall,NR133 Taxis
Tunstead,NR128 Taxis Tuttington,NR116 Taxis Twyford,NR205 Taxis Tyby,NR116 Taxis
Tyegate Green,NR136 Taxis Upgate,NR95 Taxis Upgate,NR151 Taxis Upgate Street,NR161 Taxis
Upgate Street,NR352 Taxis Upper Brandon Parva,NR203 Taxis Upper Guist,NR205 Taxis Upper Hellesdon,NR33 Taxis
Upper Sheringham,NR268 Taxis Upper Stoke,NR148 Taxis Upper Street,IP214 Taxis Upper Street,NR118 Taxis
Upper Street,NR128 Taxis Upton,NR136 Taxis Upton Green,NR136 Taxis Upwell,PE149 Taxis
Wacton,NR152 Taxis Wacton Common,NR152 Taxis Walcot Green,IP225 Taxis Walcott,NR120 Taxis
Walcott Green,NR120 Taxis Walpole Cross Keys,PE147 Taxis Walpole Highway,PE147 Taxis Walpole Marsh,PE147 Taxis
Walpole St Andrew,PE147 Taxis Walpole St Peter,PE147 Taxis Walton Highway,PE147 Taxis Walton Warren,PE321 Taxis
Warham,NR231 Taxis Wash Dyke,PE147 Taxis Waterden,NR226 Taxis Waterheath,NR340 Taxis
Waterloo,NR340 Taxis Waterloo,NR103 Taxis Waterloo,IP214 Taxis Watlington,PE330 Taxis
Wattlefield,NR189 Taxis Watton,IP256 Taxis Watton Green,IP256 Taxis Waxham,NR120 Taxis
Weasenham All Saints,PE322 Taxis Weasenham St Peter,PE322 Taxis Weeting,IP270 Taxis Welborne,NR203 Taxis
Welborne Common,NR203 Taxis Wellingham,PE322 Taxis Wells-next-the-Sea,NR231 Taxis Welney,PE149 Taxis
Wendling,NR192 Taxis Wereham,PE339 Taxis Wereham Row,PE339 Taxis West Acre,PE321 Taxis
West Barsham,NR219 Taxis West Beckham,NR256 Taxis West Bilney,PE321 Taxis Westbrook Green,IP224 Taxis
West Caister,NR305 Taxis West Dereham,PE339 Taxis West Earlham,NR58 Taxis West End,IP257 Taxis
West End,NR203 Taxis West End,NR340 Taxis West End,NR305 Taxis Westfield,NR191 Taxis
Westgate,NR210 Taxis Westgate Street,NR105 Taxis West Harling,NR162 Taxis West Head,PE343 Taxis
West Lexham,PE322 Taxis West Lynn,PE301 Taxis West Newton,PE316 Taxis Weston Green,NR95 Taxis
Weston Longville,NR95 Taxis West Poringland,NR147 Taxis West Raynham,NR217 Taxis West Rudham,PE318 Taxis
West Runton,NR279 Taxis West Somerton,NR294 Taxis West Tofts,IP265 Taxis West Walton,PE147 Taxis
Westwick,NR105 Taxis West Winch,PE330 Taxis Weybourne,NR257 Taxis Wheatacre,NR340 Taxis
Whimpwell Green,NR120 Taxis Whinburgh,NR191 Taxis Whissonsett,NR205 Taxis White Horse Common,NR289 Taxis
Whitlingham,NR148 Taxis Whittington,PE339 Taxis Whitwell,NR104 Taxis Whitwell Street,NR104 Taxis
Wicken Green Village,NR217 Taxis Wickhampton,NR133 Taxis Wicklewood,NR189 Taxis Wickmere,NR117 Taxis
Wiggenhall St Germans,PE343 Taxis Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen,PE343 Taxis Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin,PE343 Taxis Wiggenhall St Peter,PE343 Taxis
Wighton,NR231 Taxis Wilby,NR162 Taxis Wilney Green,IP222 Taxis Wimbotsham,PE343 Taxis
Winfarthing,IP222 Taxis Winterton-on-Sea,NR294 Taxis Withergate,NR289 Taxis Witton,NR135 Taxis
Witton,NR289 Taxis Witton Bridge,NR289 Taxis Wiveton,NR257 Taxis Wolferd Green,NR151 Taxis
Wolferton,PE316 Taxis Wolterton,NR117 Taxis Woodbastwick,NR136 Taxis Wood Dalling,NR116 Taxis
Woodgate,NR204 Taxis Wood Norton,NR205 Taxis Woodrising,NR94 Taxis Wood Street,NR295 Taxis
Woodton,NR352 Taxis Workhouse Common,NR171 Taxis Workhouse Common,NR128 Taxis Wormegay,PE330 Taxis
Worstead,NR289 Taxis Worthing,NR205 Taxis Wortwell,IP200 Taxis Wramplingham,NR180 Taxis
Wreningham,NR161 Taxis Wretton,PE339 Taxis Wroxham,NR128 Taxis Wymondham,NR180 Taxis
Yaxham,NR191 Taxis Yelverton,NR147 Taxis Aberaman,CF446 Taxis Abercanaid,CF481 Taxis
Abercwmboi,CF446 Taxis Abercynon,CF454 Taxis Aberdare / Aberdar,CF447 Taxis Aberfan,CF484 Taxis
Abergarw,CF328 Taxis Aberkenfig / Abercynffig,CF329 Taxis Abermorlais,CF478 Taxis Abernant,CF440 Taxis
Beddau,CF382 Taxis Bedlinog,CF466 Taxis Bettws,CF328 Taxis Birchgrove,CF399 Taxis
Blackmill,CF356 Taxis Blaencaerau,CF340 Taxis Blaen Clydach,CF402 Taxis Blaencwm,CF425 Taxis
Blaengarw,CF328 Taxis Blaenllechau,CF434 Taxis Blaenrhondda,CF425 Taxis Brackla / Bragle,CF312 Taxis
Bragdy,CF356 Taxis Bridgend / Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr,CF311 Taxis Britannia,CF399 Taxis Bryncae,CF729 Taxis
Bryncethin,CF329 Taxis Bryncoch,CF157 Taxis Bryncoch,CF329 Taxis Bryngolau,CF398 Taxis
Brynheulog,CF340 Taxis Brynhyfryd,CF314 Taxis Brynmenyn,CF329 Taxis Brynna,CF729 Taxis
Brynnau Gwynion,CF356 Taxis Brynsadler,CF729 Taxis Brynteg,CF728 Taxis Bryntirion,CF454 Taxis
Bryntirion,CF314 Taxis Buarth Capel,CF373 Taxis Byeastwood,CF356 Taxis Cae-draw,CF478 Taxis
Caegarw,CF454 Taxis Cae-pant-tywyll,CF478 Taxis Caerau,CF340 Taxis Carnetown,CF454 Taxis
Cefn-coed-y-cymmer,CF482 Taxis Cefn Cribwr,CF320 Taxis Cefn Cross,CF320 Taxis Cefn Glas,CF314 Taxis
Cefnpennar,CF454 Taxis Cefn Rhigos,CF449 Taxis Church Village,CF381 Taxis Cilfynydd,CF374 Taxis
Clwydyfagwyr,CF481 Taxis Clydach Vale,CF402 Taxis Coedely,CF398 Taxis Coed-Pen-Maen,CF374 Taxis
Coed y Cwm,CF373 Taxis Coety / Coity,CF356 Taxis Colychurch,CF355 Taxis Court Colman,CF314 Taxis
Coychurch / Llangrallo,CF355 Taxis Coytrahen,CF320 Taxis Craig Berthlwyd,CF465 Taxis Cross Inn,CF728 Taxis
Cwmaman,CF446 Taxis Cwmbach,CF440 Taxis Cwmdare,CF448 Taxis Cwmfelin,CF349 Taxis
Cwmfelin,CF466 Taxis Cwm-hwnt,CF449 Taxis Cwmparc,CF426 Taxis Cwmpennar,CF454 Taxis
Cymdda,CF329 Taxis Cymmer,CF399 Taxis Dan Caerlan,CF728 Taxis Darranlas,CF453 Taxis
Derwen,CF356 Taxis Dinas,CF401 Taxis Dolau,CF729 Taxis Dowlais,CF483 Taxis
Dowlais Top,CF483 Taxis Dyffryn,CF340 Taxis Dyffryn Dowlats,CF381 Taxis East Side,CF328 Taxis
Edmondstown,CF401 Taxis Edwardsville,CF465 Taxis Efail Isaf,CF381 Taxis Evanstown,CF398 Taxis
Felindre,CF355 Taxis Ferndale,CF434 Taxis Ffordd-y-Gyfraith,CF320 Taxis Ffos-y-fran,CF484 Taxis
Fountain,CF320 Taxis Gadlys,CF448 Taxis Galon-Uchaf,CF479 Taxis Garth,CF340 Taxis
Gelli,CF417 Taxis Gellideg,CF481 Taxis Georgetown,CF481 Taxis Gilfach Garden Village,CF398 Taxis
Gilfach Goch,CF398 Taxis Glan-y-llyn,CF157 Taxis Glebeland,CF478 Taxis Glenboi,CF453 Taxis
Glyncoch,CF373 Taxis Glynfach,CF399 Taxis Glynllan,CF356 Taxis Glynogwr,CF356 Taxis
Glyntaff,CF374 Taxis Godreaman,CF446 Taxis Goitre Coed,CF465 Taxis Graig,CF371 Taxis
Graigwen,CF372 Taxis Groes-faen,CF728 Taxis Gurnos,CF479 Taxis Hawthorn,CF375 Taxis
Hendre,CF356 Taxis Hendreforgan,CF398 Taxis Heolgerrig,CF481 Taxis Heol-y-Cyw,CF356 Taxis
Hernston,CF313 Taxis Heronston,CF313 Taxis Hirwaun,CF449 Taxis Hirwaun Common,CF356 Taxis
Hoel-laethog,CF329 Taxis Hopkinstown,CF372 Taxis Incline Top,CF470 Taxis Kenfig / Cynffig,CF334 Taxis
Kenfig Hill / Mynyddcynffig,CF336 Taxis Lewistown,CF327 Taxis Litchard,CF311 Taxis Llanbad,CF729 Taxis
Llangeinor,CF328 Taxis Llangewydd Court,CF314 Taxis Llangynwyd,CF349 Taxis Llanharan,CF729 Taxis
Llanharry,CF729 Taxis Llanilid,CF355 Taxis Llantrisant,CF728 Taxis Llantwit Fardre,CF382 Taxis
Llanwonno,CF373 Taxis Lletty Brongu,CF340 Taxis Llwydarth,CF349 Taxis Llwydcoed,CF440 Taxis
Llwyncelyn,CF399 Taxis Llwyn-onn,CF482 Taxis Llwyn-on Village,CF482 Taxis Llwynypia,CF402 Taxis
Maerdy,CF434 Taxis Maesteg,CF349 Taxis Maesycoed,CF371 Taxis Mawdlam,CF334 Taxis
Merthyr Mawr,CF320 Taxis Merthyr Tydfil / Merthyr Tudful,CF478 Taxis Merthyr Vale / Ynysowen,CF484 Taxis Miskin,CF453 Taxis
Miskin / Meisgyn,CF728 Taxis Morgan Town,CF478 Taxis Morlais Castle,CF482 Taxis Mountain Ash / Aberpennar,CF454 Taxis
Mountain Hare,CF470 Taxis Mount Pleasant,CF390 Taxis Mwyndy,CF728 Taxis Mynachdy,CF373 Taxis
Nantgarw,CF157 Taxis Nantyffyllon,CF340 Taxis Nant-y-moel,CF327 Taxis Newcastle,CF314 Taxis
Newton,CF365 Taxis Newtown,CF454 Taxis North Cornelly,CF334 Taxis Nottage,CF363 Taxis
Ogmore Vale / Cwm Ogwr,CF327 Taxis Pant,CF482 Taxis Pantygraig Wen,CF372 Taxis Pant-y-pyllau,CF356 Taxis
Pant-yr-Awel,CF327 Taxis Pencoed,CF355 Taxis Penderyn,CF440 Taxis Pendre,CF311 Taxis
Pen-prysg,CF356 Taxis Penrhiwceiber,CF453 Taxis Penrhiwfer,CF401 Taxis Penrhys,CF433 Taxis
Pentre,CF417 Taxis Pentrebach,CF484 Taxis Pentwyn Berthlwyd,CF465 Taxis Penyard,CF470 Taxis
Pen-y-cae,CF329 Taxis Pen-y-coedcae,CF371 Taxis Pen-y-Darren,CF479 Taxis Pen-y-fai,CF314 Taxis
Penygraig,CF401 Taxis Penygraigwen,CF372 Taxis Pen-yr-englyn,CF425 Taxis Pen-yr-heol,CF356 Taxis
Penyrheol,CF470 Taxis Pen-y-rhiw,CF371 Taxis Penywaun,CF449 Taxis Pen-y-wern,CF483 Taxis
Perthcelyn,CF453 Taxis Pontbren Llwyd,CF449 Taxis Pontcynon,CF454 Taxis Pont Rhyd-y-cyff,CF349 Taxis
Pont-Sion-Norton,CF374 Taxis Pontsticill,CF482 Taxis Pontyclun,CF729 Taxis Pontycymer,CF328 Taxis
Pontygwaith,CF433 Taxis Pontypridd,CF372 Taxis Pont-y-rhyl,CF328 Taxis Porth,CF399 Taxis
Porthcawl,CF363 Taxis Price Town,CF327 Taxis Pwll-Gwaun,CF371 Taxis Pyle / Y Pil,CF336 Taxis
Quakers Yard,CF465 Taxis Rhigos,CF449 Taxis Rhiwceiliog,CF356 Taxis Rhiwinder,CF398 Taxis
Rhiwsaeson,CF728 Taxis Rhondda,CF417 Taxis Rhyd-y-car,CF481 Taxis Rhydyfelin,CF375 Taxis
Robertstown,CF448 Taxis Sarn,CF329 Taxis Shelf,CF356 Taxis Shwt,CF328 Taxis
South Cornelly,CF334 Taxis Spelter,CF340 Taxis Stanleytown,CF433 Taxis Taff Merthyr Garden Village,CF466 Taxis
Taffs Well / Ffynnon Taf,CF157 Taxis Talbot Green,CF728 Taxis The Quar,CF478 Taxis Thomastown,CF398 Taxis
Thomas Town,CF470 Taxis Tondu,CF329 Taxis Ton Pentre,CF417 Taxis Ton-Teg,CF381 Taxis
Tonypandy,CF402 Taxis Tonyrefail,CF398 Taxis Trallwn,CF374 Taxis Trealaw,CF402 Taxis
Trebanog,CF399 Taxis Trecynon,CF448 Taxis Trefechan,CF482 Taxis Treforest,CF371 Taxis
Tre-Gibbon,CF440 Taxis Trehafod,CF372 Taxis Treharris,CF465 Taxis Treherbert,CF425 Taxis
Tre-Ifor,CF440 Taxis Trelales / Laleston,CF320 Taxis Trelewis,CF466 Taxis Tremains,CF311 Taxis
Treorchy / Treorci,CF426 Taxis Troedrhiw-Trwyn,CF372 Taxis Troedyrhiw,CF484 Taxis Twmpath-Mawr,CF340 Taxis
Twyn Bryn-hir,CF449 Taxis Twynyrodyn,CF470 Taxis Tydfils well,CF478 Taxis Tylagwyn,CF328 Taxis
Tyle-garw,CF729 Taxis Tylorstown,CF433 Taxis Tynant,CF382 Taxis Tynewydd,CF425 Taxis
Tyntetown,CF454 Taxis Tyn-y-bryn,CF398 Taxis Tyn-y-garn,CF314 Taxis Ty Rhiw,CF157 Taxis
Tythegston,CF320 Taxis Upper Abercanaid,CF481 Taxis Upper Boat,CF375 Taxis Upper Church Village,CF381 Taxis
Vaynor / Faenor,CF482 Taxis Waterton,CF313 Taxis Wattstown,CF390 Taxis Waun y Gilfach,CF349 Taxis
Wern Tarw,CF356 Taxis West View,CF328 Taxis Whiterock,CF313 Taxis Wig-Fach,CF320 Taxis
Wild Mill,CF311 Taxis Williamstown,CF401 Taxis Williamstown,CF478 Taxis Winch Fawr,CF481 Taxis
Wyndham,CF327 Taxis Ynysboeth,CF454 Taxis Ynys-fach,CF481 Taxis Ynyshir,CF390 Taxis
Ynysmaerdy,CF728 Taxis Ynyswen,CF426 Taxis Ynysybwl,CF373 Taxis Y Parc,CF349 Taxis
Ysgubor Newydd,CF470 Taxis Ystrad,CF417 Taxis Ystrad Fawr,CF314 Taxis Aigburth,L199 Taxis
Aigburth Vale,L170 Taxis Ainsdale,PR83 Taxis Ainsdale-on-Sea,PR82 Taxis Aintree,L106 Taxis
Allerton,L189 Taxis Anfield,L42 Taxis Arrowe Hill,CH490 Taxis Ashtons Green,WA92 Taxis
Barnston,CH611 Taxis Bebington,CH627 Taxis Beechwood,CH437 Taxis Belle Vale,L252 Taxis
Bidston,CH437 Taxis Bidston Hill,CH437 Taxis Billinge,WN57 Taxis Birkdale,PR84 Taxis
Birkenhead,CH415 Taxis Blackbrook,WA110 Taxis Blowick,PR97 Taxis Blundellsands,L236 Taxis
Bold Heath,WA83 Taxis Bootle,L203 Taxis Bowring Park,L162 Taxis Brighton le Sands,L236 Taxis
Brimstage,CH636 Taxis Broad Green,L145 Taxis Broad Oak,WA91 Taxis Bromborough,CH627 Taxis
Bromborough Pool,CH624 Taxis Brookhurst,CH630 Taxis Brooklands,WN57 Taxis Brown Edge,WA95 Taxis
Buckley Hill,L302 Taxis Calderstones,L186 Taxis Caldy,CH482 Taxis Carr Houses,L386 Taxis
Carr Mill,WA117 Taxis Chadwick Green,WN57 Taxis Childwall,L165 Taxis Churchtown,PR97 Taxis
Claughton,CH431 Taxis Clinkham Wood,WA117 Taxis Clock Face,WA94 Taxis Clubmoor,L130 Taxis
Copple House,L100 Taxis Court Hey,L163 Taxis Cowley Hill,WA102 Taxis Crank,WA118 Taxis
Craven Wood,L120 Taxis Cressington Park,L190 Taxis Cronton,WA85 Taxis Crosby,L220 Taxis
Crossens,PR98 Taxis Croxteth,L114 Taxis Dacre Hill,CH424 Taxis Dam Wood,L120 Taxis
Dentons Green,WA106 Taxis Derbyshire Hill,WA92 Taxis Devonshire Park,CH427 Taxis Dingle,L89 Taxis
Dog & Gun,L119 Taxis Dovecot,L140 Taxis Dove Point,CH477 Taxis Downall Green,WN40 Taxis
Earlestown,WA129 Taxis Eastham,CH620 Taxis Eastham Ferry,CH620 Taxis Eccleston,WA105 Taxis
Eccleston Lane Ends,L346 Taxis Eccleston Park,L342 Taxis Edge Hill,L73 Taxis Egerton Park,CH424 Taxis
Egremont,CH448 Taxis Elm Park,L63 Taxis Everton,L54 Taxis Fazakerley,L97 Taxis
Fiddlers Ferry,PR98 Taxis Fincham,L148 Taxis Finger Post,WA91 Taxis Ford,L210 Taxis
Formby,L374 Taxis Frankby,CH481 Taxis Freshfield,L371 Taxis Fulwood Park,L175 Taxis
Garston,L198 Taxis Garswood,WN40 Taxis Gateacre,L253 Taxis Gayton,CH603 Taxis
Gerards Bridge,WA102 Taxis Gillars Green,WA105 Taxis Gillmoss,L119 Taxis Grange,CH487 Taxis
Grange Park,WA103 Taxis Grassendale,L199 Taxis Grassendale Park,L190 Taxis Greasby,CH491 Taxis
Great Crosby,L230 Taxis Green Bank,WA103 Taxis Green Leach,WA117 Taxis Halewood,L260 Taxis
Haresfinch,WA119 Taxis Hartleys Village,L99 Taxis Haydock,WA110 Taxis Heswall,CH600 Taxis
Higher Bebington,CH638 Taxis High Park,PR97 Taxis Hightown,L380 Taxis Hillside,PR84 Taxis
Holt,L358 Taxis Homer Green,L298 Taxis Horn Smithies,L363 Taxis Houghwood,WA118 Taxis
Hoylake,CH473 Taxis Hunts Cross,L250 Taxis Huyton,L367 Taxis Huyton Farm,L362 Taxis
Huyton Park,L365 Taxis Huyton Quarry,L366 Taxis Huyton with Roby,L369 Taxis Ince Blundell,L381 Taxis
Irby,CH613 Taxis Irby Hill,CH481 Taxis Kensington,L72 Taxis Kings Moss,WA118 Taxis
Kirkby,L328 Taxis Kirkby Park,L322 Taxis Kirkdale,L41 Taxis Knotty Ash,L145 Taxis
Knowsley,L340 Taxis Lady Green,L385 Taxis Laffak,WA119 Taxis Landican,CH495 Taxis
Lea Green,WA95 Taxis Leasowe,CH463 Taxis Leyland Green,WN40 Taxis Liscard,CH454 Taxis
Litherland,L219 Taxis Little Altcar,L376 Taxis Little Crosby,L234 Taxis Liverpool,L38 Taxis
Longview,L368 Taxis Lower Bebington,CH637 Taxis Lower Village,CH600 Taxis Lunt,L297 Taxis
Lydiate,L314 Taxis Lyme Grove,L368 Taxis Maghull,L310 Taxis Marshalls Cross,WA94 Taxis
Marshside,PR99 Taxis Melling,L311 Taxis Melling Mount,L311 Taxis Meols,CH470 Taxis
Mill Yard,L123 Taxis Moor Park,L232 Taxis Moreton,CH460 Taxis Moss Bank,WA117 Taxis
Mossley Hill,L188 Taxis Moss Nook,WA93 Taxis Netherley,L277 Taxis Netherton,L305 Taxis
New Boston,WA110 Taxis New Brighton,CH455 Taxis New Ferry,CH625 Taxis Newton,CH489 Taxis
Newton-le-Willows,WA129 Taxis Newtown,WA104 Taxis Noctorum,CH439 Taxis Norris Green,L111 Taxis
North Florida,WA119 Taxis Northwood,L336 Taxis Nutgrove,WA95 Taxis Oak Hill Park,L135 Taxis
Oglet,L245 Taxis Old Boston,WA119 Taxis Old Swan,L135 Taxis Orrell,L206 Taxis
Orrell Park,L98 Taxis Otterspool,L175 Taxis Oxton,CH432 Taxis Page Moss,L364 Taxis
Park Hill,WA117 Taxis Parr,WA92 Taxis Parr Stocks,WA91 Taxis Peasley Cross,WA93 Taxis
Pensby,CH615 Taxis Pewfall,WA119 Taxis Pocket Nook,WA91 Taxis Poll Hill,CH606 Taxis
Portico,WA103 Taxis Port Sunlight,CH624 Taxis Poulton,CH639 Taxis Poulton,CH444 Taxis
Prenton,CH428 Taxis Prescot,L343 Taxis Princes Park,L80 Taxis Raby,CH634 Taxis
Raby Mere,CH630 Taxis Rainford,WA118 Taxis Rainford Junction,WA117 Taxis Rainhill,L350 Taxis
Rainhill Stoops,L356 Taxis Ravenhead,WA103 Taxis Roby,L369 Taxis Rock Ferry,CH422 Taxis
Rock Park,CH421 Taxis Sandfield Park,L128 Taxis Sandhills,L208 Taxis Saughall Massie,CH465 Taxis
Seacombe,CH447 Taxis Seaforth,L225 Taxis Sefton,L299 Taxis Sefton Park,L174 Taxis
Simms Lane End,WN40 Taxis Southdene,L329 Taxis Southport,PR81 Taxis Speke,L241 Taxis
Spital,CH622 Taxis Stanley,L137 Taxis Stanley Bank,WA110 Taxis St Helens,WA101 Taxis
St Michaels Hamlet,L177 Taxis Stockbridge Village,L285 Taxis Stoneycroft,L136 Taxis Storeton,CH636 Taxis
Sutton,WA93 Taxis Sutton Heath,WA95 Taxis Sutton Leach,WA94 Taxis Sutton Manor,WA94 Taxis
Swanside,L147 Taxis Tarbock Green,L351 Taxis Thatto Heath,WA95 Taxis Thingwall,CH617 Taxis
Thornton,L231 Taxis Thornton Hough,CH631 Taxis Thurstaston,CH610 Taxis Tillerman Court,L136 Taxis
Tithe Barn Hillock,WN40 Taxis Toll Bar,WA103 Taxis Tower Hill,L331 Taxis Toxteth,L86 Taxis
Tranmere,CH423 Taxis Tuebrook,L137 Taxis Upton,CH496 Taxis Upton Meadow,CH492 Taxis
Vauxhall,L37 Taxis Victoria Park,L98 Taxis Vulcan Village,WA128 Taxis Waddicar,L311 Taxis
Wallasey,CH453 Taxis Walton,L209 Taxis Walton on the Hill,L46 Taxis Warbreck Park,L94 Taxis
Wargrave,WA128 Taxis Waterloo,L225 Taxis Waterloo Park,L224 Taxis Wavertree,L158 Taxis
West Derby,L120 Taxis West Kirby,CH484 Taxis West Park,WA104 Taxis Westvale,L324 Taxis
Whiston,L352 Taxis Whitefield Lane End,L360 Taxis Windle,WA106 Taxis Windlehurst,WA106 Taxis
Windy Arbor,L351 Taxis Woodchurch,CH498 Taxis Woodhey,CH635 Taxis Woodlands,L274 Taxis
Woodvale,PR83 Taxis Woolfall Heath,L363 Taxis Woolton,L257 Taxis Aby,LN130 Taxis
Addlethorpe,PE244 Taxis Ailby,LN130 Taxis Aisby,DN215 Taxis Aisby,NG323 Taxis
Aisthorpe,LN12 Taxis Alford,LN139 Taxis Algarkirk,PE202 Taxis Alkborough,DN159 Taxis
Allington,NG322 Taxis Althorpe,DN173 Taxis Alvingham,LN110 Taxis Amber Hill,PE203 Taxis
Amcotts,DN174 Taxis Ancaster,NG323 Taxis Anderby,PE245 Taxis Anderby Creek,PE245 Taxis
Antons Gowt,PE227 Taxis Anwick,NG349 Taxis Apley,LN85 Taxis Appleby,DN150 Taxis
Asgarby,PE234 Taxis Asgarby,NG349 Taxis Ashby,DN163 Taxis Ashby by Partney,PE235 Taxis
Ashby cum Fenby,DN370 Taxis Ashby de la Launde,LN43 Taxis Ashby Hill,DN370 Taxis Ashby Puerorum,LN96 Taxis
Ashington End,PE244 Taxis Askerton Hill,NG235 Taxis Aslackby,NG340 Taxis Asperton,PE202 Taxis
Asserby,LN139 Taxis Asserby Turn,LN139 Taxis Asterby,LN95 Taxis Aswarby,NG348 Taxis
Aswardby,PE234 Taxis Atterby,LN82 Taxis Aubourn,LN59 Taxis Aunby,PE94 Taxis
Aunsby,NG348 Taxis Austendike,PE126 Taxis Austen Fen,LN110 Taxis Authorpe,LN118 Taxis
Authorpe Row,PE245 Taxis Aylesby,DN377 Taxis Bag Enderby,PE234 Taxis Bardney,LN35 Taxis
Barholm,PE94 Taxis Barkston,NG322 Taxis Barkston Heath,NG323 Taxis Barlings,LN35 Taxis
Barnetby le Wold,DN386 Taxis Barnoldby le Beck,DN370 Taxis Barrowby,NG321 Taxis Barrow Hann,DN197 Taxis
Barrow Haven,DN197 Taxis Barrow upon Humber,DN197 Taxis Barton-upon-Humber,DN185 Taxis Barton Waterside,DN185 Taxis
Bassingham,LN59 Taxis Bassingthorpe,NG334 Taxis Baston,PE69 Taxis Baumber,LN95 Taxis
Baythorpe,PE203 Taxis Beckering,LN85 Taxis Beckingham,LN50 Taxis Beeden Park,NG317 Taxis
Beelsby,DN370 Taxis Beesby,DN365 Taxis Beesby,LN130 Taxis Belchford,LN96 Taxis
Belleau,LN130 Taxis Belnie,PE114 Taxis Beltoft,DN91 Taxis Belton,DN91 Taxis
Belton,NG322 Taxis Benington,PE220 Taxis Benington Sea End,PE220 Taxis Benniworth,LN86 Taxis
Berkeley,DN158 Taxis Bicker,PE203 Taxis Bicker Bar,PE203 Taxis Bicker Gauntlet,PE203 Taxis
Bigby,DN386 Taxis Billingborough,NG340 Taxis Billinghay,LN44 Taxis Bilsby,LN139 Taxis
Bilsby Field,LN139 Taxis Binbrook,LN86 Taxis Birchwood,LN60 Taxis Birkholme,NG334 Taxis
Birthorpe,NG340 Taxis Biscathorpe,LN119 Taxis Bishopbridge,LN83 Taxis Bishop Norton,LN82 Taxis
Bitchfield,NG334 Taxis Black Barn,PE129 Taxis Blackjack,PE203 Taxis Blankney,LN43 Taxis
Bleasby,LN83 Taxis Bleasby Moor,LN83 Taxis Bloxholm,LN43 Taxis Blyborough,DN214 Taxis
Blyton,DN213 Taxis Bonby,DN200 Taxis Bonthorpe,LN139 Taxis Boothby,PE235 Taxis
Boothby Graffoe,LN50 Taxis Boothby Pagnell,NG334 Taxis Boston,PE211 Taxis Boston Long Hedges,PE220 Taxis
Boston West,PE203 Taxis Boswell,LN110 Taxis Bottesford,DN163 Taxis Boughton,NG349 Taxis
Boultham,LN67 Taxis Boultham Moor,LN67 Taxis Bourne,PE109 Taxis Braceborough,PE94 Taxis
Bracebridge,LN58 Taxis Bracebridge Heath,LN42 Taxis Braceby,NG340 Taxis Bracon,DN91 Taxis
Bradley,DN345 Taxis Bradley,DN370 Taxis Bramble Hills,PE253 Taxis Brampton,LN12 Taxis
Brand End,PE220 Taxis Brandon,NG322 Taxis Brandy Wharf,DN214 Taxis Bransby,LN12 Taxis
Branston,LN41 Taxis Branston Booths,LN41 Taxis Brant Broughton,LN50 Taxis Bratoft,PE245 Taxis
Brattleby,LN12 Taxis Brauncewell,NG348 Taxis Brauncewell,LN50 Taxis Bridge End,NG340 Taxis
Brigg,DN208 Taxis Brigsley,DN370 Taxis Brinkhill,LN118 Taxis Broadholme,LN12 Taxis
Brocklesby,DN418 Taxis Brookenby,LN86 Taxis Brotherhouse Bar,PE60 Taxis Brothertoft,PE203 Taxis
Broughton,DN200 Taxis Broughton Common,DN200 Taxis Broxholme,LN12 Taxis Brumby,DN162 Taxis
Bucklegate,PE201 Taxis Bucknall,LN105 Taxis Bulby,PE100 Taxis Bullington,LN85 Taxis
Bunkers Hill,LN44 Taxis Burgh le Marsh,PE245 Taxis Burgh on Bain,LN86 Taxis Burnham,DN186 Taxis
Burringham,DN173 Taxis Burtoft,PE202 Taxis Burton-by-Lincoln,LN12 Taxis Burton Corner,PE219 Taxis
Burton-le-Coggles,NG334 Taxis Burton Pedwardine,NG340 Taxis Burton Stather,DN159 Taxis Burton upon Stather,DN159 Taxis
Burton Waters,LN12 Taxis Burwell,LN118 Taxis Buslingthorpe,LN35 Taxis Butterwick,PE220 Taxis
Byards Leap,NG348 Taxis Cabourne,LN76 Taxis Cackle Hill,PE128 Taxis Cadeby,DN365 Taxis
Cadney,DN209 Taxis Caenby,LN82 Taxis Caenby Corner,LN82 Taxis Caistor,LN76 Taxis
Calceby,LN130 Taxis Calcethorpe,LN110 Taxis Cammeringham,LN12 Taxis Candlesby,PE235 Taxis
Canwick,LN42 Taxis Careby,PE94 Taxis Carlby,PE94 Taxis Carlton Ashes,NG322 Taxis
Carlton-le-Moorland,LN59 Taxis Carlton Scroop,NG323 Taxis Carrhouse,DN91 Taxis Carrington,PE227 Taxis
Castle Bytham,NG334 Taxis Castle Carlton,LN118 Taxis Castlethorpe,DN209 Taxis Cawkwell,LN119 Taxis
Cawthorpe,PE100 Taxis Caythorpe,NG323 Taxis Chapelgate,PE120 Taxis Chapel Hill,LN44 Taxis
Chapel St Leonards,PE245 Taxis Cherry Orchard,NG319 Taxis Cherry Willingham,LN34 Taxis Church End,PE114 Taxis
Church End,LN117 Taxis Church Town,DN91 Taxis Clarks Hill,PE120 Taxis Claxby,LN83 Taxis
Claxby Pluckacre,PE227 Taxis Claxby St Andrew,LN130 Taxis Claydike Bank,PE203 Taxis Clay Lake,PE112 Taxis
Claypole,NG235 Taxis Claythorpe,LN130 Taxis Cleethorpes,DN358 Taxis Clixby,LN76 Taxis
Coates,LN12 Taxis Cold Hanworth,LN23 Taxis Cold Harbour,NG317 Taxis Coleby,DN159 Taxis
Coleby,LN50 Taxis Colsterworth,NG335 Taxis Coningsby,LN44 Taxis Conisholme,LN117 Taxis
Corby Glen,NG334 Taxis Corringham,DN215 Taxis Coskills,DN386 Taxis Counthorpe,NG334 Taxis
Covenham St Bartholomew,LN110 Taxis Covenham St Mary,LN110 Taxis Cowbit,PE126 Taxis Cowbridge,PE227 Taxis
Cranwell,NG348 Taxis Creeton,NG334 Taxis Croft,PE244 Taxis Crofton,NG348 Taxis
Crosby,DN157 Taxis Crossgate,PE113 Taxis Crowland,PE60 Taxis Crowle,DN174 Taxis
Crowle Hill,DN174 Taxis Crowle Park,DN174 Taxis Croxby,LN76 Taxis Croxby Top,LN76 Taxis
Croxton,DN396 Taxis Culverthorpe,NG323 Taxis Cumberworth,LN139 Taxis Cuxwold,LN76 Taxis
Dalby,PE234 Taxis Dalderby,LN96 Taxis Dawsmere,PE129 Taxis Deeping St James,PE68 Taxis
Deeping St Nicholas,PE113 Taxis Dembleby,NG340 Taxis Denton,NG321 Taxis Derrythorpe,DN173 Taxis
Dickon Hills,PE228 Taxis Digby,LN43 Taxis Doddington,LN64 Taxis Dogdyke,LN44 Taxis
Donington,PE114 Taxis Donington Eaudike,PE203 Taxis Donington on Bain,LN119 Taxis Donington South Ing,PE114 Taxis
Donna Nook,LN117 Taxis Dorrington,LN43 Taxis Dovendale,LN119 Taxis Dowsby,PE100 Taxis
Dowsdale,PE60 Taxis Dragonby,DN150 Taxis Drayton,PE203 Taxis Driby,LN130 Taxis
Driby Top,LN130 Taxis Dry Doddington,NG235 Taxis Dunholme,LN23 Taxis Dunsby,PE100 Taxis
Dunston,LN42 Taxis Dyke,PE100 Taxis Eagle,LN69 Taxis Eagle Barnsdale,LN69 Taxis
Eagle Hall,LN69 Taxis Eagle Moor,LN69 Taxis Ealand,DN174 Taxis Earlesfield,NG317 Taxis
East Barkwith,LN85 Taxis East Butterwick,DN173 Taxis East Ferry,DN213 Taxis East Firsby,LN82 Taxis
East Halton,DN403 Taxis East Heckington,PE203 Taxis East Keal,PE234 Taxis East Kirkby,PE234 Taxis
East Lound,DN92 Taxis East Marsh,DN327 Taxis Eastoft,DN174 Taxis Easton,NG335 Taxis
East Ravendale,DN370 Taxis East Stockwith,DN213 Taxis East Torrington,LN85 Taxis Eastville,PE228 Taxis
Edenham,PE100 Taxis Edlington,LN95 Taxis Elsham,DN200 Taxis Elsthorpe,PE100 Taxis
Epworth,DN91 Taxis Epworth Turbary,DN91 Taxis Ermine,LN22 Taxis Eskham,DN365 Taxis
Evedon,NG349 Taxis Ewerby,NG349 Taxis Ewerby Thorpe,NG349 Taxis Faldingworth,LN83 Taxis
Farforth,LN118 Taxis Farlesthorpe,LN139 Taxis Far Thorpe,LN95 Taxis Fen End,PE114 Taxis
Fenhouses,PE203 Taxis Fen Side,PE228 Taxis Fenton,NG235 Taxis Fenton,LN12 Taxis
Ferriby Sluice,DN186 Taxis Fillingham,DN215 Taxis Firsby,PE235 Taxis Fishmere End,PE202 Taxis
Fishtoft,PE210 Taxis Fishtoft Drove,PE227 Taxis Fiskerton,LN34 Taxis Fleet,PE128 Taxis
Fleet Hargate,PE128 Taxis Flixborough,DN158 Taxis Flixborough Stather,DN158 Taxis Fockerby,DN174 Taxis
Fold Hill,PE228 Taxis Folkingham,NG340 Taxis Fordington,LN130 Taxis Fosdyke,PE202 Taxis
Fosdyke Bridge,PE202 Taxis Foston,NG322 Taxis Fotherby,LN110 Taxis Frampton,PE201 Taxis
Frampton Fen,PE201 Taxis Frampton West End,PE201 Taxis Freiston,PE220 Taxis Freiston Shore,PE220 Taxis
Friesthorpe,LN35 Taxis Frieston,NG323 Taxis Friskney,PE228 Taxis Friskney Eaudyke,PE228 Taxis
Friskney Tofts,PE228 Taxis Frith Bank,PE227 Taxis Frithville,PE227 Taxis Frodingham,DN161 Taxis
Frognall,PE68 Taxis Fulbeck,NG323 Taxis Fulletby,LN96 Taxis Fulnetby,LN85 Taxis
Fulney,PE112 Taxis Fulstow,LN110 Taxis Furzehills,LN95 Taxis Gainsborough,DN212 Taxis
Galley Hill,LN130 Taxis Garnsgate,PE129 Taxis Garthorpe,DN174 Taxis Gate Burton,DN215 Taxis
Gautby,LN85 Taxis Gayton Engine,LN117 Taxis Gayton le Marsh,LN130 Taxis Gayton le Wold,LN110 Taxis
Gedney,PE120 Taxis Gedney Broadgate,PE120 Taxis Gedney Drove End,PE129 Taxis Gedney Dyke,PE120 Taxis
Gedney Hill,PE120 Taxis Gelston,NG322 Taxis Gibraltar,PE244 Taxis Gipsey Bridge,PE227 Taxis
Girsby,LN86 Taxis Glentham,LN82 Taxis Glentworth,DN215 Taxis Goltho,LN85 Taxis
Gonerby Hill Foot,NG318 Taxis Gonerby Moor,NG322 Taxis Gosberton,PE114 Taxis Gosberton Cheal,PE114 Taxis
Gosberton Clough,PE114 Taxis Goulceby,LN119 Taxis Goxhill,DN197 Taxis Graby,NG340 Taxis
Grainsby,DN365 Taxis Grainthorpe,LN117 Taxis Grainthorpe Fen,LN117 Taxis Graizelound,DN92 Taxis
Grange,DN345 Taxis Grange de Lings,LN22 Taxis Grantham,NG316 Taxis Grant Thorold,DN327 Taxis
Grasby,DN386 Taxis Grayingham,DN214 Taxis Great Carlton,LN118 Taxis Great Coates,DN379 Taxis
Greatford,PE94 Taxis Great Gonerby,NG318 Taxis Great Hale,NG349 Taxis Great Humby,NG334 Taxis
Great Limber,DN378 Taxis Great Ponton,NG335 Taxis Great Steeping,PE235 Taxis Great Sturton,LN95 Taxis
Great Tows,LN86 Taxis Grebby,PE235 Taxis Greetham,LN96 Taxis Greetwell,DN209 Taxis
Grey Green,DN91 Taxis Greylees,NG348 Taxis Grimblethorpe,LN110 Taxis Grimoldby,LN118 Taxis
Grimsby,DN311 Taxis Grimsthorpe,PE100 Taxis Gunby,NG335 Taxis Gunness,DN158 Taxis
Gunthorpe,DN91 Taxis Guthram Gowt,PE100 Taxis Guys Head,PE129 Taxis Habertoft,LN139 Taxis
Habrough,DN403 Taxis Haceby,NG340 Taxis Hackthorn,LN23 Taxis Haconby,PE100 Taxis
Haddington,LN59 Taxis Hagnaby,PE234 Taxis Hagnaby,LN139 Taxis Hagnaby Lock,PE228 Taxis
Hagworthingham,PE234 Taxis Hainton,LN86 Taxis Halesgate,PE126 Taxis Hall Hills,PE219 Taxis
Hallington,LN119 Taxis Haltham,LN96 Taxis Haltoft End,PE220 Taxis Halton Fenside,PE235 Taxis
Halton Holegate,PE235 Taxis Hameringham,LN96 Taxis Hanby,NG334 Taxis Hannah,LN139 Taxis
Hanthorpe,PE100 Taxis Hardwick,LN12 Taxis Hareby,PE234 Taxis Harlaxton,NG321 Taxis
Harmston,LN59 Taxis Harpswell,DN215 Taxis Harrington,PE234 Taxis Harrowby,NG319 Taxis
Hartsholme,LN60 Taxis Hasthorpe,LN139 Taxis Hatcliffe,DN370 Taxis Hatton,LN85 Taxis
Haugh,LN130 Taxis Haugham,LN118 Taxis Haven Bank,LN44 Taxis Hawerby,DN365 Taxis
Hawthorn Hill,LN44 Taxis Hawthorpe,PE100 Taxis Haxey,DN92 Taxis Haxey Carr,DN92 Taxis
Healing,DN417 Taxis Heapham,DN215 Taxis Heckdyke,DN104 Taxis Heckington,NG349 Taxis
Hedgehog Bridge,PE203 Taxis Heighington,LN41 Taxis Helpringham,NG340 Taxis Helsey,PE245 Taxis
Hemingby,LN95 Taxis Hemswell,DN215 Taxis Hemswell Cliff,DN215 Taxis Heydour,NG323 Taxis
Hibaldstow,DN209 Taxis High Barn,PE234 Taxis High Ferry,PE220 Taxis High Risby,DN150 Taxis
High Toynton,LN96 Taxis Hilldyke,PE220 Taxis Hoffleet Stow,PE203 Taxis Hogsthorpe,PE245 Taxis
Holbeach,PE127 Taxis Holbeach Bank,PE128 Taxis Holbeach Clough,PE128 Taxis Holbeach Drove,PE120 Taxis
Holbeach Hurn,PE128 Taxis Holbeach St Johns,PE128 Taxis Holbeach St Marks,PE128 Taxis Holbeach St Matthew,PE128 Taxis
Holbeck,LN96 Taxis Holdingham,NG348 Taxis Holland Fen,LN44 Taxis Holme,DN163 Taxis
Holme Hill,DN329 Taxis Holton cum Beckering,LN85 Taxis Holton le Clay,DN365 Taxis Holton le Moor,LN76 Taxis
Holywell,PE94 Taxis Honington,NG322 Taxis Hop Pole,PE113 Taxis Horbling,NG340 Taxis
Horkstow,DN186 Taxis Horkstow Wolds,DN186 Taxis Horncastle,LN95 Taxis Horsington,LN105 Taxis
Hougham,NG322 Taxis Hough-on-the-Hill,NG322 Taxis Howell,NG349 Taxis Howsham,LN76 Taxis
Hubberts Bridge,PE203 Taxis Humberston,DN364 Taxis Humberston Fitties,DN364 Taxis Humby,NG334 Taxis
Hundleby,PE235 Taxis Hundle Houses,LN44 Taxis Hungerton,NG321 Taxis Huttoft,LN139 Taxis
Immingham,DN402 Taxis Ingham,LN12 Taxis Ingham Cliff,LN12 Taxis Ingleby,LN12 Taxis
Ingoldmells,PE251 Taxis Ingoldsby,NG334 Taxis Irby in the Marsh,PE245 Taxis Irby upon Humber,DN377 Taxis
Irnham,NG334 Taxis Island Carr,DN208 Taxis Isle of Axholme,DN91 Taxis Jerusalem,LN64 Taxis
Keadby,DN173 Taxis Keal Cotes,PE234 Taxis Keddington,LN117 Taxis Keddington Corner,LN117 Taxis
Keelby,DN418 Taxis Keisby,PE100 Taxis Kelby,NG323 Taxis Kelfield,DN91 Taxis
Kelstern,LN110 Taxis Ketsby,LN118 Taxis Kettlethorpe,LN12 Taxis Kexby,DN215 Taxis
Kingerby,LN83 Taxis Kingthorpe,LN85 Taxis Kirkby,LN83 Taxis Kirkby Fenside,PE234 Taxis
Kirkby Green,LN43 Taxis Kirkby la Thorpe,NG349 Taxis Kirkby on Bain,LN106 Taxis Kirkby Underwood,PE100 Taxis
Kirkstead,LN106 Taxis Kirmington,DN396 Taxis Kirmond le Mire,LN86 Taxis Kirton,PE201 Taxis
Kirton End,PE201 Taxis Kirton Holme,PE201 Taxis Kirton in Lindsey,DN214 Taxis Knaith,DN215 Taxis
Knaith Park,DN215 Taxis Laceby,DN377 Taxis Laceby Acres,DN345 Taxis Lade Bank,PE229 Taxis
Langholme,DN92 Taxis Langrick,PE227 Taxis Langrick Bridge,PE227 Taxis Langtoft,PE69 Taxis
Langton,LN95 Taxis Langton,PE234 Taxis Langton by Wragby,LN85 Taxis Langworth,LN35 Taxis
Laughterton,LN12 Taxis Laughton,NG340 Taxis Laughton,DN213 Taxis Lea,DN215 Taxis
Leadenham,LN50 Taxis Leake Commonside,PE229 Taxis Leake Fold Hill,PE229 Taxis Leake Hurns End,PE229 Taxis
Leasingham,NG348 Taxis Legbourne,LN118 Taxis Legsby,LN83 Taxis Lenton,NG334 Taxis
Leverton,PE220 Taxis Leverton Highgate,PE220 Taxis Leverton Lucasgate,PE220 Taxis Leverton Outgate,PE220 Taxis
Lincoln,LN13 Taxis Lincoln Gardens,DN162 Taxis Lissington,LN35 Taxis Listoft,PE245 Taxis
Little Bytham,NG334 Taxis Little Carlton,LN118 Taxis Little Cawthorpe,LN118 Taxis Little Coates,DN344 Taxis
Littlefield,DN344 Taxis Little Grimsby,LN110 Taxis Little Hale,NG349 Taxis Little Limber,DN378 Taxis
Little London,LN83 Taxis Little London,DN418 Taxis Little London,PE112 Taxis Little Ponton,NG335 Taxis
Little Steeping,PE235 Taxis Little Sutton,PE129 Taxis Little Welton,LN110 Taxis Little Wisbeach,NG340 Taxis
Lobthorpe,NG335 Taxis Londonthorpe,NG319 Taxis Long Bennington,NG235 Taxis Long Sutton,PE129 Taxis
Loosegate,PE126 Taxis Lound,PE100 Taxis Louth,LN119 Taxis Low Barlings,LN35 Taxis
Low Burnham,DN91 Taxis Lower Bassingthorpe,NG334 Taxis Low Fulney,PE126 Taxis Low Hameringham,LN96 Taxis
Low Risby,DN150 Taxis Low Toynton,LN96 Taxis Ludborough,DN365 Taxis Luddington,DN174 Taxis
Ludford,LN86 Taxis Ludney,LN117 Taxis Lusby,PE234 Taxis Lutton,PE129 Taxis
Lutton Gowts,PE129 Taxis Mablethorpe,LN121 Taxis Maidenwell,LN118 Taxis Maltby,LN119 Taxis
Maltby le Marsh,LN130 Taxis Manby,LN118 Taxis Manor Farm,NG334 Taxis Manor Hill Corner,PE120 Taxis
Manthorpe,NG318 Taxis Manthorpe,PE100 Taxis Manton,DN214 Taxis Manton Warren,DN214 Taxis
Mareham le Fen,PE227 Taxis Mareham on the Hill,LN96 Taxis Markby,LN139 Taxis Market Deeping,PE68 Taxis
Market Rasen,LN83 Taxis Market Stainton,LN85 Taxis Marshchapel,DN365 Taxis Marston,NG322 Taxis
Martin,LN95 Taxis Martin,LN43 Taxis Martin Dales,LN106 Taxis Martin Moor,LN106 Taxis
Marton,DN215 Taxis Mavis Enderby,PE234 Taxis Mawthorpe,LN139 Taxis Medlam,PE227 Taxis
Melton Ross,DN386 Taxis Messingham,DN173 Taxis Metheringham,LN43 Taxis Middle Rasen,LN83 Taxis
Mid Thorpe,LN95 Taxis Midville,PE228 Taxis Mill Place,DN209 Taxis Millthorpe,NG340 Taxis
Miningsby,PE227 Taxis Minting,LN95 Taxis Monksthorpe,PE235 Taxis Moorby,PE227 Taxis
Moorhouses,PE227 Taxis Moor Side,PE227 Taxis Moortown,LN76 Taxis Morton,LN69 Taxis
Morton,DN213 Taxis Morton,PE100 Taxis Morton Hall,LN69 Taxis Moulton,PE126 Taxis
Moulton Chapel,PE120 Taxis Moulton Eaugate,PE120 Taxis Moulton Seas End,PE126 Taxis Muckton,LN118 Taxis
Muckton Bottom,LN118 Taxis Mumby,LN139 Taxis Navenby,LN50 Taxis Nettleham,LN22 Taxis
Nettleton,LN76 Taxis Nettleton Top,LN76 Taxis New Apley,LN85 Taxis Newball,LN35 Taxis
New Barnetby,DN386 Taxis New Bolingbroke,PE227 Taxis New Boultham,LN67 Taxis New Brumby,DN161 Taxis
New Holland,DN197 Taxis New Leake,PE228 Taxis New Quarrington,NG347 Taxis Newstead,PE94 Taxis
Newtoft,LN83 Taxis Newton,NG340 Taxis Newton by Toft,LN83 Taxis Newton on Trent,LN12 Taxis
Newtown,PE92 Taxis New Waltham,DN364 Taxis New York,LN44 Taxis Nocton,LN42 Taxis
Normanby,DN159 Taxis Normanby-by-Spital,LN82 Taxis Normanby by Stow,DN215 Taxis Normanby le Wold,LN76 Taxis
Normanton-on-Cliffe,NG323 Taxis Northbeck,NG340 Taxis North Carlton,LN12 Taxis North Cockerington,LN117 Taxis
North Cotes,DN365 Taxis North Elkington,LN110 Taxis North End,LN110 Taxis North End,LN76 Taxis
North End,DN197 Taxis North End,PE203 Taxis North Ewster,DN173 Taxis Northfields,PE91 Taxis
Northgate,PE113 Taxis North Greetwell,LN24 Taxis North Hykeham,LN69 Taxis North Kelsey,LN76 Taxis
North Kelsey Moor,LN76 Taxis North Killingholme,DN403 Taxis North Kyme,LN44 Taxis Northlands,PE220 Taxis
North Ormsby,LN110 Taxis Northorpe,PE114 Taxis Northorpe,DN214 Taxis Northorpe,PE100 Taxis
North Owersby,LN83 Taxis North Rauceby,NG348 Taxis North Reston,LN118 Taxis North Scarle,LN69 Taxis
North Somercotes,LN117 Taxis North Thoresby,DN365 Taxis North Willingham,LN83 Taxis North Witham,NG335 Taxis
Norton Disney,LN69 Taxis Nunsthorpe,DN331 Taxis Oasby,NG323 Taxis Obthorpe,PE100 Taxis
Obthorpe Lodge,PE100 Taxis Old Bolingbroke,PE234 Taxis Old Brumby,DN171 Taxis Old Clee,DN328 Taxis
Old Gate,PE129 Taxis Old Leake,PE229 Taxis Old Somerby,NG334 Taxis Old Woodhall,LN95 Taxis
Orby,PE245 Taxis Osbournby,NG340 Taxis Osgodby,NG334 Taxis Osgodby,LN83 Taxis
Otby,LN83 Taxis Owmby,DN386 Taxis Owmby-by-Spital,LN82 Taxis Owston Ferry,DN91 Taxis
Oxcombe,LN96 Taxis Panton,LN85 Taxis Park Springs,DN211 Taxis Partney,PE234 Taxis
Peak Hill,PE126 Taxis Pickworth,NG340 Taxis Pilham,DN213 Taxis Pinchbeck,PE113 Taxis
Pinchbeck West,PE113 Taxis Pode Hole,PE113 Taxis Pointon,NG340 Taxis Poplar Grove,LN117 Taxis
Port Sutton Bridge,PE129 Taxis Potterhanworth,LN42 Taxis Potterhanworth Booths,LN42 Taxis Prince Albert Gardens,DN313 Taxis
Pyewipe,DN312 Taxis Quadring,PE114 Taxis Quadring Eaudike,PE114 Taxis Quarrington,NG348 Taxis
Raithby,LN119 Taxis Raithby by Spilsby,PE234 Taxis Ranby,LN85 Taxis Rand,LN85 Taxis
Reasby,LN35 Taxis Redbourne,DN214 Taxis Reedham,LN44 Taxis Reed Point,LN44 Taxis
Reeds Beck,LN106 Taxis Reepham,LN34 Taxis Revesby,PE227 Taxis Revesby Bridge,PE227 Taxis
Riby,DN378 Taxis Riddings,DN172 Taxis Rigsby,LN130 Taxis Rimac,LN117 Taxis
Rippingale,PE100 Taxis Risegate,PE114 Taxis Riseholme,LN22 Taxis Ropsley,NG334 Taxis
Rothwell,LN76 Taxis Roughton,LN106 Taxis Roughton Moor,LN106 Taxis Rowston,LN43 Taxis
Roxby,DN150 Taxis Ruckland,LN118 Taxis Ruskington,NG349 Taxis Saleby,LN130 Taxis
Salmonby,LN96 Taxis Saltfleet,LN117 Taxis Saltfleetby All Saints,LN117 Taxis Saltfleetby St Clement,LN117 Taxis
Saltfleetby St Peter,LN117 Taxis Sandbraes,LN76 Taxis Sandholme,PE201 Taxis Sandilands,LN122 Taxis
Sandtoft,DN85 Taxis Sandy Bank,LN44 Taxis Santon,DN150 Taxis Sapperton,NG340 Taxis
Saracens Head,PE128 Taxis Sausthorpe,PE234 Taxis Saxby,LN82 Taxis Saxby All Saints,DN200 Taxis
Saxilby,LN12 Taxis Scamblesby,LN119 Taxis Scampton,LN12 Taxis Scartho,DN333 Taxis
Scawby,DN209 Taxis Scawby Brook,DN209 Taxis Scopwick,LN43 Taxis Scothern,LN22 Taxis
Scotter,DN213 Taxis Scotterthorpe,DN213 Taxis Scottlethorpe,PE100 Taxis Scotton,DN213 Taxis
Scott Willoughby,NG340 Taxis Scrafield,LN96 Taxis Scrane End,PE220 Taxis Scredington,NG340 Taxis
Scremby,PE235 Taxis Scrivelsby,LN96 Taxis Scrub Hill,LN44 Taxis Scunthorpe,DN156 Taxis
Scupholme,LN117 Taxis Seacroft,PE253 Taxis Seadyke,PE201 Taxis Searby,DN386 Taxis
Seathorne,PE251 Taxis Sedgebrook,NG322 Taxis Sempringham,NG340 Taxis Shepeau Stow,PE120 Taxis
Short Ferry,LN34 Taxis Sibsey,PE220 Taxis Sibsey Fen Side,PE220 Taxis Silk Willoughby,NG348 Taxis
Sixhills,LN83 Taxis Skegness,PE252 Taxis Skeldyke,PE201 Taxis Skellingthorpe,LN65 Taxis
Skendleby,PE234 Taxis Skendleby Psalter,LN130 Taxis Skidbrooke,LN117 Taxis Skidbrooke North End,LN117 Taxis
Skillington,NG335 Taxis Skirbeck,PE210 Taxis Skirbeck Quarter,PE217 Taxis Slackholme End,PE245 Taxis
Sleaford,NG347 Taxis Sloothby,LN139 Taxis Small End,PE228 Taxis Snarford,LN83 Taxis
Snelland,LN35 Taxis Snitterby,DN214 Taxis Somerby,DN386 Taxis Somerby,DN213 Taxis
Somersby,PE234 Taxis Sotby,LN85 Taxis Sots Hole,LN43 Taxis South Carlton,LN12 Taxis
South Cockerington,LN117 Taxis South Elkington,LN110 Taxis South End,DN197 Taxis South End,DN418 Taxis
South Ferriby,DN186 Taxis South Hykeham,LN69 Taxis South Kelsey,LN76 Taxis South Killingholme,DN403 Taxis
South Kyme,LN44 Taxis South Ormsby,LN118 Taxis South Owersby,LN83 Taxis South Rauceby,NG348 Taxis
South Reston,LN118 Taxis Southrey,LN35 Taxis South Somercotes,LN117 Taxis South Thoresby,LN130 Taxis
South Willingham,LN86 Taxis South Witham,NG335 Taxis Spalding,PE111 Taxis Spanby,NG340 Taxis
Spilsby,PE235 Taxis Spital in the Street,LN82 Taxis Spittlegate,NG316 Taxis Spridlington,LN82 Taxis
Springthorpe,DN215 Taxis Stainby,NG335 Taxis Stainfield,PE100 Taxis Stainfield,LN85 Taxis
Stainsby,PE234 Taxis Stainton by Langworth,LN35 Taxis Stainton le Vale,LN86 Taxis Stallingborough,DN418 Taxis
Stamford,PE92 Taxis Stapleford,LN69 Taxis St Catherines,LN58 Taxis Stenigot,LN119 Taxis
Stenwith,NG322 Taxis Stewton,LN118 Taxis St Giles,LN24 Taxis Stickford,PE228 Taxis
Stickney,PE228 Taxis Stixwould,LN105 Taxis Stockholes Turbary,DN91 Taxis Stoke Rochford,NG335 Taxis
Stow,NG340 Taxis Stow,LN12 Taxis Stowgate,PE68 Taxis Stragglethorpe,LN50 Taxis
Stroxton,NG335 Taxis Strubby,LN85 Taxis Strubby,LN130 Taxis Struggs Hill,PE201 Taxis
Stubton,NG235 Taxis Sturgate,DN215 Taxis Sturton,DN209 Taxis Sturton by Stow,LN12 Taxis
Sudbrook,NG323 Taxis Sudbrooke,LN22 Taxis Surfleet,PE114 Taxis Surfleet Seas End,PE114 Taxis
Susworth,DN173 Taxis Sutterby,LN118 Taxis Sutterton,PE202 Taxis Sutterton Dowdyke,PE202 Taxis
Sutton,LN50 Taxis Sutton Bridge,PE129 Taxis Sutton Corner,PE129 Taxis Sutton Crosses,PE129 Taxis
Sutton on Sea,LN122 Taxis Sutton St Edmund,PE120 Taxis Sutton St James,PE120 Taxis Swaby,LN130 Taxis
Swallow,LN76 Taxis Swallow Beck,LN67 Taxis Swanpool,LN60 Taxis Swarby,NG348 Taxis
Swaton,NG340 Taxis Swayfield,NG334 Taxis Swinderby,LN69 Taxis Swineshead,PE203 Taxis
Swineshead Bridge,PE203 Taxis Swinethorpe,NG237 Taxis Swinhope,LN86 Taxis Swinstead,NG334 Taxis
Syston,NG322 Taxis Tallington,PE94 Taxis Tamworth Green,PE220 Taxis Tanvats,LN43 Taxis
Tarry Hill,PE203 Taxis Tathwell,LN119 Taxis Tattershall,LN44 Taxis Tattershall Bridge,LN44 Taxis
Tattershall Thorpe,LN44 Taxis Tealby,LN83 Taxis Tealby Thorpe,LN83 Taxis Temple Bruer,LN50 Taxis
Tetford,LN96 Taxis Tetley,DN174 Taxis Tetney,DN365 Taxis Tetney Lock,DN365 Taxis
Thealby,DN159 Taxis The Castles,DN197 Taxis Theddlethorpe All Saints,LN121 Taxis Theddlethorpe St Helen,LN121 Taxis
The Hallands,DN197 Taxis The Rectory,PE68 Taxis The Willows,DN379 Taxis Thimbleby,LN95 Taxis
Thoresthorpe,LN130 Taxis Thoresway,LN83 Taxis Thorganby,DN370 Taxis Thornton,LN95 Taxis
Thornton Curtis,DN396 Taxis Thornton le Moor,LN83 Taxis Thorpe,LN122 Taxis Thorpe Culvert,PE244 Taxis
Thorpe Fendykes,PE244 Taxis Thorpe Latimer,NG340 Taxis Thorpe le Fallows,LN12 Taxis Thorpe le Vale,LN86 Taxis
Thorpe on the Hill,LN69 Taxis Thorpe St Peter,PE244 Taxis Thorpe Tilney,LN43 Taxis Three Bridges,LN117 Taxis
Threekingham,NG340 Taxis Throckenholt,PE120 Taxis Thurlby,LN139 Taxis Thurlby,LN59 Taxis
Thurlby,PE100 Taxis Timberland,LN43 Taxis Timberland Dales,LN106 Taxis Tobys Hill,LN117 Taxis
Toft,PE100 Taxis Toft Hill,PE227 Taxis Toft next Newton,LN83 Taxis Tongue End,PE113 Taxis
Torksey,LN12 Taxis Torksey Lock,LN12 Taxis Tothby,LN130 Taxis Tothill,LN130 Taxis
Toynton All Saints,PE235 Taxis Toynton Fen Side,PE235 Taxis Toynton St Peter,PE235 Taxis Troutbeck,LN119 Taxis
Trusthorpe,LN122 Taxis Tumby,PE227 Taxis Tumby Woodside,PE227 Taxis Tunnel Pits,DN91 Taxis
Twenty,PE100 Taxis Tydd Gote,PE135 Taxis Tydd St Mary,PE135 Taxis Uffington,PE94 Taxis
Ulceby,LN130 Taxis Ulceby,DN396 Taxis Ulceby Cross,LN130 Taxis Ulceby Skitter,DN396 Taxis
Upton,DN215 Taxis Usselby,LN83 Taxis Utterby,LN110 Taxis Waddingham,DN214 Taxis
Waddington,LN59 Taxis Waddingworth,LN105 Taxis Wainfleet All Saints,PE244 Taxis Wainfleet Bank,PE244 Taxis
Wainfleet Clough,PE244 Taxis Wainfleet St Mary,PE244 Taxis Wainfleet Tofts,PE244 Taxis Waithe,DN365 Taxis
Walcot,DN159 Taxis Walcot,NG340 Taxis Walcott,LN43 Taxis Walesby,LN83 Taxis
Walesby Grange,LN83 Taxis Walkerith,DN213 Taxis Walmsgate,LN118 Taxis Waltham,DN370 Taxis
Wargate,PE114 Taxis Washingborough,LN41 Taxis Wasps Nest,LN42 Taxis Weelsby,DN329 Taxis
Welbourn,LN50 Taxis Welby,NG323 Taxis Well,LN130 Taxis Wellingore,LN50 Taxis
Wellow,DN320 Taxis Welton,LN23 Taxis Welton Hill,LN23 Taxis Welton le Marsh,PE235 Taxis
Welton le Wold,LN110 Taxis West Ashby,LN95 Taxis West Barkwith,LN85 Taxis Westborough,NG235 Taxis
West Butterwick,DN173 Taxis Westby,NG334 Taxis Westcliff,DN171 Taxis West Deeping,PE69 Taxis
West End,DN365 Taxis West End,PE220 Taxis West End,PE245 Taxis West Firsby,LN82 Taxis
Westgate,DN91 Taxis West Halton,DN159 Taxis Westhorpe,PE114 Taxis West Keal,PE234 Taxis
West Marsh,DN312 Taxis Weston,PE126 Taxis Weston Hills,PE126 Taxis West Rasen,LN83 Taxis
West Ravendale,DN370 Taxis Westrum,DN209 Taxis West Torrington,LN85 Taxis West Willoughby,NG323 Taxis
Westwoods,LN12 Taxis Westwoodside,DN92 Taxis Whaplode,PE126 Taxis Whaplode Drove,PE120 Taxis
Whaplode St Catherine,PE126 Taxis Wheelbridge,PE244 Taxis Whisby,LN69 Taxis White Pit,LN130 Taxis
Whitton,DN159 Taxis Wickenby,LN35 Taxis Wigtoft,PE202 Taxis Wildsworth,DN213 Taxis
Wilksby,PE227 Taxis Willingham by Stow,DN215 Taxis Willoughby,LN139 Taxis Willoughby Hills,PE219 Taxis
Willoughton,DN215 Taxis Will Row,LN121 Taxis Wilsford,NG323 Taxis Wilsthorpe,PE94 Taxis
Winceby,LN96 Taxis Winteringham,DN159 Taxis Winterton,DN159 Taxis Winthorpe,PE251 Taxis
Wispington,LN95 Taxis Witham on the Hill,PE100 Taxis Witham St Hughs,LN69 Taxis Withcall,LN119 Taxis
Withern,LN130 Taxis Wold Newton,LN86 Taxis Wood Enderby,PE227 Taxis Woodhall Spa,LN106 Taxis
Woodhouse,DN91 Taxis Woodnook,NG335 Taxis Woodthorpe,LN130 Taxis Woolsthorpe by Belvoir,NG321 Taxis
Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth,NG335 Taxis Wootton,DN396 Taxis Worlaby,LN118 Taxis Worlaby,DN200 Taxis
Wragby,LN85 Taxis Wragholme,DN365 Taxis Wrangle,PE229 Taxis Wrangle Bank,PE229 Taxis
Wrangle Lowgate,PE229 Taxis Wrangle Low Ground,PE229 Taxis Wrawby,DN208 Taxis Wressle,DN200 Taxis
Wroot,DN92 Taxis Wybers Wood,DN379 Taxis Wyberton,PE217 Taxis Wyberton Fen,PE217 Taxis
Wyham,DN365 Taxis Wykeham,PE113 Taxis Wyville,NG321 Taxis Yaddlethorpe,DN172 Taxis
Yarborough,DN344 Taxis Yarburgh,LN110 Taxis Yawthorpe,DN215 Taxis Young Wood,LN35 Taxis
Wymondham,LE142 Taxis Wymeswold,LE126 Taxis Wyfordby,LE144 Taxis Wycomb,LE144 Taxis
Worthington,LE651 Taxis Woolrooms,LE678 Taxis Woodthorpe,LE128 Taxis Woodhouse Eaves,LE128 Taxis
Woodhouse,LE128 Taxis Witherley,CV93 Taxis Withcote,LE158 Taxis Wistow,LE80 Taxis
Wilson,DE738 Taxis Wigston Magna,LE183 Taxis Wigston Parva,LE103 Taxis Wigston Harcourt,LE183 Taxis
Wigston,LE182 Taxis Whitwick,LE675 Taxis Whetstone,LE86 Taxis Willoughby Waterleys,LE86 Taxis
West Langton,LE167 Taxis West Knighton,LE26 Taxis Western Park,LE36 Taxis Westcotes,LE30 Taxis
Wellsborough,CV136 Taxis Welham,LE167 Taxis Wartnaby,LE143 Taxis Wanlip,LE74 Taxis
Welby,LE143 Taxis Walton on the Wolds,LE128 Taxis Waltham on the Wolds,LE144 Taxis Walcote,LE174 Taxis
Upton,CV136 Taxis Upper Bruntingthorpe,LE175 Taxis Twyford,LE142 Taxis Twycross,CV93 Taxis
Tur Langton,LE80 Taxis Tugby,LE79 Taxis Tonge,DE738 Taxis Tilton on the Hill,LE79 Taxis
Thurnby Lodge,LE52 Taxis Thurnby,LE79 Taxis Thurmaston,LE48 Taxis Thurlaston,LE97 Taxis
Thurcaston,LE77 Taxis Thrussington,LE74 Taxis Thringstone,LE678 Taxis Three Gates,LE79 Taxis
Thorpe Satchville,LE142 Taxis Thorpe Langton,LE167 Taxis Thorpe Arnold,LE144 Taxis Thorpe Acre,LE114 Taxis
Thornton,LE671 Taxis The Valley,LE143 Taxis Theddingworth,LE176 Taxis The Brand,LE128 Taxis
Syston,LE71 Taxis Swinford,LE176 Taxis Swepstone,LE672 Taxis Upper End,LE142 Taxis
Swannington,LE678 Taxis Sutton in the Elms,LE96 Taxis Sulby,NN66 Taxis Ullesthorpe,LE175 Taxis
Stretton en le Field,DE128 Taxis Stoughton,LE22 Taxis Stonton Wyville,LE167 Taxis Stoneygate,LE23 Taxis
Stonesby,LE144 Taxis Stoke Golding,CV136 Taxis Staunton Harold,LE651 Taxis Stathern,LE144 Taxis
Stapleton,LE98 Taxis Stapleford,LE142 Taxis Stanton under Bardon,LE679 Taxis Sproxton,LE144 Taxis
Spring Cottage,DE126 Taxis Spinney Hills,LE53 Taxis South Wigston,LE184 Taxis South Knighton,LE23 Taxis
Southfields,LE17 Taxis South Croxton,LE73 Taxis Somerby,LE142 Taxis Snibston,LE673 Taxis
Snarestone,DE127 Taxis Smockington,LE103 Taxis Smeeton Westerby,LE80 Taxis Sketchley Old Village,LE103 Taxis
Sketchley,LE102 Taxis Skeffington,LE79 Taxis Six Hills,LE143 Taxis Slawston,LE167 Taxis
Sibson,CV136 Taxis Sileby,LE127 Taxis Shoby,LE143 Taxis Shepshed,LE129 Taxis
Shenton,CV136 Taxis Shelthorpe,LE112 Taxis Sheepy Parva,CV93 Taxis Sheepy Magna,CV93 Taxis
Stockerston,LE159 Taxis Shawell,LE176 Taxis Sharnford,LE103 Taxis Shearsby,LE176 Taxis
Shangton,LE80 Taxis Shackerstone,CV136 Taxis Sewstern,NG335 Taxis Seagrave,LE127 Taxis
Scraptoft,LE79 Taxis Scalford,LE144 Taxis Wykin,LE103 Taxis Saxelbye,LE143 Taxis
Saxby,LE142 Taxis Sapcote,LE94 Taxis Saddington,LE80 Taxis Saltby,LE144 Taxis
Rowley Fields,LE32 Taxis Rothley Plain,LE77 Taxis Rothley,LE77 Taxis Rotherby,LE142 Taxis
Rolleston,LE79 Taxis Ringing Hill,LE129 Taxis Redmile,NG130 Taxis Rearsby,LE74 Taxis
Ravenstone,LE672 Taxis Ratcliffe Culey,CV93 Taxis Ratby,LE60 Taxis Ragdale,LE143 Taxis
Quorn,LE128 Taxis Queniborough,LE73 Taxis Queensway Old Dalby,LE143 Taxis Primethorpe,LE96 Taxis
Rushey Mead,LE47 Taxis Prestwold,LE125 Taxis Potters Marston,LE93 Taxis Plungar,NG130 Taxis
Potter Hill,LE143 Taxis Pinwall,CV93 Taxis Pickwell,LE142 Taxis Peggs Green,LE678 Taxis
Peckleton Common,LE99 Taxis Peckleton,LE97 Taxis Peatling Parva,LE175 Taxis Packington,LE651 Taxis
Peatling Magna,LE85 Taxis Owston,LE158 Taxis Outwoods,LE678 Taxis Osgathorpe,LE129 Taxis
Osbaston Hollow,CV130 Taxis Orton-on-the-Hill,CV93 Taxis Old Ingarsby,LE79 Taxis Old Dalby,LE143 Taxis
Odstone,CV130 Taxis Oaks in Charnwood,LE674 Taxis Osbaston,CV130 Taxis Oadby,LE25 Taxis
Noseley,LE79 Taxis North Kilworth,LE176 Taxis North Evington,LE54 Taxis Norris Hill,DE126 Taxis
Normanton Turville,LE97 Taxis Normanton le Heath,LE672 Taxis Normanton,NG130 Taxis Newtown Unthank,LE99 Taxis
Newtown Linford,LE60 Taxis Newton Harcourt,LE89 Taxis Newton Burgoland,LE672 Taxis New Swannington,LE673 Taxis
New Found Pool,LE39 Taxis Newbold Verdon,LE99 Taxis Newbold Heath,LE99 Taxis Newbold,LE678 Taxis
Newbold,LE142 Taxis Nevill Holt,LE168 Taxis Nether Hall,LE51 Taxis Nether End,LE142 Taxis
New Parks,LE39 Taxis Nether Broughton,LE143 Taxis Narborough,LE192 Taxis Nanpantan,LE113 Taxis
Nailstone,CV130 Taxis Muston,NG130 Taxis Mowsley,LE176 Taxis Mowmacre Hill,LE42 Taxis
Mountsorrel,LE127 Taxis Moira,DE126 Taxis Misterton,LE174 Taxis Merry Lees,LE99 Taxis
Melton Mowbray,LE131 Taxis Medbourne,LE168 Taxis Measham,DE127 Taxis Markfield,LE679 Taxis
Market Harborough,LE167 Taxis Market Bosworth,CV130 Taxis Marefield,LE79 Taxis Lutterworth,LE174 Taxis
Lubenham,LE169 Taxis Lowesby,LE79 Taxis Lount,LE651 Taxis Loughborough,LE112 Taxis
Long Clawson,LE144 Taxis Lockington,DE742 Taxis Little Twycross,CV93 Taxis Little Stretton,LE22 Taxis
Little Dalby,LE142 Taxis Little Bowden,LE168 Taxis Leire,LE175 Taxis Leicester Forest West,LE99 Taxis
Swithland,LE128 Taxis Leicester Forest East,LE33 Taxis Leesthorpe,LE142 Taxis Laughton,LE176 Taxis
Knossington,LE158 Taxis Knipton,NG321 Taxis Launde Abbey,LE79 Taxis Knighton,LE23 Taxis
Knaptoft,LE176 Taxis Kirkby Mallory,LE97 Taxis Kirby Muxloe,LE92 Taxis Kirby Bellars,LE142 Taxis
King Street Buildings,LE194 Taxis Kings Norton,LE79 Taxis Kimcote,LE175 Taxis Kilby Bridge,LE183 Taxis
Kilby,LE183 Taxis Kibworth Harcourt,LE80 Taxis Keythorpe,LE79 Taxis Kibworth Beauchamp,LE80 Taxis
Keyham,LE79 Taxis Kegworth,DE742 Taxis John OGaunt,LE142 Taxis Leicester,LE15 Taxis
Isley Walton,DE742 Taxis Illston on the Hill,LE79 Taxis Ibstock,LE676 Taxis Husbands Bosworth,LE176 Taxis
Hungarton,LE79 Taxis Sinope,LE673 Taxis Humberstone,LE50 Taxis Houghton on the Hill,LE79 Taxis
Hugglescote,LE672 Taxis Huncote,LE93 Taxis Hoton Hills,LE125 Taxis Kirby Fields,LE92 Taxis
Loddington,LE79 Taxis Hoton,LE125 Taxis Hose,LE144 Taxis Walton,LE175 Taxis
Horninghold,LE168 Taxis Holwell,LE144 Taxis Humberstone Garden,LE51 Taxis Hollycroft,LE100 Taxis
Highfields,LE20 Taxis High Cross,LE175 Taxis Hemington,DE742 Taxis Heather,LE672 Taxis
Hunts Lane,LE99 Taxis Hathern,LE125 Taxis Harston,NG321 Taxis Halstead,LE79 Taxis
Harby,LE144 Taxis Hallaton,LE168 Taxis Groby,LE60 Taxis Griffydam,LE678 Taxis
Greenhill,LE674 Taxis Norton-Juxta-Twycross,CV93 Taxis Grimston,LE143 Taxis Great Glen,LE89 Taxis
Great Easton,LE168 Taxis Great Bowden,LE167 Taxis Goadby,LE79 Taxis Glooston,LE167 Taxis
Gumley,LE167 Taxis Glen Parva,LE29 Taxis Hoby,LE143 Taxis Glenfield,LE38 Taxis
Gilmorton,LE175 Taxis Hinckley,LE100 Taxis Gelsmoor,LE678 Taxis Gaulby,LE79 Taxis
Gartree,LE167 Taxis Garthorpe,LE142 Taxis Goadby Marwood,LE144 Taxis Gaddesby,LE74 Taxis
Frolesworth,LE175 Taxis Frog Island,LE35 Taxis Frisby on the Wreake,LE142 Taxis Frisby,LE79 Taxis
Freeby,LE142 Taxis Foxton,LE167 Taxis Fosse Park,LE191 Taxis Foston,LE85 Taxis
Fleckney,LE88 Taxis Field Head,LE679 Taxis Fenny Drayton,CV136 Taxis Farm Town,LE678 Taxis
Far Coton,CV130 Taxis Eyres Monsell,LE29 Taxis Evington,LE56 Taxis Enderby,LE194 Taxis
Elmesthorpe,LE97 Taxis Ellistown,LE671 Taxis Edmondthorpe,LE142 Taxis Great Dalby,LE142 Taxis
Eaton,NG321 Taxis Shellbrook,LE652 Taxis Eastwell,LE144 Taxis East Norton,LE79 Taxis
East Langton,LE167 Taxis Easthorpe,NG130 Taxis Earl Shilton,LE97 Taxis Dunton Bassett,LE175 Taxis
East Goscote,LE73 Taxis Littlethorpe,LE192 Taxis Drayton,LE168 Taxis Dishley,LE114 Taxis
Diseworth,DE742 Taxis Knighton Fields,LE26 Taxis Desford,LE99 Taxis Dadlington,CV136 Taxis
Croxton Kerrial,NG321 Taxis Crown Hills,LE54 Taxis Cranoe,LE167 Taxis Croft,LE93 Taxis
Cotesbach,LE174 Taxis Cotes,LE125 Taxis Cosby,LE91 Taxis Congerstone,CV136 Taxis
Coleorton Moor,LE678 Taxis Coleorton,LE678 Taxis Coston,LE142 Taxis Coalville,LE673 Taxis
Claybrooke Magna,LE175 Taxis Clarendon Park,LE23 Taxis Church Yard,LE651 Taxis Church Town,LE678 Taxis
Donisthorpe,DE127 Taxis Chilcote,DE128 Taxis Chadwell,LE144 Taxis Catthorpe,LE176 Taxis
Cavendish Bridge,DE722 Taxis Castle Donington,DE742 Taxis Carlton Curlieu,LE80 Taxis Carlton,CV130 Taxis
Care Village,LE80 Taxis Burton Overy,LE89 Taxis Burton Lazars,LE142 Taxis Burrough on the Hill,LE142 Taxis
Burbage,LE102 Taxis Cadeby,CV130 Taxis Bufton,CV130 Taxis Claybrooke Parva,LE175 Taxis
Countesthorpe,LE85 Taxis Copt Oak,LE679 Taxis Bruntingthorpe,LE175 Taxis Church Langton,LE167 Taxis
Broughton Astley,LE96 Taxis Brooksby,LE142 Taxis Bringhurst,LE168 Taxis Brentingby,LE144 Taxis
Breedon on the Hill,DE738 Taxis Braunstone Town,LE33 Taxis Cossington,LE74 Taxis Brascote,LE99 Taxis
Branston,NG321 Taxis Bottesford,NG130 Taxis Botcheston,LE99 Taxis Boundary,DE117 Taxis
Bushby,LE79 Taxis Bondman Hays,LE60 Taxis Blaston,LE168 Taxis Broughton Lodges,LE143 Taxis
Black Friars,LE35 Taxis Blackfordby,DE118 Taxis Blaby,LE84 Taxis Bitteswell,LE174 Taxis
Birstall,LE44 Taxis Bilstone,CV136 Taxis Billesdon,LE79 Taxis Bescaby,LE144 Taxis
Belvoir,NG321 Taxis Belgrave,LE45 Taxis Belchers Bar,LE676 Taxis Beeby,LE73 Taxis
Beaumont Leys,LE41 Taxis Battram,LE671 Taxis Barwell,LE98 Taxis Barton in the Beans,CV130 Taxis
Cropston,LE77 Taxis Barsby,LE74 Taxis Barrow upon Soar,LE128 Taxis Burton on the Wolds,LE125 Taxis
Barlestone,CV130 Taxis Belton,LE129 Taxis Barkestone-le-Vale,NG130 Taxis Barkby Thorpe,LE73 Taxis
Cold Overton,LE157 Taxis Barkby,LE73 Taxis Bardon,LE671 Taxis Cold Newton,LE79 Taxis
Bagworth,LE671 Taxis Aylestone Park,LE28 Taxis Aylestone,LE28 Taxis Atterton,CV136 Taxis
Ashby Woulds,DE126 Taxis Ashby Magna,LE175 Taxis Ashby-de-la-Zouch,LE651 Taxis Asfordby Hill,LE143 Taxis
Arnesby,LE85 Taxis Appleby Magna,DE127 Taxis Anstey,LE77 Taxis Allexton,LE159 Taxis
Albert Village,DE118 Taxis Appleby Parva,DE127 Taxis Agar Nook,LE674 Taxis Acresford,DE128 Taxis
Ashby Parva,LE175 Taxis Ab Kettleby,LE143 Taxis Braunstone Frith,LE36 Taxis Donington le Heath,LE672 Taxis
Ashby Folville,LE142 Taxis Ratcliffe on the Wreake,LE74 Taxis Asfordby,LE143 Taxis Buckminster,NG335 Taxis
Higham on the Hill,CV136 Taxis Oakthorpe,DE127 Taxis Aston Flamville,LE103 Taxis Sutton Cheney,CV130 Taxis
Boothorpe,DE118 Taxis The Crescent,LE100 Taxis South Kilworth,LE176 Taxis Great Stretton,LE22 Taxis
Stoney Stanton,LE94 Taxis Long Whatton,LE125 Taxis Trawden,BB88 Taxis Tosside,BD234 Taxis
Town Centre,WN86 Taxis Tottleworth,BB14 Taxis Whalleys,WN86 Taxis Gallows Hill,PR16 Taxis
Gisburn Cotes,BB74 Taxis Galgate,LA20 Taxis Whittle-le-Woods,PR67 Taxis Whittlefield,BB120 Taxis
Whitehall,BB32 Taxis Whiteholme,FY53 Taxis Primrose,BB71 Taxis Skippool,FY55 Taxis
Lower House,PR251 Taxis Salterforth,BB185 Taxis Marton Moss Side,FY44 Taxis Hey Head,BB49 Taxis
Over Town,BB104 Taxis Miller Fold,BB50 Taxis Out Rawcliffe,PR36 Taxis Lea Town,PR40 Taxis
Walton-le-Dale,PR54 Taxis Newchurch,BB49 Taxis Bashall Eaves,BB73 Taxis Bastwell,BB16 Taxis
Aughton,L396 Taxis Knuzden Brook,BB12 Taxis Heskin Green,PR75 Taxis Carr Cross,PR85 Taxis
Bolton Town End,LA58 Taxis Tarleton Moss,PR46 Taxis Farington,PR254 Taxis Blackpool,FY12 Taxis
Higher Penwortham,PR10 Taxis Inskip Moss Side,PR40 Taxis Wheelton,PR68 Taxis Brownside,BB103 Taxis
Ortner,LA29 Taxis Tanhouse,WN86 Taxis Crossmoor,PR43 Taxis Scarisbrick,L409 Taxis
Slyne,LA26 Taxis Sunny Bower,BB15 Taxis Pudding Pie Nook,PR32 Taxis Lower Penwortham,PR19 Taxis
Squires Gate,FY42 Taxis Meal Bank,LA28 Taxis Newton,PR43 Taxis Much Hoole Town,PR44 Taxis
Tarlscough,L400 Taxis Blacko,BB96 Taxis Higher Cloughfold,BB47 Taxis Higher Heysham,LA32 Taxis
Red Scar,PR25 Taxis Elmslack,LA50 Taxis Euxton,PR76 Taxis Facit,OL128 Taxis
Enfield,BB54 Taxis Cadshaw,BB32 Taxis Ewood,BB24 Taxis Whalley,BB79 Taxis
Clitheroe,BB72 Taxis Bailrigg,LA14 Taxis Hurlston Green,L408 Taxis Westby,PR43 Taxis
Hesketh Bank,PR46 Taxis Huncoat,BB56 Taxis Lenches,BB88 Taxis West Bradford,BB74 Taxis
Stopper Lane,BB74 Taxis Sherfin,BB52 Taxis Rufford,L401 Taxis Church,BB54 Taxis
Chorley Moor,PR73 Taxis Longridge,PR33 Taxis Hoghton Bottoms,PR50 Taxis Higher Broadhalgh,BB25 Taxis
Higher Broad Clough,OL138 Taxis Heapey,PR68 Taxis Hambleton Moss Side,FY69 Taxis Hardhorn Village,FY68 Taxis
Harwood Bar,BB67 Taxis Hunger Hill,WN69 Taxis Hurstwood,BB103 Taxis Hornby,LA28 Taxis
Towngate,L402 Taxis Twiston,BB74 Taxis New Gate,PR44 Taxis Worden,PR77 Taxis
Hollin Bank,BB24 Taxis Anchorsholme,FY53 Taxis Hale Nook,PR36 Taxis High Cross,FY68 Taxis
Lower Audley,BB11 Taxis Ewood Bridge,BB46 Taxis Esprick,PR43 Taxis Elswick Leys,PR43 Taxis
Fairview,PR69 Taxis Lane Side,BB46 Taxis Hesketh Moss,PR46 Taxis Holden Vale,BB45 Taxis
Billington,BB79 Taxis Booth Bridge,BB186 Taxis Tunstall,LA62 Taxis Seven Stars,PR251 Taxis
Roseacre,PR43 Taxis Upper Thurnham,LA20 Taxis Higher Wheelton,PR68 Taxis Little Poulton,FY67 Taxis
Jack Green,PR68 Taxis Hyndburn Bridge,BB67 Taxis Holmes,PR46 Taxis Little Marsden,BB90 Taxis
Crawford,WN89 Taxis Lammack,BB27 Taxis Thorpe Green,PR68 Taxis Riley Green,PR50 Taxis
Waterside,BB80 Taxis West End,BB54 Taxis Oakenshaw,BB55 Taxis Bank Top,BB49 Taxis
Balladen,BB46 Taxis Black Pole,PR40 Taxis Layton,FY38 Taxis Whinny Edge,BB23 Taxis
Andertons Mill,L403 Taxis Langho,BB68 Taxis Larbreck,PR30 Taxis Marsh Houses,LA20 Taxis
Marton Fold,FY42 Taxis Marshaw,LA29 Taxis Lower Green Bank,LA29 Taxis Flax Moss,BB44 Taxis
Forton,PR30 Taxis Fishers Row,PR36 Taxis Anchor,BB30 Taxis Withnell Fold,PR68 Taxis
Barley,BB129 Taxis Barrowford,BB96 Taxis Barrow,BB79 Taxis Barton,L397 Taxis
Barnoldswick,BB185 Taxis Barrow Nook,L390 Taxis Barnfield,BB52 Taxis Lumb,BL00 Taxis
Blacksnape,BB33 Taxis Warton Bank,PR41 Taxis Little Marton Moss Side,FY44 Taxis Blaguegate,WN88 Taxis
Shorey Bank,BB32 Taxis Raikes,FY54 Taxis Mere Brow,PR46 Taxis Bull Hill,BB32 Taxis
Penwortham,PR10 Taxis Cuerden Green,PR55 Taxis Stake Pool,PR36 Taxis Walmer Bridge,PR45 Taxis
Aughton,LA28 Taxis Astley Village,PR71 Taxis Barbers Moor,PR269 Taxis Windy Harbour,PR68 Taxis
Bretherton,PR269 Taxis Brownhill,BB19 Taxis Yealand Conyers,LA59 Taxis Whitewell Bottom,BB49 Taxis
Rush Bed,BB48 Taxis Stubbins,BL00 Taxis Stydd,PR33 Taxis Whitechapel,PR32 Taxis
Warbreck,FY20 Taxis Sunderland,LA33 Taxis Nook,PR30 Taxis Grimshaw,BB12 Taxis
Weir,OL138 Taxis Waterloo,BB24 Taxis Bay Horse,LA29 Taxis Catterall,PR30 Taxis
Caton Green,LA29 Taxis Chorley,PR71 Taxis Broadfield,PR252 Taxis Broad Clough,OL138 Taxis
Charnock Green,PR75 Taxis Broadfield,BB53 Taxis Broadgate,PR18 Taxis Thornton,FY55 Taxis
Primet Bridge,BB88 Taxis Cherry Tree,BB25 Taxis Skerton,LA12 Taxis Chatburn,BB74 Taxis
Lower Copthurst,PR68 Taxis Higher Change,OL139 Taxis Belgrave,BB31 Taxis Becconsall,PR46 Taxis
Belmont,BL78 Taxis Appley Bridge,WN69 Taxis Arkholme,LA61 Taxis Ashton Bank,PR21 Taxis
Lathom,L405 Taxis Golden Hill,PR252 Taxis Bonds,PR31 Taxis Beardwood,BB27 Taxis
Deepdale,PR16 Taxis Ingol,PR23 Taxis Cleveleys,FY51 Taxis Fulwood,PR29 Taxis
Downholland Cross,L397 Taxis Drummersdale,L409 Taxis Duncombe,PR30 Taxis Inskip,PR40 Taxis
Hey Houses,FY83 Taxis Clayton Green,PR67 Taxis Clow Bridge,BB115 Taxis Clayton Brook,PR58 Taxis
Clayton-le-Dale,BB19 Taxis Clayton-le-Moors,BB55 Taxis Fairhaven,FY81 Taxis Bowerham,LA14 Taxis
Wrightington,WN69 Taxis Bracewell,BD233 Taxis Brierfield,BB95 Taxis Burnley,BB111 Taxis
Cowan Bridge,LA62 Taxis Cowling,PR60 Taxis Cow Ark,BB73 Taxis Cowpe,BB47 Taxis
Crag Foot,LA59 Taxis Crag Bank,LA59 Taxis Cow Hill,PR25 Taxis Wrayton,LA62 Taxis
Balderstone,BB27 Taxis Ansdell,FY84 Taxis Torrisholme,LA46 Taxis Bolton Green,PR75 Taxis
Great Plumpton,PR43 Taxis Bangors Green,L398 Taxis Cocker Bar,PR267 Taxis Croft,BB185 Taxis
Ellel,LA20 Taxis Goose Green,PR44 Taxis The Wrangling,BB22 Taxis Love Clough,BB48 Taxis
Preston,PR12 Taxis Samlesbury Bottoms,PR50 Taxis Siss Clough,BB49 Taxis Pinfold,L408 Taxis
Winewall,BB88 Taxis Great Altcar,L375 Taxis Grange,PR26 Taxis Great Eccleston,PR30 Taxis
Great Harwood,BB67 Taxis Ford Green,PR30 Taxis Heasandford,BB102 Taxis Freckleton,PR41 Taxis
Ashton-on-Ribble,PR21 Taxis Bank Fold,BB33 Taxis Laneshaw Bridge,BB87 Taxis Wheatley Lane,BB129 Taxis
Great Marton Moss,FY45 Taxis Edgworth Moor,BL70 Taxis Fulledge,BB104 Taxis Elmers Green,WN86 Taxis
West Pimbo,WN89 Taxis Whin Lane End,PR36 Taxis Over Burrow,LA62 Taxis Hothersall,PR33 Taxis
New Hall Hey,BB46 Taxis Townsend Fold,BB46 Taxis Ulnes Walton,PR76 Taxis Longshaw,BB23 Taxis
Holden,BB74 Taxis Little Thornton,FY55 Taxis High Moor,WN69 Taxis Little Town,PR33 Taxis
Hill Dale,WN87 Taxis Hutton,PR45 Taxis Laund,BB48 Taxis Newlands,LA14 Taxis
Towns Moor,BB23 Taxis Nether Kellet,LA61 Taxis Saltcotes,FY84 Taxis Wharles,PR43 Taxis
Shireshead,PR31 Taxis Worston,BB71 Taxis Warton,LA59 Taxis Within Grove,BB56 Taxis
Woodsfold,PR40 Taxis Fulwood Row,PR29 Taxis Southfield,BB103 Taxis Nethertown,BB79 Taxis
Waterfoot,BB45 Taxis Inglewhite,PR32 Taxis Bottom of Hutton,PR45 Taxis Hesketh Lane,PR32 Taxis
Holland Slack,PR56 Taxis Fern Gore,BB50 Taxis Fold Head,OL128 Taxis Forest Holme,BB49 Taxis
Cob Wall,BB15 Taxis Haighton Top,PR25 Taxis Crawshawbooth,BB48 Taxis Pickup Bank,BB33 Taxis
Burnley Lane,BB101 Taxis Stanah,FY55 Taxis Lucas Green,PR67 Taxis Mere Side,L401 Taxis
Ramsgreave,BB19 Taxis Norbreck,FY51 Taxis Dalton,WN86 Taxis Park Place,BB11 Taxis
Sollom,PR46 Taxis Marsden Height,BB90 Taxis Marsh,LA15 Taxis Whittington,LA62 Taxis
Whitefield,BB97 Taxis Greave,OL139 Taxis Bank Hey,BB15 Taxis Cliffe,BB67 Taxis
Scronkey,PR36 Taxis Knotts,BD234 Taxis Trunnah,FY54 Taxis Syke Side,BB46 Taxis
Anderton,PR69 Taxis Town Head,BB185 Taxis Town Green,L396 Taxis Waterfoot,BB49 Taxis
Heatons Bridge,L408 Taxis Heaton,LA33 Taxis Grunsagill,BD234 Taxis Foulridge,BB87 Taxis
Wennington,LA28 Taxis Grimshaw Park,BB23 Taxis Irwell Vale,BL00 Taxis Hollins,BB31 Taxis
Little Harwood,BB15 Taxis Daisyfield,BB15 Taxis Stalmine Moss Side,FY60 Taxis Park Close,BB185 Taxis
Rake Head,OL130 Taxis Oakenhead Wood,BB48 Taxis Pheasant Wood,FY52 Taxis Nooklands,PR23 Taxis
Low Moor,BB72 Taxis Mereside,FY44 Taxis Snape Green,PR85 Taxis Higham,BB129 Taxis
Little Singleton,FY68 Taxis Highfurlong,FY37 Taxis Clifton,PR40 Taxis Bacup,OL139 Taxis
Bank Houses,LA20 Taxis Strongstry,BL00 Taxis Stubbins,PR30 Taxis Higher Ballam,FY84 Taxis
Goosnargh,PR32 Taxis Little Moor End,BB53 Taxis Witton,BB22 Taxis Bleasdale,PR31 Taxis
Water,BB49 Taxis Silverdale,LA50 Taxis Hest Bank,LA26 Taxis Yealand Redmayne,LA59 Taxis
Whittlestone Head,BB33 Taxis Brock,PR30 Taxis Colne,BB80 Taxis Cold Row,FY69 Taxis
Brockhall Village,BB68 Taxis Lowerford,BB96 Taxis Guide,BB12 Taxis Parbold,WN87 Taxis
Little Layton,FY37 Taxis Holme Chapel,BB104 Taxis Ormskirk,L392 Taxis Dunnockshaw,BB115 Taxis
Calder Vale,PR31 Taxis Gisburn,BB74 Taxis Goodshaw Chapel,BB48 Taxis Downham,BB74 Taxis
Cotton Tree,BB87 Taxis Cottam,PR40 Taxis Coup Green,PR50 Taxis Withnell,PR68 Taxis
Bowgreave,PR31 Taxis Caton,LA29 Taxis Catlow,BB103 Taxis Yealand Storrs,LA59 Taxis
Churchtown,PR30 Taxis Claughton,PR30 Taxis Higher Hogshead,OL139 Taxis Five Lane Ends,LA29 Taxis
Freehold,LA13 Taxis Haighton Green,PR25 Taxis Green,LA28 Taxis Newburgh,WN87 Taxis
Walkers Hill,FY45 Taxis Hall Carr,BB46 Taxis Lewth,PR40 Taxis Hapton,BB115 Taxis
Hareholme,BB47 Taxis Cribden Side,BB45 Taxis Bamber Bridge,PR56 Taxis Cockden,BB103 Taxis
Hala,LA14 Taxis Catforth,PR40 Taxis Higher Bartle,PR40 Taxis Greenfield,BB89 Taxis
Green End,BB186 Taxis Horton,BD233 Taxis Hugh Mill,BB47 Taxis Waterside,BB95 Taxis
Weld Bank,PR73 Taxis Over Leck,LA62 Taxis Broughton,PR35 Taxis Constable Lee,BB48 Taxis
Brookhouse,BB16 Taxis Lower Lee,LA29 Taxis Copp,PR30 Taxis Brookhouse,LA29 Taxis
Conder Green,LA20 Taxis Heath Charnock,PR74 Taxis Overtown,LA62 Taxis Hambleton,FY69 Taxis
Hare Runs,LA12 Taxis Hardhorn,FY68 Taxis Little Carleton,FY37 Taxis Bescar,L409 Taxis
Birch Hall,BB30 Taxis Holt Green,L396 Taxis Lomeshaye,BB97 Taxis Belthorn,BB12 Taxis
Birkacre,PR73 Taxis Hindle Fold,BB67 Taxis Borwick,LA61 Taxis Beverley,BB96 Taxis
Over Kellet,LA61 Taxis Well Bank,BB45 Taxis Waterbarn,OL130 Taxis Shawforth,OL128 Taxis
Royal Oak,L390 Taxis Stodday,LA20 Taxis Turton Bottoms,BL70 Taxis Holme Slack,PR16 Taxis
Little Marton,FY44 Taxis Bispham Green,L403 Taxis Blackburn,BB16 Taxis Blackamoor,BB12 Taxis
Blackleach,PR40 Taxis Bispham,FY20 Taxis Thistleton,PR43 Taxis Rimington,BB74 Taxis
West End,LA44 Taxis Old Langho,BB68 Taxis Waterside,BB33 Taxis Sabden,BB79 Taxis
Tockholes,BB30 Taxis Longton,PR45 Taxis The Row,LA50 Taxis Preesall,FY60 Taxis
Simonstone,BB127 Taxis Higher Baxenden,BB52 Taxis Slaidburn,BB73 Taxis Treales,PR43 Taxis
Trough Gate,OL139 Taxis Wesham,PR43 Taxis Horrocksford,BB74 Taxis Wray,LA28 Taxis
Bradley,BB99 Taxis White Moss,WN89 Taxis Brighouse Green,L406 Taxis Wrightington Bar,WN69 Taxis
Heysham,LA32 Taxis Capernwray,LA61 Taxis Carleton,FY67 Taxis Cantsfield,LA62 Taxis
Carnforth,LA59 Taxis Lower Bartle,PR40 Taxis Newtown,PR76 Taxis Pimlico,BB74 Taxis
Pool Hey,PR85 Taxis Milnshaw,BB54 Taxis Dunnyshop,BB50 Taxis Red Bank,PR73 Taxis
Nog Tow,PR40 Taxis Millhead,LA59 Taxis Overton,LA33 Taxis Pleasington,BB26 Taxis
Ryal Fold,BB30 Taxis Nether Burrow,LA62 Taxis Lower Cloughfold,BB47 Taxis Skelmersdale,WN86 Taxis
Charnock Richard,PR75 Taxis Chatterton,BL00 Taxis Brinscall,PR68 Taxis Chipping,PR32 Taxis
Chapeltown,BL70 Taxis Thorney Holme,BB129 Taxis Priest Hutton,LA61 Taxis Bare,LA46 Taxis
Kirkham,PR42 Taxis Higher Constable,BB48 Taxis Lea,PR21 Taxis Brindle,PR68 Taxis
Sower Carr,FY69 Taxis Newbridge,BB98 Taxis Carr Hall,BB96 Taxis Walton Summit,PR56 Taxis
Higher Copthurst,PR68 Taxis Newchurch in Pendle,BB129 Taxis Haggate,BB103 Taxis Haskayne,L397 Taxis
Limbrick,PR69 Taxis Silverdale Green,LA50 Taxis Ryelands,LA12 Taxis Thursden,BB103 Taxis
Longshoot,BB46 Taxis Poulton-le-Fylde,FY67 Taxis Chapels,BB30 Taxis Potters Brook,PR30 Taxis
Lane Heads,PR30 Taxis Four Lane Ends,BB18 Taxis Cloughfold,BB47 Taxis Frenchwood,PR14 Taxis
Pendleton,BB71 Taxis Earnshaw Bridge,PR268 Taxis Abbey Village,PR68 Taxis Robin Hood,WN69 Taxis
Scale Hall,LA12 Taxis Revidge,BB26 Taxis Southward Bottom,BB104 Taxis Moor Side,PR40 Taxis
Dill Hall,BB54 Taxis Cumeragh Village,PR32 Taxis Rake Foot,BB48 Taxis Penwortham Lane,PR19 Taxis
Bunkers Hill,BB89 Taxis Stalmine,FY60 Taxis Morecambe,LA45 Taxis Hawkshaw,BB30 Taxis
Westhead,L406 Taxis Mereclough,BB104 Taxis Foxhill Bank,BB50 Taxis Cliviger,BB104 Taxis
Huttock Top,OL138 Taxis Middleforth Green,PR19 Taxis Holland Lees,WN87 Taxis Higherford,BB96 Taxis
Hoscar,L404 Taxis Lane Head,OL139 Taxis Croston,PR269 Taxis Sunnyhurst,BB31 Taxis
Bruna Hill,PR31 Taxis Smallwood Hey,PR36 Taxis Osbaldeston,BB27 Taxis Tarnbrook,LA29 Taxis
Queens Park,BB11 Taxis Scarth Hill,L406 Taxis Medlar,PR43 Taxis Lower Thurnham,LA20 Taxis
Newton,LA13 Taxis Myerscough,PR30 Taxis Tanterton,PR27 Taxis Stacksteads,OL130 Taxis
Pilling Lane,FY60 Taxis Helmshore,BB44 Taxis Weeton,PR43 Taxis Rockliffe,OL139 Taxis
Far Banks,PR98 Taxis Gregson Lane,PR50 Taxis Grimeford Village,PR69 Taxis Green Lane,BB24 Taxis
Green Haworth,BB53 Taxis Grimsargh,PR25 Taxis Gressingham,LA28 Taxis Greenhalgh,PR43 Taxis
Grindleton,BB74 Taxis Harle Syke,BB102 Taxis Height End,BB48 Taxis Brookfield,PR26 Taxis
Brook,PR32 Taxis Lower Heysham,LA32 Taxis Common Edge,FY45 Taxis Colne Edge,BB87 Taxis
Larches,PR21 Taxis Crossgill,LA29 Taxis Millgate,OL128 Taxis Habergham,BB126 Taxis
Hare Appletree,LA20 Taxis Hampson Green,LA20 Taxis Garstang,PR31 Taxis Kingsfold,PR19 Taxis
Great Marton,FY44 Taxis Hall Cross,PR41 Taxis Leyland,PR253 Taxis Waddington,BB73 Taxis
Stanley Gate,L399 Taxis Rose Grove,BB126 Taxis Shadsworth,BB12 Taxis Tunstead,OL130 Taxis
Adelphi,PR17 Taxis Eccleshill,BB33 Taxis Sand Side,LA20 Taxis Mowbreck,PR43 Taxis
Ribby,PR42 Taxis Moss Edge,PR36 Taxis Spring Green,BD220 Taxis Nar,OL120 Taxis
Burscough Bridge,L404 Taxis Rising Bridge,BB52 Taxis Kellamergh,PR41 Taxis Hollins Lane,PR30 Taxis
Little Knowley,PR69 Taxis Farington Moss,PR44 Taxis Haslingden,BB45 Taxis Lancaster,LA11 Taxis
Intack,BB12 Taxis Helmcroft,BB44 Taxis Ireby,LA62 Taxis Lytham St Annes,FY81 Taxis
Little Plumpton,PR43 Taxis Hole House,BB13 Taxis Farington,PR266 Taxis Read,BB127 Taxis
Lane Bottom,BB103 Taxis Moss Side,FY84 Taxis Newton,LA62 Taxis Pilling,PR36 Taxis
Moorgate,BB24 Taxis New Lane,L400 Taxis Middleton,LA33 Taxis Banks,PR98 Taxis
Lower Fold,BB67 Taxis Stanley,WN88 Taxis Nun Hills,OL130 Taxis Burscough,L407 Taxis
North Shore,FY29 Taxis Peel Bank,BB54 Taxis Knowle Green,PR32 Taxis Higher Walton,PR54 Taxis
Turpin Green,PR253 Taxis Roughlee,BB96 Taxis St Michaels on Wyre,PR30 Taxis Shaw Clough,BB49 Taxis
Bickerstaffe,L390 Taxis Hoghton,PR50 Taxis Long Ing,BB186 Taxis Ward Green Cross,PR33 Taxis
Whalley Banks,BB79 Taxis Whinny Heights,BB23 Taxis Staynall,FY69 Taxis Rossall Beach,FY51 Taxis
Sharoe Green,PR29 Taxis Turner Green,PR50 Taxis Walker Fold,BB73 Taxis Grimshaw Green,L403 Taxis
Howick Cross,PR10 Taxis Scout,BB49 Taxis Larkholme,FY78 Taxis Knowley,PR69 Taxis
Hurst Green,BB79 Taxis Bay Gate,BB74 Taxis Little Eccleston,PR30 Taxis Hollin Hall,BB88 Taxis
Newton,FY30 Taxis Longholme,BB46 Taxis Hoddlesden,BB33 Taxis Kelbrook,BB186 Taxis
Hundred End,PR46 Taxis Great Knowley,PR68 Taxis Up Holland,WN80 Taxis Pleckgate,BB18 Taxis
Turn,BL00 Taxis Winmarleigh Moss,PR30 Taxis Street,PR31 Taxis Stoneyholme,BB120 Taxis
Sharneyford,OL139 Taxis Roe Lee,BB18 Taxis Sherwood,PR28 Taxis Boarsgreave,BB47 Taxis
Royshaw Hill,BB18 Taxis Seed Lee,PR58 Taxis Hurlston,L408 Taxis Shaw Green,PR76 Taxis
Rose Hill,BB112 Taxis Wade Hall,PR251 Taxis Winmarleigh,PR30 Taxis St Annes,FY82 Taxis
Bowkers Green,L396 Taxis Newsham,PR40 Taxis Paythorne,BB74 Taxis Sough,BB32 Taxis
Dam Side,PR36 Taxis Mere Syke,BD234 Taxis Piercy,BB49 Taxis Norcross,FY53 Taxis
Standen Hall,BB71 Taxis Lower Darwen,BB30 Taxis Lumb,BB49 Taxis Burnley Wood,BB113 Taxis
Ratten Row,PR36 Taxis Wilpshire,BB19 Taxis Leck,LA62 Taxis Haverbreaks,LA15 Taxis
Halton,LA26 Taxis Barton,PR35 Taxis Livesey Fold,BB31 Taxis Hillock Vale,BB56 Taxis
Harrop Fold,BB74 Taxis Coppull,PR75 Taxis Lowgill,LA28 Taxis Mossy Lea,WN69 Taxis
Acre,BB45 Taxis Nabs Head,PR50 Taxis Moss Bridge,BB30 Taxis Sandhams Green,FY44 Taxis
Spen Brook,BB129 Taxis Rishton,BB14 Taxis East Pimbo,WN89 Taxis Ribbleton Hall,PR26 Taxis
Cote Holme,BB54 Taxis Corner Row,PR43 Taxis Pippin Street,PR68 Taxis Primrose,LA13 Taxis
Mawdesley,L402 Taxis Salwick,PR40 Taxis Skitham,PR36 Taxis Church Clough,BB88 Taxis
Matshead,PR30 Taxis Maudlands,PR22 Taxis York,BB68 Taxis Wood Top,BB46 Taxis
Carry Bridge,BB80 Taxis Hoyle Bottom,BB53 Taxis The Straits,PR251 Taxis Singleton,FY68 Taxis
Samlesbury,PR50 Taxis Salesbury,BB19 Taxis Top o th Lane,PR68 Taxis Lostock Hall,PR55 Taxis
Preesall Park,FY60 Taxis Coppull Moor,PR75 Taxis Higher Audley,BB11 Taxis The Greaves,LA14 Taxis
Chapel House,WN88 Taxis Clayton-le-Woods,PR255 Taxis Hawes Side,FY44 Taxis Halton Green,LA26 Taxis
Red Bridge,LA50 Taxis Eagland Hill,PR36 Taxis Monkroyd,BB87 Taxis Pincock,PR76 Taxis
Pot House,BB33 Taxis Earby,BB186 Taxis Dunsop Bridge,BB73 Taxis New Town,PR33 Taxis
Lower Baxenden,BB52 Taxis Midge Hall,PR266 Taxis Runshaw Moor,PR76 Taxis Botton Head,LA28 Taxis
Bolton Houses,PR43 Taxis Holmeswood,L401 Taxis Whitewell,BB73 Taxis Breedy Butts,FY67 Taxis
Brown Edge,PR85 Taxis Wymott,PR268 Taxis Avenham,PR13 Taxis Aughton Park,L394 Taxis
Goodshaw,BB48 Taxis Glen Top,OL130 Taxis Glasson,LA20 Taxis Golgotha,LA13 Taxis
Woodnook,BB52 Taxis Whitworth,OL128 Taxis Willacy Lane End,PR40 Taxis White Lund,LA33 Taxis
Sykes,BB73 Taxis Four Lane Ends,L390 Taxis Elswick,PR43 Taxis Eskrigge,LA28 Taxis
Riverside Docklands,PR22 Taxis Spring Hill,BB50 Taxis Much Hoole,PR44 Taxis Ribchester,PR33 Taxis
Adlington,PR69 Taxis Sandylands,LA31 Taxis Nateby,PR30 Taxis Moss Side,PR36 Taxis
Butt Yeats,LA28 Taxis Eccleston,PR75 Taxis Bolton-le-Sands,LA58 Taxis Newby,BB74 Taxis
Green Bank,BB13 Taxis Wallbank,OL128 Taxis Farringdon Park,PR15 Taxis Farleton,LA29 Taxis
Coates,BB186 Taxis Knott End-on-Sea,FY60 Taxis Wrea Green,PR42 Taxis Feniscowles,BB25 Taxis
Forest Becks,BB74 Taxis Fleetwood,FY78 Taxis Fosters Green,WN86 Taxis Feniscliffe,BB24 Taxis
Fishwick,PR15 Taxis Fence,BB129 Taxis Wycoller,BB88 Taxis White Stake,PR44 Taxis
Brandwood,OL130 Taxis Dowbridge,PR43 Taxis Pennylands,WN88 Taxis East Gillibrands,WN89 Taxis
Sowerbutts Green,PR50 Taxis Dolphinholme,LA29 Taxis Revoe,FY15 Taxis Ribbleton,PR26 Taxis
Abraham Heights,LA15 Taxis Accrington,BB52 Taxis Easington,BB73 Taxis Dinckley,BB68 Taxis
Moor Side,PR43 Taxis Roby Mill,WN80 Taxis Wensley Fold,BB21 Taxis Halsall,L398 Taxis
Lightfoot Green,PR40 Taxis Little Hoole Moss Houses,PR44 Taxis Hollins Grove,BB31 Taxis Lane Ends,BB74 Taxis
Oakenclough,PR31 Taxis Laneside,BB55 Taxis Scorton,PR31 Taxis Radford,BB32 Taxis
Staining,FY30 Taxis Cockerham,LA20 Taxis Quernmore,LA29 Taxis Smithy Lane Ends,L409 Taxis
Mythop,FY44 Taxis Oswaldtwistle,BB53 Taxis Newton-with-Scales,PR43 Taxis Scotforth,LA14 Taxis
Mellor,BB27 Taxis MILL HILL,PR17 Taxis Mellor Brook,BB27 Taxis Spring Vale,BB32 Taxis
Worsthorne,BB103 Taxis Walthew Green,WN80 Taxis Woodplumpton,PR40 Taxis Wiswell,BB79 Taxis
Shirdley Hill,L398 Taxis Warton,PR41 Taxis Higher Croft,BB23 Taxis Normoss,FY38 Taxis
Lower Ballam,FY84 Taxis Bolton-by-Bowland,BB74 Taxis Great Mitton,BB79 Taxis Entwistle,BL70 Taxis
Elston,PR50 Taxis Reedley,BB102 Taxis Hey,BB87 Taxis Whitebirk,BB13 Taxis
Wapping,BB185 Taxis Johnsons Hillock,PR68 Taxis Baxenden,BB52 Taxis Bashall Town,BB73 Taxis
Bilsborrow,PR30 Taxis Tewitfield,LA61 Taxis Cuddy Hill,PR40 Taxis Bryning,PR43 Taxis
Bulk,LA11 Taxis Tarleton,PR46 Taxis Cuerden,PR56 Taxis Swillbrook,PR40 Taxis
Ashurst,WN86 Taxis Bank Top,BB22 Taxis Scaitcliffe,BB50 Taxis Digmoor,WN89 Taxis
South Shore,FY42 Taxis Reeds Holme,BB48 Taxis Abbeystead,LA29 Taxis Earcroft,BB30 Taxis
Moorlands,LA13 Taxis Peel Hill,FY45 Taxis Roach Bridge,PR50 Taxis Howgill,BB74 Taxis
Padiham,BB128 Taxis Sough,BB186 Taxis Norden,BB14 Taxis Newsholme,BB74 Taxis
Nova Scotia,BB23 Taxis Stanhill,BB54 Taxis Darwen,BB31 Taxis Moor End,FY60 Taxis
Pike Hill,BB103 Taxis Burn Naze,FY54 Taxis Rawtenstall,BB47 Taxis Peel,FY45 Taxis
Lytham,FY84 Taxis Lower Fold,BB51 Taxis North Holme,BB186 Taxis Claughton,LA29 Taxis
Waterloo,BB56 Taxis Waterslack,LA50 Taxis West Gillibrands,WN88 Taxis Waverledge,BB67 Taxis
Ring o Bells,L405 Taxis Goodshaw Fold,BB48 Taxis Hoohill,FY37 Taxis Hud Hey,BB45 Taxis
White Coppice,PR69 Taxis Whittingham,PR32 Taxis Brunshaw,BB104 Taxis Tatham,LA28 Taxis
Staghills,BB49 Taxis Newton,BB73 Taxis Smith Green,LA20 Taxis Swarthdale,LA61 Taxis
School Lane,PR56 Taxis Queenstown,FY38 Taxis Mill Hill,BB24 Taxis Myerscough Smithy,BB27 Taxis
Tardy Gate,PR55 Taxis Ollerton Fold,PR68 Taxis Melling,LA62 Taxis Crow Trees,BB96 Taxis
Osbaldeston Green,BB27 Taxis Edge Fold,BL70 Taxis Sawley,BB74 Taxis Cabus,PR31 Taxis
Alleytroyds,BB50 Taxis Much Hoole Moss Houses,PR44 Taxis Edgeside,BB49 Taxis Altham,BB55 Taxis
Cadley,PR23 Taxis Adlington Park,WN12 Taxis Aldcliffe,LA15 Taxis Edenfield,BL00 Taxis
Edge End,BB67 Taxis Spring Side,BB47 Taxis Nelson,BB97 Taxis Edgworth,BL70 Taxis
Ridge,LA13 Taxis Rivington,BL67 Taxis Moss Side,PR267 Taxis Jacks Mere,PR85 Taxis
New Longton,PR44 Taxis Hartwood,PR67 Taxis Copster Green,BB19 Taxis Little Bispham,FY51 Taxis
Booth Fold,BB49 Taxis The Moor,TN184 Taxis The Brents,ME137 Taxis The Crook,TN127 Taxis
The Bridge,DA15 Taxis Upper Eythorne,CT154 Taxis Kits Coty,ME207 Taxis Knockhall,DA99 Taxis
Kippington,TN132 Taxis Dargate Common,ME139 Taxis Dartford,DA26 Taxis Danaway,ME97 Taxis
Waltham,CT45 Taxis Walters Green,TN118 Taxis Darenth,DA27 Taxis Cheriton,CT194 Taxis
Upper Upnor,ME24 Taxis Upper Walmer,CT147 Taxis Chesley,ME97 Taxis Selling,ME139 Taxis
St Georges Square,TN248 Taxis Paddlesworth,CT188 Taxis Snodland,ME65 Taxis Crowdleham,TN156 Taxis
Pean Hill,CT53 Taxis Lullingstone,DA40 Taxis Brooks End,CT70 Taxis Rowling,CT31 Taxis
Peters Village,ME13 Taxis Brooklands,DA11 Taxis Roseacre,ME144 Taxis New Pound,ME185 Taxis
Tonbridge,TN91 Taxis Donkey Street,TN290 Taxis Capstone,ME73 Taxis Queen Street,TN126 Taxis
Fleet-Downs,DA26 Taxis Wingham,CT31 Taxis Fletchers Green,TN146 Taxis Wingham Well,CT31 Taxis
Ewell Minnis,CT157 Taxis Whetsted,TN126 Taxis Nelson Park,CT156 Taxis Loyterton,ME90 Taxis
Hadlow Stair,TN104 Taxis Gibraltar,CT187 Taxis Yelsted,ME97 Taxis Swanley Village,BR87 Taxis
Cheesemans Green,TN257 Taxis Chalkwell,ME101 Taxis Chalksole Green,CT157 Taxis Chambers Green,TN270 Taxis
Ileden,CT45 Taxis Frittenden,TN172 Taxis Worten,TN233 Taxis Marden Thorn,TN129 Taxis
Moor Street,ME88 Taxis Upper Halling,ME21 Taxis Bax,ME99 Taxis Great Jobs Cross,TN174 Taxis
Romford,TN24 Taxis Boyden Gate,CT34 Taxis Bapchild,ME99 Taxis Sutton at Hone,DA49 Taxis
Ashurst,TN39 Taxis High Halstow,ME38 Taxis Curtisden Green,TN171 Taxis Southfleet,DA139 Taxis
St James,TN12 Taxis Studd Hill,CT68 Taxis Selsted,CT157 Taxis Paddock Wood,TN126 Taxis
Stone,DA99 Taxis Peene,CT188 Taxis Reculver,CT66 Taxis Allhallows-on-Sea,ME39 Taxis
Potters Corner,TN254 Taxis Acton,TN307 Taxis Bedgebury Cross,TN172 Taxis Bean,DA28 Taxis
Swanscombe,DA99 Taxis Frinsted,ME90 Taxis Wormshill,ME90 Taxis Mabledon,TN92 Taxis
Marden,TN129 Taxis Shelvin,CT46 Taxis Cold Harbour,ME172 Taxis How Green,TN87 Taxis
Hythe,CT215 Taxis Iden Green,TN172 Taxis Hulberry,DA40 Taxis Guilton,CT32 Taxis
Ickham,CT31 Taxis Upper Bush,ME21 Taxis Hastingleigh,TN255 Taxis Eythorne,CT154 Taxis
Whitehill,ME130 Taxis Minster,CT124 Taxis Underling Green,TN129 Taxis Denny Bottom,TN48 Taxis
Lower Twydall,ME72 Taxis Milstead,ME90 Taxis New Street,TN157 Taxis Ulcombe,ME171 Taxis
Dean Street,ME150 Taxis St Radigunds,CT170 Taxis Stanhope,TN233 Taxis Coppins Corner,TN270 Taxis
Crockhurst Street,TN110 Taxis Smarden,TN278 Taxis Coursehorn,TN173 Taxis Hanging Bank,TN146 Taxis
Hamstreet,TN262 Taxis Oare,ME130 Taxis Marsh Green,TN85 Taxis Lynsore Bottom,CT46 Taxis
Lympne,CT214 Taxis Lower Haysden,TN119 Taxis Longfield Hill,DA37 Taxis Loose Hill,ME150 Taxis
Lower Goldstone,CT32 Taxis Milton Regis,ME102 Taxis Mockbeggar,TN129 Taxis Middle Deal,CT149 Taxis
The Forstal,TN256 Taxis Three Chimneys,TN278 Taxis Radfall,CT53 Taxis Bedmonton,ME90 Taxis
Beltinge,CT66 Taxis Well Hill,BR67 Taxis Maxton,CT179 Taxis Edenbridge,TN85 Taxis
West Street,ME172 Taxis Little Mongeham,CT140 Taxis Lydden,CT157 Taxis Old Wives Lees,CT48 Taxis
Ide Hill,TN146 Taxis Hunton,ME150 Taxis Hucking,ME171 Taxis Ightham,TN159 Taxis
Colliers Green,TN172 Taxis Newenden,TN185 Taxis Lower Walmer,CT147 Taxis Martin,CT155 Taxis
Fosten Green,TN278 Taxis Woodland,CT188 Taxis Gills Green,TN185 Taxis Yewtree Cross,CT188 Taxis
Cooling,ME38 Taxis The Quarter,TN278 Taxis South Willesborough,TN240 Taxis Sixmile,CT46 Taxis
Throwley Forstal,ME130 Taxis Crabble,CT170 Taxis Marine Town,ME122 Taxis North Halling,ME21 Taxis
Mowshurst,TN86 Taxis Monks Hill,TN278 Taxis Meopham Station,DA130 Taxis North Elham,CT46 Taxis
Higham,ME37 Taxis Nethercourt,CT110 Taxis Tenterden,TN306 Taxis Broad Oak,CT20 Taxis
Broad Oak,TN257 Taxis Broadstairs,CT101 Taxis Shorne,DA123 Taxis Tudeley Hale,TN110 Taxis
Underriver,TN150 Taxis Clapper Hill,TN278 Taxis Claygate Cross,TN158 Taxis Rodmersham,ME90 Taxis
Cobham,DA123 Taxis Cliffe Woods,ME38 Taxis Chillmill,TN127 Taxis Boxley,ME143 Taxis
Faversham,ME137 Taxis Wigmore,ME80 Taxis Fairseat,TN157 Taxis Whitfield,CT163 Taxis
Frith,ME130 Taxis Worms Hill,TN171 Taxis Newland Green,TN279 Taxis Upper Hardres,CT46 Taxis
Egerton Forstal,TN279 Taxis Westwell,TN254 Taxis Borden Hill,ME97 Taxis New House,DA118 Taxis
New Hythe,ME206 Taxis Patrixbourne,CT45 Taxis Payden Street,ME172 Taxis Parrock Farm,DA125 Taxis
Out Elmstead,CT46 Taxis Kenardington,TN262 Taxis Keys Green,TN127 Taxis Kemsing,TN156 Taxis
Eddington,CT65 Taxis West Street,CT140 Taxis Charcott,TN118 Taxis Charing Heath,TN270 Taxis
Way,CT124 Taxis Field Green,TN185 Taxis Willesborough Lees,TN240 Taxis Fir Toll,TN270 Taxis
Wilsley Pound,TN172 Taxis Finglesham,CT140 Taxis Wilsley Green,TN172 Taxis Five Wents,ME173 Taxis
Windmill Hill,ME87 Taxis Finberry,TN257 Taxis Wilmington,DA27 Taxis Five Oak Green,TN126 Taxis
Winchet Hill,TN171 Taxis Fig Street,TN146 Taxis Willington,ME158 Taxis Bateman Corner,TN263 Taxis
Basted,TN158 Taxis Cowden,TN87 Taxis Paramour Street,CT32 Taxis Crossways,DA26 Taxis
Deans Hill,ME98 Taxis Alkham,CT157 Taxis Frogham,CT157 Taxis Worth,CT140 Taxis
Toys Hill,TN161 Taxis Northfleet Green,DA139 Taxis Froghole,TN86 Taxis Wouldham,ME13 Taxis
Staplehurst,TN120 Taxis Sevenscore,CT125 Taxis Penenden Heath,ME142 Taxis Broad Tenterden,TN307 Taxis
Greatstone-on-Sea,TN288 Taxis Sandgate,CT203 Taxis High Street,TN184 Taxis Stone Cross,TN39 Taxis
Appledore Heath,TN262 Taxis Timberden Bottom,TN147 Taxis Etchinghill,CT188 Taxis Wheelbarrow Town,CT46 Taxis
Erriottwood,ME90 Taxis Whatsole Street,TN255 Taxis Felderland,CT140 Taxis Wilgate Green,ME130 Taxis
Ware Street,ME144 Taxis Goodnestone,CT31 Taxis Great Cheveney,TN129 Taxis Birchington,CT79 Taxis
Westenhanger,CT214 Taxis Walderslade,ME59 Taxis Smarts Hill,TN118 Taxis St Stephens,CT27 Taxis
Stubbs Cross,TN261 Taxis Bidborough,TN30 Taxis Upper Ifield,DA123 Taxis Bogle,ME90 Taxis
Bogden,TN129 Taxis Tovil,ME156 Taxis Studdal,CT155 Taxis Ridley,TN157 Taxis
Lidsing,ME73 Taxis Twenties,CT94 Taxis Chislet Forstal,CT34 Taxis Chitty,CT34 Taxis
Tubslake,TN185 Taxis Bossingham,CT46 Taxis Borough Green,TN158 Taxis Borstal,ME13 Taxis
Acrise,CT188 Taxis Folkestone,CT201 Taxis Winterbourne,ME139 Taxis Halfway Street,CT157 Taxis
Halfway Houses,ME123 Taxis Brasted Chart,TN161 Taxis Hamptons,TN119 Taxis Goudhurst,TN171 Taxis
Coldharbour,TN119 Taxis Gosmere,ME139 Taxis Brandfold,TN171 Taxis Ham,CT140 Taxis
Gover Hill,ME185 Taxis Grafty Green,ME172 Taxis Challock,TN254 Taxis Broad Street,TN256 Taxis
Temple Hill,DA15 Taxis Sellindge,TN256 Taxis Hammill,CT130 Taxis Stelling Minnis,CT46 Taxis
Ham Hill,ME65 Taxis Otham,ME158 Taxis Brenchley,TN127 Taxis Lynsted,ME90 Taxis
Boughton Street,ME139 Taxis Boughton Corner,TN255 Taxis Force Green,TN162 Taxis Wittersham,TN307 Taxis
Foord,CT195 Taxis Withersdane,TN255 Taxis Ford,CT34 Taxis Wolverton,CT157 Taxis
Elmsted,TN255 Taxis Elmstone,CT31 Taxis Westwood,CT46 Taxis Westwood,DA139 Taxis
Elms Vale,CT179 Taxis Westwood,CT102 Taxis Deans Bottom,ME98 Taxis Newington,CT188 Taxis
Knockmill,TN156 Taxis Brenzett,TN299 Taxis Gillingham,ME86 Taxis Yewhedges,ME130 Taxis
Folly Town,TN255 Taxis Wissenden,TN263 Taxis Dunks Green,TN119 Taxis Hill Top,TN127 Taxis
Moons Green,TN307 Taxis Hartlip Hill,ME97 Taxis Kingswood,ME173 Taxis Chiddingstone Causeway,TN118 Taxis
Chestnut Street,ME98 Taxis Hodsoll Street,TN157 Taxis Hogbens Hill,ME139 Taxis Holborough,ME65 Taxis
Moorstock,TN256 Taxis Charing,TN270 Taxis Lunsford,ME206 Taxis Hartley,DA37 Taxis
Hawkenbury,TN120 Taxis Harrietsham,ME171 Taxis Hartley,TN172 Taxis Hartley Hill,DA38 Taxis
Iden Green,TN174 Taxis Bishopsbourne,CT45 Taxis Godden Green,TN150 Taxis Biddenden,TN278 Taxis
West Cross,TN174 Taxis Gold Street,DA123 Taxis Goose Green,TN278 Taxis Green Hill,ME158 Taxis
Hernhill,ME139 Taxis Hever,TN87 Taxis Heronden,CT130 Taxis Hextable,BR87 Taxis
Hicks Forstal,CT34 Taxis Hickmans Green,ME139 Taxis Hersden,CT34 Taxis Dover,CT161 Taxis
Blue Town,ME121 Taxis West Cliffe,CT156 Taxis Fairbourne Heath,ME171 Taxis White Oak,BR87 Taxis
Elham,CT46 Taxis Westwell Leacon,TN270 Taxis Thanington,CT13 Taxis